The 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in The World

Flowers are the sweetest creation of God. If you ask anyone, which is the ugliest or unattractive flower in the world? It is difficult to answer the question because every individual flower has its own beauty means all flowers in the world are beautiful in their own way. There is an infinite number of beautiful flowers in the world. But here we are presenting the top 10 most beautiful flowers in the world.

Top 10 Playgrounds In World

If a space is suitable for children, it’s suitable for everyone. We take a look at 10 of the best playgrounds we could find...

Top 10 Historical Places of the World

Check Out The World's Top Historical Sites

Top 10 Most Expensive Watches in the World in 2023

Several watches ranging from a 55 million dollar colorful diamond handset to a watch commissioned to the French Queen Marie Antoinette in the 1700s are there. Here you can continue to read the top 10 most expensive watches and why they are so expensive.

Ramadan 2023: Fasting Hours Around The World !

The fasting month of Ramadan 2023 is likely to begin on Wednesday, March 22, and end on Friday, April 21. It lasts for 10 to 21 hours from sunrise to sunset, relying on where you live in the world. It is the month of prayer, fasting, community, and reflection.

Top 10 Gun Death By Country in The World 2023

Gun violence in any region comprises firearms, such as cannons, shotguns, rifles, or machine guns, basically violence against the weapons. So, here's the list of Top 10 gun death countries in the world 2023.

Top 10 Crime Rate By Country in 2023

Here are the ten countries with their respective high Crime Rate, which are considered The Highest Ten Crime Rate holder Countries of 2023!

Top 10 Third World Countries in 2023 (Country Rankings)

Recently, the Third World countries have high levels of poverty, economic volatility, and a lack of human resources compared with the rest of the World. In the Cold War, the term "States of the Third World" was first used. This term has been used for describing countries, not in line with, or neutral to, the Communist Bloc or NATO. This term was first used to classify countries into three political and economic groups.

Top 10 Average Income By Country In 2023 (Country Ranking)

The average income in a country is defined as a number in the median income distribution. In other words, half of the adult residents in the nation have disposable income higher than that, while the other half have a disposable income lower than that. These data are based on data collected between 2010 and 2020, which is self-reported.

Top 10 Most Obese Countries By Obesity Rate In 2023

Obesity is a double burden for hunger, and in every country except Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, more people today are obese than underweight. Overweight and obesity in low- or middle-income countries, particularly in urban environments, are now significantly increasing when considered a concern in high-income countries alone. So, Check out our latest list of Top 10 Most Obese Countries In The World 2023.

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