Strangest Pre-Historical Animals in the world

Strangest pre-historical animals

strangest pre-historical animals-The world is cluttered with so many different creatures — some cute, some scary and some just plainly bizarre. However, the animals of today have nothing on the creatures that lived on Earth during prehistoric times. From miniature bird looking rodents to the behemoths beneath the waves, these are strangest prehistoric creatures to roam the Earth.

 Chest Spike/Chest spine

Length: 70 cm

Weight: 5 kg – 10 kg


It is a carnivore animal and also the species of is the extinct genus of shark lived around 320 million years ago. Fossils found in Europe and North America.


Length: 4.57meters

Weight: 227-453 kg


Helicoprion is a long-lived genus of extinct, shark-like eugeneodontid holocephalid fish. It lived around 290 million years ago.


Length: 1.05meters

Weight: 300 to 500 grams


Archaeopteryx lived in the Late Jurassic period around 150 million years ago. It is a genus of bird-like dinosaurs that is transitional between non-avian feathered dinosaurs and modern birds.

Reaper lizards

Length: 3.96 metres

Weight: 5000 kg


It is an herbivorous or omnivorous animal and also the family of Therizinosauridae. Lived around 145–66 million years ago. Fossil have been recovered from Mongolia, China, and the United States.


Length: 42–83 cm


Microraptor was a genus of small, four-winged paravian dinosaurs. Lived around 125 to 120 million years ago. Numerous well-preserved fossil specimens have been recovered from Liaoning, China.



Length: 11 metres

Weight: 6360 kg


Deinocheirus was an unusual ornithomimosaur.It is a genus of ostrich dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous around 70 million years ago.


Length: 15.9 metres

Weight: 250 kg


The first Quetzalcoatlus fossils were discovered in Texas, United States. It lived around 70 to 65.5 million years ago.


Length: 1 to 3 meters

Weight: 500 kg


Phorusrhacids, was also known as terror birds, are an extinct clade of large carnivorous animal. Lived around 62–2.5 million years ago. Terror birds were extremely nimble and quick runners able to reach speeds of 48 km/h (30 mph).


Length: 3.63–3.98 m

Weight: 8800–12000 kg


Deinotherium is the “terrible beast”, lived 21 million years ago.It is a kind of elephants shorter trunk, and had a curving tusks downwards which is attached to the lower jaw.

Giant Rodent

Length: 1.5 m

Weight: 800 kg


It named as Josephoartigasia. Lived millions of years ago.

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