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10 Oldest Cities in the United States !

Many historic towns and cities have existed for a long time, but the United States is considered a somewhat young country. With a list of 10 of the oldest states in the United States, let's discover more about the beginnings of America.

15 of The Oldest Universities In The US !

This article will give you a closer look at the 15 oldest universities in the United States, emphasizing one year and its location and history. In addition, several of the brilliant personalities from each mentioned College will graduate from there.

Murder Rate By State in 2021 !

In a decade back in 2010, the USA suffered one of the lowest killing rates per state. The U.S. homicide rate ranges from less than one killing per 100,000 people to 14.4 killings per 100,000 people in 2020. Look at these values above to see how the latest calculations of the murder rates varies in states of America.

Top 10 Gun Ownership By State In America In 2021!

To understand what effects arms laws have, it is important to know how many American weapons have and how these vary over time and across the United States. The Pew Research Center reports that the south of the USA has the highest number of weapons owners, with approximately 36 percent of people living in this area possessing a weapon.

Top 10 Native American Population in United States in 2021 !

The Native population of the nation had almost 10 million inhabitants before European settlers explored America. Shortly following the war and disease caused by colonists, their numbers began to drop rapidly. Native Americans have faced hundreds of years of persecution and discrimination and have been forced to lose land and resources.

Top 10 Best States To Live In USA In 2021 !

For people who doubt if they live in one of America's strongest states, the details have to be here. Naturally, a thing to remember is personal preference, and people can live wherever they are. The best nations, based on various variables, are different in their view. One individual might prefer a state because the population is not strong. Due to the temperature, anyone else might love another state. It is hard to decide which state we all have views about what "best" makes something.

Top 10 Largest States in U.S. By Area !

The climate of the United States is diverse, as reflected in the landscape of the country. Alaska and Texas are not surprisingly the largest states by Area, although Alaska is significant at 268,596 mi2 at 665.384 mi2 compared with Texas. Alaska consists of 85.76% of the land, and water covers 94,743% of the land (the highest in the U.S.).

Largest States by Population in the U.S. in 2021 !

Visiting different countries in the United States can be exciting and fun for a few reasons. To name just a few, understand their culture, history, faith, and religion, so this article is for those interested and want to understand a little more about the country in which you live. More inland states, including those in the Midwest and Great Plains, tend to be less populated. California is by far the most crowded U.S. state.

States Where It Is Illegal To Collect Rainwater In US!

The harvest of rainwater is sometimes a health issue because some water is insecure and not fit for consumption (i.e., drinking). It must be taken into account by lawmakers. So, Let's recollect facts from US states where rainwater collection 2021 is illegal without further discussion!

Age of Consent by Country in 2021 !

Age of consent legislation varies widely across the world, even when underage adults are more than 14 in most countries, at 12 in some other countries like Angola and the Philippines, and 13 in South Korea and Japan.

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