The 45 Best Mustaches of All Time!

Men are easily divided into two categories: those who can and cannot grow mustaches. Life is a bleak, envy, anger, and frustration test for those who cannot. Life has endless possibilities and endless changes in images for those who can. No awards to figure out what kind of man can evade police capture any easier. A good, traditional mustache was used by some of the most legendary figures of our Time. Every bit of facial hair has become part of history, whether you have fine, stylish whiskey or sweet-blown grandiose mustaches. 

So if you look for inspiration for the way you can grow your mustaches or are interested in seeing the guys who have rocked with their beards from past and present, don’t look anymore. Here are the names of 20 personalities who have the Best mustaches of all Time!

20. Anthony Kiedis

A founding part of the Rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis is an American musician. In 2012, the Rock and Roll Foyer of Fame was inducted by Kiedis and its fellow band members. He spent his youth with his mother in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and lived with his father in Hollywood shortly before he was twelfth. This horseman, known among locals as a “hipster horse,” is very attentive to his sophisticated hair and mustache. Some even noticed a striking similarity to the singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers, who have sideburn mustaches.

Anthony Kiedis

19. 50 Cent

The American rapper, composer, and producer of television, actor, and entrepreneur Curtis James Jackson III is known as 50 Cent professionally. He has been called a “master of nuanced art of lyrical brevity,” known for his impact on hip-hop albums. While rappers are generally known for their bling outfits and supplies, 50 Cent gave admirers a feeling with their beards in the early 2000s. His casual yet sensational look is partly creditable for the glamorous beard style in which thin sideburns closely follow the chin and jawline and remain both short-barbed and subtle. This 50 Cents badass look made people wonder how this badass looked still flaunted.

50 Cent

18. Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King was an African Baptist and activist who became, between 1955 and his assassination in 1968, the most visible speaker and political leader in the US civil rights movement. A big part of his look was the reverend, activist, and civil rights leader. He had a very charming personality with a flaunted look of 

Walrus mustache that makes him so bold and brave by this look.

Martin Luther King Jr.

17. Mark Twain

The American writer, comedian, entrepreneur, and publisher, and lecturer, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, was known by his pen name Mark Twain. He was praised as the “most famous American humorist,” and William Faulkner called him the “father of American literature.” His books are American classics. The classic American had such a charming look along with the walrus mustache that placed him number seventeen for the best mustache of all time.

16. Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was a US statesman, conservative, naturalist, and writer who served as the 26th US President from 1901 to 1909 and was often referred to as Teddy or his TR initials. You understand, when he spores his signature mustache, the 26th US president meant business, which lent him authority. Whiskers that are thick, brownish, and dropped over the mouth characterize his walrus mustache. His style looks like a walrus whisker that gave him such a bold and brave aura.

15. Groucho Marx

The American artist, actor, writer, stage, film, radio, and television star was Julius Henry “Groucho.” He is generally seen as a master of rapid intelligence and one of the greatest comedians in America. As a team with his siblings, he made 13 films, of which he was the third born Marx Brothers. Although his mustaches are fake, it is still one of the most emblematic of all times.

Groucho Marx

14. Friedrich Nietzsche

The German scholar Friedrich Nietzsche was one of the most influential modern thinkers. In his efforts to unmask the motives of traditional Western religion, morals, philosophy, generations of theologians, philosophers, psychologists, poets, novelists, and dramatists have been deeply affected. Not many 19th century philosophers have their own Facebook page, let alone one for their mustache. You can’t be an Ubermensch without an Uber Mustache.

13. Freddie Mercury

Freddy Mercury was a Queen Rock Band lead vocalist, a British singer, songwriter, record-maker. Deemed to be one of the greatest musicians in rock history, his flamboyant stage character and vocal spectrum of four octaves have enhanced him. Without his mustache, the Queen frontman seldom performed tow. Deemed to be one of the most notable musicians in rock history, his flamboyant stage character and vocal spectrum of four octaves have enhanced him. Mercury defied the conventions of the rock frontman and influenced the artistic direction of the Queen by his highly theatrical style.

12. Eddie Murphy

A US actor, comedian, writer, producer, songwriter is Edward Regan Murphy. Saturday Night Live was a sketch comedy for which he was a regular cast between 1980 and 1984 movies. He also made a name for himself. The actor and comedian’s mustaches are crucial to his appearance that he is rarely seen without it. This American had such a charming look along with the walrus mustache that placed him number Twelve for the best mustache of all time. Murphy was also a comedian at the stand and ranked no. 10 among the 100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time Comedy Central lists.

11. Burt Reynolds

Burton Burton Leon Reynolds Jr., an American film and television actor, director, and producer, was considered the fashion symbol and the icon of popular culture in America. Reynolds was first noted when he appeared on various TV series, including the western show Gunsmoke, Hawk, and Dan August. In the 1970s and 1980s, the comedian still rocks with his famous mustache, so we placed him number eleven for the best mustache of all time.

10. Alex Trebek

George Alexander “Alex” Trebek OC was a Canadian-American game show host and television personality. For the 37 seasons from his recovery in 1984 to its death in 2020, he hosted the syndicated Jeopardy! Game. This mouthful Canadian-American TV figure is the recipient of six Emmys, which have guided Jeopardy since 1984. His shows included The Wizard of Odds, Doubles dare, High Rollers, Classic Concentrations, and To Tell the Truth. He has also entertained many other game shows. Trebek also appeared in numerous TV series, where he usually played himself. Till 2020, the comedian graced with his famous mustache, so we placed him number Ten for the best mustache of all time.

9. Emiliano Zapata

The leader of the Mexican Revolution of 1910-20, Morelos Mexican state’s main leader, Emiliano Zapata Salazar, was inspired by the Zapatista agrarian movement. Perhaps because of this dramatic, commanding mustache, the Mexican leader made a revolution in no small part. Zapata inspired both awe and loyalty, so we placed him number nine for the best mustache of all time.

8. Albert Einstein

The messy hair of Einstein and the coat of brown Walrus mustache are so well-known that everyone who dresses as an insane scientist for Halloween only needs a wig and a false brown mustache. While this smooth mustache style is nowadays not in style, could you imagine Einstein without it? Who can blame him for uncovered male and wild mustache sport? The man studied too much Time and space all day long to worry about keeping the look clean. Till the end of his Time, the scientist graced with his famous mustache, so we placed him number eight for the best mustache of all time.

7. Borat

Borat, a resident in Kazakhstan, visits the United States to make a country documentary. During his mission, he learns that the United States is in many ways the same as his country. The “Borat mustache” of Sasha Baron Cohen was sufficient to disguise his true identity, making him look extra awkward. This long and bushy mustache is probably not true, but surely it gives Borat a lot of character. So we placed him number seven for the best mustache of all time.


6. Frank Zappa

Here is another musician who has an unusual appearance on her face. The thick mustache of Frank Zappa and wide coat are recognizable to the point that after he was named a similar species of spider: the Pachygnatha Zappa. Trivia: Zappa has a fish, a jellyfish species, and an asteroid named after him (but not because of his mustache). That’s why we ranked him On number six for the best mustache of all time.

Frank Zappa

5. Prince

Prince’s neat, thin stylus mustache is just as much of his “look” as his purple color. Although other artists like Sammy Davis jr. and Little Richard were wearing a similar mustache, Prince is somewhat different in style. In contrast to the traditional crayon style, the mustaches of Prince have a thin strip that leads to his nose. This gives it a different appearance than other thin stakes, like John Waters. That’s why we ranked him number five for the best mustache of all time.

4. John Waters

One of today’s most impressive and well-known mustaches is the famous filmmaker and artist named John Waters. Once he stated, “I wanted to be Little Richard when I was 19, and therefore I grew it really in tribute to him. I wanted to be America’s only white man that had one, and I might still be” and how he cares, “You’re just shaving each day. I don’t even know that I’ve got a mustache any longer. I did it so long. All I can do is shave it about twice a week, and if I miss it, I draw!” Also known for its brand name, a thin snap, the iconic American cinema director was lightly weeding his upper lip. That’s why we ranked him number four for the best mustache of all time.

3. Charlie Chaplin

The mustache of Charlie Chaplin and Filters are similar. In reality, scholars believe Hitler’s public image was softer due to the similarity of the dictator’s mustache with the beloved “tramp.” Author Ron Rosenbaum has investigated the relation of the two mustached men. “Through Chaplin’s mustache, Hitler was made a lens. A glass in which Hitler only became a Chaplinesque: a figure more than feared to be mocked, a comic villain who claimed his excessive weight would collapse, like the little tramp that collapses on the dot. However, it looked so amazing on his face to give him a comic figure. That’s why we ranked him number three for the best mustache of all time.

2. Tom Selleck

The mustache of Tom Selleck took his own life. “My mustache has its own Hollywood representation now,” is quoted by Tom as saying. Could this mean, more recognizable than Selleck himself, that iconic mustache? Without his signature mustache, nobody can photograph the actor, which became renowned in the 1970s. The hair on the face fits perfectly to his era. While Tom Selleck’s mustache is frequently comparable to the mustaches of Clark Gable, it’s sleek and well-maintained. No one else can grow whiskers like Selleck. Thanks to its meticulous trimming and thick growth. That’s why we ranked Selleck number two for the best mustache of all time.

1. Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali is leading the list of best mustaches of all Time as once he said, I decided to cultivate a mustache because I don’t smoke – healthy, better. I always carried a cigarette case studded with gemstones, in which several Adolphe Menjou-style mustaches were carefully placed instead of tobacco. I offered my friends politically. There hasn’t been anyone daring to touch them. This was my test of the holy aspect of mustaches.” The Spanish surrealist painter is remembered for his finely sculpted and artistic stache just as he is for his work. That’s why we ranked Dali number one for the best mustache of all time.

So, these are all about the 20 Best Mustaches of all Time! If you want to take a glimpse of all the different 25 Ranked Mustaches, then have a look below:

21.Brandon Flowers Town’-era.’
22.Channing Tatum
23.Chris Noth
24.Chris O’Dowd
25.Christian Bale
26.Colin Farrell
27.Cuba Gooding Jr
28.David Beckham
29.Garrett Hedlund
30.Genghis Khan
31.George Clooney
32.Henry Holland
33.James Franco
34.Jamie Foxx
35.Johnny Depp
36.Johnny Lee Miller
37.Jonathan Rhys Meyers
38.Jude Law
39.Kelly Rowland
40.Leigh Francis
41.Liev Schrieber
42.Louis Smith
43.Marcus Collins
44.Nicholas Cage
45.Orlando Bloom


We presumed we would look at some of the most famous mustaches of all times, but he isn’t an easy talk about maintaining them as these legends did. Here some are beautiful and stylish, some look aggressive, and some are over the top! Please tell us which of the top mustaches you like the most all-time then. Which one is your favorite historically famous mustache? In the following section, please leave your comments.

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