Space Force Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Updates on Renewal!

Like some of the comedy shows, Netflix’s Space Force has taken quite a while to gain footing in the entertainment industry. However, this is not strange, as several other great shows also took the same course before gaining momentum. In the series, the Office, which also features Steve Carell, there was a lag in the first season before critical changes regarding structural things, the cast, and others. 

Towards the completion of the first season of Space Force, the characters finally seem to understand who they are. The show somehow comes together towards this end. The comedy series has put great efforts regarding its cast by starring Steve Carell (The Morning Show Season 2), John Malkovich, Jimmy O. Yang, Diana Silvers, Ben Schwartz, and Lisa Kudrow, among several others.

Let us find out what Space Force Season 3 has in store.

Space Force Season 3: Confirmed or Not?

Netflix will probably renew Space Force for a third season. Stay tuned for updates and news regarding the popular series. Once any information is released, it will be added to this website, so be sure to check back regularly. Additionally, take a look at the potential cast, release date, and trailer for the upcoming season.

Space Force Season 3 Release Date: Will it get a Renewal?

There is no verified announcement regarding the comeback of the next season by Netflix. However, all matter inclines towards a possibility of continuing Space Force. Agreeably, the reviews on season one have not been very enthusiastic, but Netflix has invested enormously to pull out of the streaming arena. 

In November 2020, Netflix renewed Space Force Season 2. Despite the audience’s lack of enthusiasm for the series, the show’s creators opted to take a chance. Six months after the first season aired, they renewed the show for a second season. Furthermore, critics gave the series mixed reviews.

Space Force premiered its first season on Netflix on May 29, 2020, followed by its second season on February 18, 2022. As for the third season, no release date has been announced yet. Stay tuned for updates, and be sure to visit this website regularly.

Space Force Season 2 Storyline

Let’s discuss the recap, review, and rating of the second season of Space Force before we delve into other details of Season 3.

Space Force Season 2 Recap:

In the second installment of Space Force, General Mark Naird (Steve Carell) and his team must confront the aftermath of their moon mission and navigate a new administration. The season centers around the military division’s fight to validate its own existence as they combat negative press, financial constraints and distrustful decision-makers.

The conclusion of Season 2 leaves viewers in suspense, as the new agency faces an existential threat in the form of an incoming asteroid. With no clear timeline to monitor its impact, the agency must ready itself for an unpredictable future.

Space Force Season 2 Review:

Sportskeeda claims that the seven-episode season offers an exciting finale, improving it over the first season. However, while it may not be considered “great,” it is still worth watching to form your own opinion.

Space Force Season 2 Rating:

Space Force Season 2, as per Rotten Tomatoes, continues to be a hilarious show that presents the team dealing with budget cuts and wavering staff unsure if they should stick around. With an average rating of 7/10, the season has received praise from, who gave it a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating and wrote that the show is an uproarious comedy set in the workplace.

Space Force Season 3 Plot and Storyline: What Will Happen Next?

The first season ends in a cliffhanger. Mark and Dr. Mallory run into trouble while their team beat their projected “boots on the moon” date by four years. Also, on the moon are the Chinese running their flag. There is an order to attack the Chinese lunar base. In the meantime, Mark does not agree with this decision. He tries to disregard the charge but his Air Force rival Noah Emmerich playing as Kick Grabaston, takes control and orders the attack.

Having committed war crimes, the Spacemen come back to find their base destroyed. Mark escapes from detainment to rescue his daughter from a situation that comes up suddenly. His wife also escapes from prison and gets into the back of his helicopter. These events mark the end of the first season, with Mark in a problematic situation: he is in detainment issued by his government, his Spacemen are there in the middle of nowhere, and his wife, who is a convict, is in the back of his helicopter.

The third season of Space Force has yet to receive official confirmation from Netflix; thus, no information is available on the plot or storyline. However, sources suggest that viewers will continue to follow General Mark Naird’s (Steve Carell) adventures with the team. Speculations also abound that Naird will attempt to balance his personal and professional life and watch the evolution of Angela and Chan’s relationship as things heat up.

You expect season two to build up from season one’s end. But, it will not be a shocker if it develops from an unrelated theme. There are many things from which to build on, anyway.

Space Force Season 3 Cast: Who Will Join?

If season three will drop sometime in the future, you do not expect a different cast, especially with the main characters. At the very least, you hope the cast of Space Force Season 3 will include Steve Carell as General Mark R. Naird, John Malkovich as Dr. Adrian Mallory, Ben Schwartz as Tony Scarapiducci, Diana Silvers as Erin Naird.

Also, we can expect Tawny Newsome as Major Angela Ali, Jimmy O. Yang as Dr. Chan Kaifang, Don Lake as Brigadier General Bradley Gregory, Noah Emmerich as General Kick Grabaston, Alex Sparrow as Captain Yuri “Bobby” Telatovich, Roy Wood Jr. as Colonel Bert Mellows, Jane Lynch as Chief of Naval Operations, Diedrich Bader as General Rongley, Patrick Warburton as General Dabney Stramm, Larry Joe Campbell as Admiral Louis Biffoont.

There is also Spencer House as Duncan Tabner, Jamison Webb as Major Lee Baxter, Brandon Molale as Captain Clarke Luffinch, Dan Bakkedahl as John Blandsmith, Ginger Gonzaga as Anabela Ysidro-Campos, Concetta Tomei as Representative Pitosi, Alan Blumenfeld as Senator Schugler, Tim Meadows as Secretary of Defense, Jessica St. Clair as Kelly King, Thomas Ohrstrom as Dr. Vandeveld, and Nancy Lantis as Dr. Wolf.

Unfortunately, the comedy legend known for his roles in Christopher Guest’s mockumentary movies passed on May 15 at 86, with Space Force being his final on-screen role.

Space Force Season 2 Cast

Space Force Season 3 Trailer: When Can We See It?

The trailer of Space Force Season 3 hasn’t been released yet. It seems that it will soon be released after the confirmation of the third season of the series Space Force.

Let’s watch the trailer of the second season of the series Space Force. Netflix released it on 27th January 2022. Watch it below.

Where to Watch Space Force Season 1 and 2?

Space Force’s first two seasons are owned by Netflix, but viewers will have to wait until the streaming network confirms season 3 to access it on their platform.

Stay tuned for all updates, spoilers, and news regarding Space Force 3.

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