Top 10 Tricks to earn from Google AdSense

Today I am going to share some known and unknown tricks to increase your earning from google AdSense.

1.Good Content Quality

A well written post always have a high performance in search engine. Post content should contain the exact answer for the reader query. So First thing is to make a quality content in your blog.

2.Proper Keyword Usage

The second thing that comes after your content is that Keyword. Use niche Keywords and also use content related keywords.

3.Choose Correct Ad Size

The third thing is to choose Ad Size. The popular Ad size is 720×90, 300×250 and 160×600. Use text format Ads instead of image format Ads, image Ads get less CTR when compared to text based Ad.

4.Avoid Duplicate Content

Avoid copying the content from other sites and blogs. Duplicate content may reduce your page site a quality and google will block your site if there are duplicate content.

5.Track Visitor’s Country

Track the Visitor’s country. Login into Google analytics and make a track of your site. You can track your site visitor, visitor’s country, etc.. Always focus on the US, UK visitor than the Indian visitor.

6.Use Shorter Link

As a sixth step you may consider in reducing your long links into smaller. It will not provide more money even though it will give decent increase in your income. You can shorten your link by using an online link shorter. For example


7.Use Infographic

You can make an Infographic image for your post. As an image can easily convey your thoughts than the content.
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8.Maximize Ad Space

Be sure to see if three ad units are right for your site. It is also one of the google policy.

9.Content Locking

If you have a great staff, song, eBook. Then you use a content locker with a short survey. When a visitor wants to download the content they have to complete the short survey. Once they complete the survey you will be paid money.


10.Max Out Your Load Speed

Avoid using slow loading Ads as it will reduce your AdSense performance as well as it will bring you down in overall sites.

Google AdSense policies

Saranya Samuel
Saranya Samuel
I am 23-year-old who enjoys shopping and cycling. I am kind, smart and started studying sports science. Content writing is my hobby.

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