Raya and the Last Dragon: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Details!

A fantasy animated movie is coming from the stables of Disney World. Titled Raya and the Last Dragon, the movie will examine Southeast Asian folklore and culture. Created by Adele Lim, famous for writing the movie Crazy Rich Asians, and Qui Nguyen, the movie will be directed by Don Hall and Carlos Lopez. When the movie releases, it will be Disney’s 59th animated feature film and a Walt Disney Animation Studio’s original film since 2016 when Moana was produced. 

This movie has been so much compared with the animated movie called Legend of Korra. Both shows have the southeast Asian influence resounding in the plot. Also, the two protagonists of the show bear striking similarities in clothes, hairstyle, and combat methods. However, since both characters come from the same region, southeast Asia, there are bound to be some overlaps in both warriors’ style and attributes.

Raya and the Last Dragon Plot: What will happen?

The movie showcases the fictional land of Kumandra, and long ago, dragons reigned. During this dragon period, humans and dragons got along comfortably. When trouble arose in this time, dragons sacrificed themselves to bring peace to the land. However, 500 years later, this same evil spirit threatens the land. It is up to Raya to go after the last surviving dragon so as to heal the land and bring the different factions together. Her journey in finding the dragon will teach her lessons on trust, teamwork, and endurance. In the released trailer, we hear Raya describing her journey while engaging in a duel, saying: “My whole life, I trained to become a guardian of the Dragon Gem, but this world has changed. And its people are divided. Now, to restore peace, I must find the last dragon.”

Raya and the Last Dragon Release Date: When will it air?

The animated movie was announced for production in 2017. The stipulated release date for the movie is March 2021, deviating from the original set date of November 2020 caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Raya and the Last Dragon Cast: Who will be in?

Disney has posted only limited cast and character information. 

  • Kelly Marie Tran starred as Raya, the protagonist and warrior tasked with finding the last dragon in order to unite the five clans of Kumandra. 
  • Awkwafina plays the role of Sisu, an aquatic dragon with the capability to transform into a human. She’s also the last surviving dragon of Kumandra.

Raya and the Last Dragon Trailer: When will watch it?

The teaser trailer for the animated movie has been released, and it can be viewed here

What are your expectations of the coming movie? Do you have high hopes?

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