Best Netflix Original Movies of 2020!!

Here we are to relieve your work by searching for the best movies of 2020 that will be available on your own Netflix. The film will premiere in the US throughout this year and please you by the end of the year.

Although many memorizing movies have been released on Netflix, if you want to break down Netflix’s original more, you can check below the best Movie’s name on Netflix.

The below-listed series are not of a particular genre unless these are the combo of crime, romance, thrill, suspense, action, family, drama, and much more sentiments. Look at this bunch below, which is listed from Oscar-worthy Spike Lee Joint to Chris Hemsworth’s action-thriller.


This fantastic Movie featured your favorite, Chris Hemsworth, who is playing the character of Tyler Rake. He seemed to rescue and extract a high dose drug lord’s son from the villain drug lord’s kidnapping.

Tyler, along with a boy named Ovi, as featured by Rudraksha Jaiswal, made a strong bond on their journey across Bangladesh. Potentially it took away Ovi’s life, and the Movie left for a cliffhanger. This amazing Sam Hargrave Creation has already declared a sequel for the Movie. So don’t be deprived of this and must watch the Movie.

The Trail of the Chicago 7:

Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Rylance, and Yahya Abdul- Mateen are featured in this Movie. It is highly based on a real-life event that happens in the 1969 trail. It looked into a conspiracy that charges against seven-man. The team of men was protesting for Democratic National Convention in 1968.

So don’t miss the wild accents by Joseph Gordon Levitt and Eddie Redmayne in this fantastic Movie. Lookout at the Trailer below.

The Trial of Chicago 7

Enola Holmes:

This Movie is an adaptation of Nancy’s Springer bestseller series named “Enola Holmes.”Millie Bobby Brown produces it.

Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin, and Helena Bonham are featured in this drama. It follows the continuous story of the younger sister, Enola of Sherlock Home, with their adventures. As being a budding detective, a classic suspicious fun you will get in this story.

The Old Guard:

This Movie is the perfect example in the list of superheroes categories. Gina Prince- Bythewood directs this Movie.

There exist a bunch of near-immortal warriors who worked for society’s betterment. This Movie is led by Andy as featured by Charlie Theron as an ancient warrior and some new characters as the Nile featured by Kili Layne. This Movie is a complete combo of action, thriller, and emotion.

The Boys in the Band:

This Movie is an adaptation of Joe Mantello’s stage play of the same name. All the cast members who are featured as the nine men in The Boys in the Band.

They all celebrate their friend’s birthday, which turns out to be a very horrible night for all of them. You will get an extraordinary exploration of their lives, the painful complexity of being a transgender person, and many more sentiments in this Movie. Finally, it brings out a whole dramatic story.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things:

This Movie is an adaptation of Charlie Kaufman’s book by the same name. As being a horror drama, an unknown named woman!! (maybe Lucy or what ??) went with Jake, his boyfriend, to meet his family. The sudden persona changes and time shifts led both the protagonist of the story into a  troublesome scenario.

We are not going to give the spoiler. Foremost we recommend you to have a watch on this beautiful Movie.

Lost Girls:

This Movie focused on a girl named Shannon, a young daughter of Mary Gilbert. Then she knocked on law enforcement doors in the search for her daughter, who got lost on Long Island. Later she got to know that her daughter worked as a prostitute. Shannon disappeared, and then the police lost their interest in this case.

But Mari Gilbert continued her search to find his daughter. This Movie is inspired by Robert Kolker’s book based on the Long Island Serial Killer’s real story. So, we must recommend you to have a watch on this Movie which will show you a real struggle of a mother and a mother-daughter duo.

Murder to Mercy:

This series is an investigative documentary that focuses on the complicated case of Cyntoia Brown. At the age of 16, she murdered a man when she felt threatened by him during sex work engagements. Later she was sentenced to life, but the way her case gained mob attention and the considerable support of celebrity figures, it requests for Clemency.

This fantastic documentary is so heart touching to watch.

Horse Girls:

Horse Girl is a very hit drama on Netflix. It is featured by Allison Brie, Molly Shannon, and Debby Ryan. This Movie is a psychological drama.

The condition of mental illness, as depicted in the story, is so remarkable to watch. This story highlights the great benefit of Meditation and stability of the mind. It’s a complete combo of science fiction and emotional drama.

A Secret Love:

This Movie is a heart-touching documentary of two women who love each other.

Pat Henschel and Pro basketball player Terry Donahue built a relationship over seven decades. They hide their love from society. This documentary gives you so many shades of Hardship and Prejudice in the community that prove that love is an excellent feeling than any emotion.

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