Moonbase 8’ Episode 1 Review: Is Showtime’s Space Comedy “Tremendous” !!

Currently, a branded show Moonbase 8 has recently been released by Showtime networks on 8th November 2020.

This combo of six episodes shows a group of astronauts isolated at the mock Moonbase in the desert. This series is a creation of Jonathan Krisel in which Fred Armisen, Tim Heidecker and John C. Reilly are featured.

Yes, it’s the first episode that has recently aired on Showtime. This comedy-drama relaxes you from the whole political mood running out from the past few weeks in the United States. The precise target of this story focuses on the comic timing of all the featuring stars. It will not lift you to a science fiction story but relax your Atmosphere.

As in the first episode, the character of Fred Armisen is quite aggressive in the series as being a science officer, although Tim Heidecker plays the role of dim bulb devout Christian who seems to be so unutterably. The last protagonist of the story, John C Reilly, is wildly incompetent.

These three middle-aged men struggled to achieve a goal in their life. They decide to go to the moon, representing their masculinity and an opportunity to succeed for their forefathers.

In the very first episode of Moonbase 8, it will take you a step back on a hilarious ride of its few characters that seem so vindicating, and the whole episode runs equally by these characters. Further, you will get Armisen in a role who mock people and observe their features to present in very tedious dialogues. So yes, this episode will take you on a ride on self-satisfied idiots in a hilarious way.

You seem so relatable as you will find such people everywhere in your day to day life!! Such people are so influential but emotionally drained.

Skip It OR Stream It??

It is getting good reviews from critics as well as from the audience. A few of them have also tweeted good thoughts about all the comic timings of these characters.

But Some of them captioned Moonbase 8 as a Straight up sucks!!! 

The overall reviews of Moonbase 8 are relatively high, so we must recommend you to have a watch at this series. So Let’s hang out with all these aged men for six episodes of half an hour each.

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