The Outlaws Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Other Important Details!

The Outlaws is a comic crime thriller by Stephen Merchant. It was previously called The Offender and was first announced in early 2020. BBC described it as a part crime thriller and part-time character study, with humour and heart.  

Stephen Merchant said his parents’ work as community service supervisors inspired him to create the series. If you are a lover of a comic series, this is something that you should watch.

As per the BBC, “The Outlaws” was the broadcaster’s greatest comedy debut in 2021 and has been viewed 11 million times on BBC iPlayer.

Let’s learn more about this series and whether there will be a sequel in the coming years

Has The Outlaws Been Renewed For the Third Season?

The beloved television series, which Elgin James and Stephen Merchant produced, has been renewed for another season and was reported to be in production by the BBC in March 2023, so surprises for The Outlaws fandom can’t be halted soon.

The overwhelming response this series has gotten so far shows how excited the devoted viewers who have only recently started binge-watching it are! Fans are again curious about the probable release date, narrative, and cast for the third season of Amazon Prime Video and BBC One’s The Outlaws after this wonderful statement brightened everyone up.

Yes, of course! This is only possible if the production wraps up on time later this year to prevent further delays and interruptions to the release, which could lower viewer interest.

In the meantime, we’re crossing our fingers that everything goes as planned and that viewers will see this comedy-thriller’s eagerly awaited new episodes about a motley crew of criminals put together to serve a community service sentence.

Check out the official renewal news published on the Amazon Studios Twitter account, which reads, “Together once again #TheOutlaws has been picked up for a third season.” as you wait for the release date announcement.

The Outlaws Season 3 Release Date: When will it air?

This is great news as fans won’t have to wait longer after the first season’s finale airing

It is also worth noting that the first season’s production had to halt because of the pandemic, which ravaged different industries, bringing many things to a standstill. 

Stephen Merchant, the producer, confirmed at the time that Covid-19 made them shut down. However, we shouldn’t expect future interruptions now that many things are normal.

It is too soon to confirm such information when the renewal was announced a few hours ago, but as of the time of writing, we can assure the readers that the probable release date for the third season hasn’t been revealed.

The Outlaws Release Date

However, if we had to guess when The Outlaws Season 3 might come out, it would probably be early in 2024. The show’s third season is currently being filmed in and around Bristol.

However, there doesn’t seem to be a danger that the programme won’t return in the latter half of 2023. This is because some significant writers’ rooms have been on strike for a time, which could affect production and cause the platform premiere to be delayed.

The first and second seasons of The Outlaws are also accessible on the streaming service, while season three will only be available on Prime Video. You can get a stand-alone streaming membership to Prime Video. It will also debut in the UK on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Besides series one and two, BBC Studios will be responsible for series three’s worldwide distribution.

You need to renew your subscriptions, watch the current seasons online, and discover new TV shows and films from the vast library the streaming service makes available to subscribers.

The Outlaws Season 3 Plot: What Will Happen Next?

Although nothing is known about the third season, it is anticipated that it will follow a group of strangers from many walks of life who are compelled to work together in Bristol to finish a Community Payback sentence. The Outlaws are getting on with their lives now that the crime boss, The Dean, is in jail awaiting trial. However, when one of them returns with a devastating secret, they are again in danger of death.

Can they establish their innocence before The Dean’s case fails, and he returns looking for vengeance as a murder manhunt closes in on the gang?

The second season’s finale episode, which aired on July 10, 2022, showed that when the outlaws ran out of options and time, they had no choice but to resort to extreme measures. However, because the public and the police were watching them, they had to cooperate to pull off the con to end all cons. We also expected the new season to continue the storyline from that episode.

Look at the comments made by Stephen Merchant below to gain some perspective on what viewers might expect from the next episodes:

The Outlaws Season 3 Cast: Who will Come Back?

Darren Boyd (The Salisbury Poisonings, Killing Eve), Clare Perkins (The Wheel of Time, EastEnders), Eleanor Tomlinson (Intergalactic, Poldark), Jessica Gunning (Back), Charles Babalola (Bancroft), Tom Hanson (Brassic), and Claes Bang (Bad Sisters, Dracula) are among the actors who have confirmed that they will return to the series.

Elgin James and Stephen Merchant are the series’ creators. Stephen Merchant for Four Eyes, Luke Alkin, Kenton Allen, Matthew Justice for Big Talk, and John Butler serve as executive producers. The BBC’s commissioning editor is Seb Barwell. The directors are John Butler (Papi Chulo) and Curtis Vowell (Baby Done). Frances du Pille (The Sixth Commandment) is the producer.

The BBC and Amazon Studios jointly produced the show. Jon Petrie, Director of Comedy Commissioning for BBC One and BBC iPlayer, ordered the new series made by Big Talk (Mum, Friday Night Dinner, Back) and Stephen Merchant’s Four Eyes. A part of ITV Studios is Big Talk.

The Outlaws Season 3 Trailer: When can we watch?

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a new teaser or trailer from the network because production is still ongoing, and there isn’t enough footage to make any trailers. Check out the second season’s official trailer in the interim. The story picks up a few months after Season One’s climax.

The Outlaws Season 2 Plot: What have we seen in the series so far?

In the first episode of Season 2, the outlaws still serve their sentences but haven’t left the criminal underworld behind. Things get even more complicated when Rani, who her parents kicked out, shows up at Christian’s place. Esme finds the whole situation hilarious.

The outlaws ponder an unexpected and risky method of earning money to survive; two dependable detectives focus on a particular London crime boss. A protest occurs at the community centre, the outlaws’ illegal enterprise functions like a well-oiled machine, and an old dog try to pick up new skills.

At a pub quiz, the outlaws encounter a type of cook and go on an odd date; two outlaws have a close call, and a ghost from the past forces an emotional reckoning. The outlaws think their struggle might be over as they have a family reunion and a hearty lunch.

Because they are out of options and have run out of time, the outlaws must resort to drastic tactics, but because the public and the police are watching them, they must cooperate to pull off the con to end all cons.

The Outlaws Season 2 Review:

Millions of fans rely on the Tomato meter score as a trusted indicator of critical approval for movies and TV shows. Apparently, a red tomato rating shows that a movie or show is Fresh when at least 60% of reviews are favourable. The Outlaws received a Tomato meter score of 80%, which is pretty impressive!

Where Can I Watch The Outlaws Season 2?

The Outlaws has a total of six episodes, which are available to stram on Amazon Prime. Viewers can directly watch on the Amazon Prime app or stream through smart devices. Click here to watch the series.

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