Dark Desire Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Latest Details!

Dark Desire is a thriller series from Mexico. It consists of drama and sensual thrills. Netflix revived the Dark Desire series for the second season on 19 August 2020. It is a series of Netflix’s Argos Comunicación Mexican Web TV thriller. Stars Maite Perroni, Poza, Pavon, Spitzer, and Hauser (Yellowstone) are also included in the series. Initially, on 6 May 2019, the beginning of production was revealed and premiered on 15 July 2020.

Later, the series started its journey on 19 August 2020 for a second season and is set for release in 2022 due to its remarkable success. Season 1 of Dark Desire was announced in 28 days as the most-watched non-English title with an audience of 35 million.

Netflix will be on the OTT platform for the second stage of the Dark Desire series.

In addition, the great cast and enjoyable discussions make it even more fascinating. It is comfortable, friendly, and encompasses years of friendship in good times. So, naturally, this new season is a must-watch for you. Also, we would like to share this post with you if you haven’t watched the second season of Dark Desire.

Dark Desire Season 1 Recap: What happened in first season?

In terms of episodes, the first season contains 18 episodes that depict erotic fiction, intimacy, thriller, love, and a variety of complexities between romantic partners in various ways.

The plot revolves around Alma, a law professor who is married to a judge. It is also about their being together. On July 15th, 2020, the show premiered. It went on to win a slew of other accolades.

Dark Desire Season 2 Recap: What happened in second instalment?

At the end of the first season, we realized that Brenda had lost her life as the man she cherished (Esteban) was in love with her sister. So, she could not continue her relationship with his best friend‘s spouse (Alma). In the next series, we can investigate the impact of Brenda’s suicide, particularly because Alma will severely feel its loss.

At last, we also noticed that the season’s conclusion finally distinguished Alma from her husband, Leonardo. Can Dario reappear in her life whose previous flame we now know is still alive?

Concerning Dario, the end of the series saw him and his criminal associate Esteban run after performing the assassination of Jose Luis Valdez. Now that he has ancestral a fortune from his grandfather, what will Dario do with his life? We are sure in season two you’re going to find out.

Dark Desire Season 3 Release Date: When will it appear?

Sadly, a third season won’t be produced. Due to a lack of viewership, Netflix did not renew for another season, as it has been a year since the last and second seasons were resealed; there will be no third season in the future.

For the second season on 19 August 2020, Netflix revived the Dark Desire series. Moreover, the second season of the Dark Desire series, which includes 18 episodes, will be available soon on the Netflix OTT Platform. In addition, the show has additionally started its shooting from January to March 2021. The last notification for the delivery date is February 2, 2022.

Argos Comunicacion’s Mexican web-thriller on Netflix was a good start, and viewers loved the show. With such astounding success, the third season of Dark Desire is required.

There will not be a third installment. When Netflix ordered Dark Desire for a second season in August 2020, it said it would be the final season. Everything was finished up perfectly in the second season. So there’s no reason for a third season.

In addition, The Dark Desire series got numerous honors, including the GQ Men of the Year Awards and the BreakTudo Award in 2020.

Dark Desire Season 3 is unlikely to happen. Season 2 has already been announced as the series’ final installment. However, even the most reliable streaming services occasionally break their renewal promises, specifically when it relates to blockbuster series.

Dark Desire Season 3 Cast: Who will appear?

Let’s see the expected cast of that in the second season of the series Dark Desire.

  • Maite Perroni in the role of Alma Solares
  • Jorde Poza in the role of Leonardo Solares
  • Paulina Matos in the role of Edith Ballesteros
  • Erik Hayser in the role of Esteban Solares
  • Alejandro Speitzer in the role of Dario Guerra
  • Maria Fernanda Yepes in the role of Brenda Castillo
  • Regina Pavon in the role of Zoe Solares
  • Claudia Pineda in the role of Garcia
  • Samantha Orozco in the role of Rosalba
  • Magali Boysselle in the role of Therapist

Dark Desire Season 3 Trailer: Is there any official trailer out?

The dark Desire Season 3 trailer is not out yet as the series was canceled after the second installment. The promo for Season 2 of Dark Desire has already launched just before the release day. So, here you can peek at the Dark Desire Season 2 trailer. And we highly suggest the series if you still haven’t seen the show yet.

More than this, we shall return to you with a complete illustration of your plot when Netflix officially releases Dark Desire Season 2 on February 2, 2022.

Reviews and Ratings Dark Desire Season 2

Dark Desire Season 2 ends the story with a thrilling and addictive plot that makes this drama, mystery, and thriller series hot and steamy to watch. Not filled with PG 13+, it also has a storyline that hooked from the first episode of the first season and continues till the second season. On IMDb, it has around 6.5/10, and on Rotten Tomatoes, it has an 84% audience score.

Where Can I Watch Dark Desire Season 2?

Dark Desire Season Two is available on Netflix; viewers can directly stream or watch through their smart devices. Click here to watch Season 2.

In Season 2, there are 15 episodes; below is the full list:

  1. S2 E1 – Eros and Psyche
  2. S2 E2 – You Can Never Escape Something Like This
  3. S2 E3 – No One Can Run From Themselves
  4. S2 E4 – The Other
  5. S2 E5 – Walking on Hot Coals
  6. S2 E6 – You Were Always My Mirror
  7. S2 E7 – A Dangerous Cocktail
  8. S2 E8 – Don’t Believe a Thing You Hear
  9. S2 E9 – You’ve Become Your Own Worst Enemy
  10. S2 E10 – Everyone Reads Their Own Story
  11. S2 E11 – Who the #*%& Are You Really?
  12. S2 E12 – The Twins
  13. S2 E13 – A Perfect and Unbearable Triangle
  14. S2 E14 – It Was Always You
  15. S2 E15 – Facing the Darkness…

Stay tuned to us, and Just be Safe!

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