Deftones “Black Stallion” Remix Album features Robert Smith, Mike Shinoda, DJ Shadow!

Yesterday, Deftones launched their brand new sensational remix album named “Black Stallion” after his White Pony remix album.

Recently Deftones has announced the official releasing date of 11 December 2020 of their Black Stallion remix album, which featured the white pony remix tracks.

With the surprising announcement by Deftones to its followers, they also took up a quiz to test their listeners’ band knowledge. 

Fortunately, the quiz result leads to a releasing date and the contributing rights of their new album. According to the Deftones, their White Pony remix tracks album will be out on 11 December 2020 on the occasion of their 20th-anniversary celebration.

After their white pony remix album, they will launch their new album. It featured remixers like clams casino, Robert Smith, DJ shadow, purity ring, Phantogram, Squarepusher, Mike Shinoda, and many more.

Last month, this popular band launched its 9th Studio album named Ohms, which is highly appreciated by its listeners. The album gained enough five-star reviews from NME on its release, and admired the tracks as “filthy metal anthems packing serious emotional clout.”

Their followers are waiting for their next remix album to watch a combo of the below-listed songs and the respective remixes.

  • Feiticeira’ featured by Clams Casino.
  • ‘Digital Bath’ featured by DJ Shadow remix.
  • ‘Elite’ featured by Blank Mass remix.
  • ‘Rx Queen’ featured by Salva remix.
  • ‘Street Carp’ track is featured by Phantogram’s remix.
  • ‘Teenager’ featured in Robert Smith’s remix.
  • ‘Knife Party’ featured by Purity Ring remix.
  • ‘Korea’ featured a Trevor Jackson remix.
  • ‘Passenger’ is featured in the Mike Shinoda remix.
  • ‘Change featured in the House of Flies and Tourist remix.
  • ‘Pink Maggit’ featured by Squarepusher remix.

So the Deftones fans are eagerly waiting for the 11 December to get their unique tracks album along with the grand celebration of their 20th anniversary.

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