The OA Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything About This Series

The fancy artistic works and unimaginable plots of The OA series might just blow up your mind. The OA, which stands for Original Angel, is a combination of Drama, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Supernatural powers.

The series first premiered on Netflix in December 2016, and its renewal came in 2019. The Oa series, which was produced by Brit Marling and Zal Batamanglij, gathered a huge fan base that has been passionately asking for another season. Netflix has not said a word yet. Discover the latest happenings of OA Season 3.

The OA Season 3 Storyline:

The OA series revolves around an adopted woman called Prairie. She mysteriously appears after missing for over seven years. Interestingly, she went missing while blind, but upon coming back, she can see though she has scars on her back. She refuses to tell the FBI who her parents are and how her eyesight was restored. The woman gathers a team of five locals, and she tells her story to them. She reveals to them that she can help save all the missing people by opening a kind of portal. 

The OA Season 3 Release Date:

If you watched the previous seasons, you are, without a doubt, anxious about when Season 3 will be released. Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger, and most of us can’t wait to know how the story unfolds. 

The plan was to release OA season 3 in 2020. However, the season’s renewal was affected by the global Corona Virus pandemic, and we might just have to wait a bit more. Originally, Netflix and The OA production team have not announced when we should expect the release, but it is safe to say the release cannot be earlier than 2021. 

Is there a third season planned for The OA? The OA: Part III, however, will not be released, at least not on Netflix. The sitcom was canceled after only two seasons, according to the streaming provider in August 2019.

Discover how our favorite show’s second season stacked up in review and rating before diving into the juicy details of season three.

The OA Season 2 Recap:

The OA is an exciting Netflix series that takes us on an epic adventure through multiple dimensions. Season 2 follows the journey of Prairie Johnson, also known as the “Original Angel,” as she leaps into a new dimension and transforms into Nina Azarova. Along with her friends, she combats Dr. Hunter Percy, also known as “Hap,” who conducts experiments on individuals who have experienced Near-Death Experiences.

With intense determination, Prairie and her team thwart Hap’s malicious plans and ultimately discover his secret agenda to control interdimensional travel through an “invisible river.” Through Nina’s consciousness, Prairie confronts her inner demons and even helps liberate one of Hap’s captives. In the final showdown, Prairie and her squad face off against Hap in an electrifying battle to save all dimensions.

The OA Season 2 Review:

In the second season of The OA, critics were pleased with the show’s direction. Boasting a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the show is praised for finally answering some of its most perplexing questions while still maintaining the same haunting atmosphere that fans adore.

Ready Steady Cut also gave Season 2 a favorable review, commending its ability to connect the realities of both seasons while unravelling a complex but not overwhelming mystery.

The OA Season 2 Rating:

The OA Season 2 is one of those shows that’s strictly for a more mature audience, as it has been given a TV-MA rating on Netflix. Therefore, it’s essential to keep this in mind if you’re thinking about watching it with your children who are under the age of 17.

The OA Season 3 Cast:

The OA Season 3 Cast

When Netflix finally releases Season 3, there are some characters that we dearly hope will remain in the show. We have got word that Brit Marling will be playing Prairie. Other characters that will be gracing The OA season 3 include; 

  • Emory Cohen as Homer Roberts.
  • Phyllis Smith as Betty “BBA” Broderick-Allen.
  • Scott Wilson, as Abel Johnson.
  • Alice Krige as Nancy Johnson.

The OA Season 3 Expected Plot:

We are indeed anticipating the season 3 plot, but Netflix is yet to say a word about it. We saw the OA traveling to a different destination and ends up in San Francisco. In Season 3, we should expect to know what happens to the OA in his journey. It is mysterious, and the season left us with a cliffhanger that only season 3 can solve.

The OA Season 3 Trailer:

A trailer of The OA Season 3 is not yet been out as the upcoming season remains cancelled. Hence, fans can watch the trailer if The OA: Part II below for a look-back at the previous season.

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