Vikings Season 7: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Need To Know!

The historical drama and action-adventure Canadian TV series were written and created by Michael Hirst. The series gets inspiration from sagas of Viking Ragna Lothbrok, the legendary Norse heroes. Filmed in Ireland, the series premiered in March 2013 in Canada. The series loosely adapts its storyline to European history during the early middle ages. The series has so far premiered six seasons, of which the first half was aired in February 2020 and the remaining later in the year. In January 2019, it was said that it would be the last season in the series. 

But there is great news for Viking fans. The thrilling sequel series, Vikings: Valhalla, has already been released with multiple seasons, and there’s even more excitement on the horizon. Discover all the essential details you need to know about this captivating series.

Will there be a Season 7 of Vikings?

Most of the viewers have already been wanting to know the release date of Vikings season 7. But the unfortunate news is that there will no renewal of Vikings season 7.

But Season 6 of Vikings was delivered in two parts for releasing the season further.

Vikings fans have one most constant question when does Vikings season 7 premiere? Unluckily, Vikings Season 7 is canceled, and there will be no other season of Vikings. So this news will be quite disappointing for the series fans, but you can enjoy Vikings season 6 2nd part. It consists of 10 episodes which are telecasted on Prime Video on December 30, 2020.

Vikings Season 7 Release Date: When will it air?

Vikings: Season 7 will not be occurring, therefore there is no release date to anticipate, however, this does not imply that this is the final occasion we will witness the universe.

Vikings: Valhalla, the sequel series, premiered in early 2022. This new chapter of the Norse saga portrays a world where many Vikings have embraced Christianity. Set over 100 years after the original, Valhalla introduces a fresh set of characters, each driven by their motives. While showcasing spectacular battles and stunning cinematography, the series delves into the conflicts arising from the Danes’ shifting beliefs, ultimately marking the end of the Viking era.

With the recent confirmation of a third season, Vikings: Valhalla continues to captivate viewers. Although different from Vikings: Season 7, the time jump brings a new cast. For those eager to witness the unfolding story, the series is available for streaming on Netflix.

Vikings Season 7 Storyline: What is it all about?

Vikings is among the most-watched shows thanks to its recognition of history back in the 12th and 13th centuries. The narrative is inspired by sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, who was a notorious scourge but legendary Norse hero. In the series, Ragnar is portrayed as a farmer whose fame after raids into England eventually makes him a Scandinavian King. The series then explores all the fortunes that his sons get as well as their adventures in Scandinavia, England, and the Mediterranean. 

If you like this kind of series, then you must also love to watch Sanditon Season 2.

Vikings Season 7 Storyline

Vikings Season 7 Cast: Who will be in?

The initial series featured remarkable characters, brilliantly portrayed by talented actors like Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnik, and Alexander Ludwig. However, a major drawback was that most of the main characters met their demise by the end of the final season. This contributed to the disappointment surrounding the decision to create Vikings: Season 7.

In contrast, Vikings: Valhalla introduces a fresh ensemble cast of actors. Sam Corlett takes on the role of Leif Erikson, one of the main characters, while Frida Gustavsson portrays his sister, Freydís Eiríksdóttir. Both characters are among the remaining true Vikings at the beginning of the series. Additionally, Leo Suter portrays Harald Sigurdsson, a Christian prince with Danish heritage.

Valhalla, as a Viking show, manages to capture the spirit of its predecessor. However, when compared to the original, it falls short, particularly when considering the Golden Age of the Norse. This is another reason why fans would have preferred Vikings: Season 7 rather than a sequel. Nonetheless, as that is not a topic open for discussion, Valhalla appears to be the next best alternative.

Vikings Season 7 Cast

Vikings Season 7 Expected Plot: What will happen?

Vikings just concluded season 6 first half of 10 episodes, and the second half is yet to be released. Therefore, it would be hard to conclusively say what season 7 will be about when the sixth season is not concluded. Rumor has it that season 6 will indeed be the last one, but we may just be surprised by the renewal of season 7. So, until season 6 is wholly aired, we cannot say for sure what to expect in season 7. 

Vikings Season 7 Plot

Till then watch the Season 6 part 2 trailer and enjoy the season on Amazon.

Why did Vikings Have to End?

According to showrunner Michael Hirst, the decision to conclude Vikings was deliberate, unrelated to declining viewership. In an interview with Variety, Hirst expressed that he always had a clear vision of where he wanted the show to go and how it would ultimately conclude after six seasons and 89 episodes. He felt a sense of accomplishment in reaching that point.

On the other hand, it’s possible that Vikings reached a point where it exhausted the available historical material for adaptation. While the show took creative liberties with the Age of the Vikings and its legendary hero, there were limited details regarding the actual raids on England and France. Vikings, being a scripted drama, already departed from the typical historical accuracy of the History Channel’s programming.

Vikings Season 6 Recap: Is the Series Worth Watching?

Vikings, the captivating historical drama series, reached its sixth and final season, debuting on December 4, 2019, on History in Canada. The season continues the epic tale of Ragnar Lothbrok, his crew, and later focuses on the exploits of his sons.

As Bjorn grapples with the challenges of being a king, he realizes he can no longer depend on his mother, Lagertha, who harbors her own plans. Meanwhile, Ivar finds himself at the mercy of the Kievan Rus, under the rule of the ruthless and unpredictable Prince Oleg, a formidable adversary who may prove to be Ivar’s greatest challenge yet.

Vikings Season 6 Review:

Forbes also reviewed the season six premiere and noted significant improvement, although one glaring omission remains: Ragnar Lothbrok’s absence from the show. However, his memory lingers as Lagertha catches glimpses of him and reminisces about their past while searching for a new farmstead. It serves as a bittersweet reminder of better, simpler times.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the sixth season of Vikings is described as “unforgettable viewing for the second consecutive season. Viewers have formed opinions about all the characters, past and present, and have their hopes for how things will unfold. With its unexpected twists and intense emotions, this season has everything viewers can handle and more.”

Vikings Season 6 Rating:

Vikings Season 6 has garnered a strong rating of 8.5/10 on IMDb, reflecting the show’s continued appeal and positive reception from viewers. The final season of this epic historical drama series continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storytelling, dynamic characters, and stunning visuals.

Where Can I Watch Vikings?

You have multiple options to watch the TV series Vikings. It is available on streaming platforms like Netflix, fuboTV, StackTV Amazon Channel, and Global TV with ads. Alternatively, you can purchase Vikings for download on Google Play Movies. Additionally, all six seasons of Vikings are currently streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime. Here is list of Season 6 episodes.

  • Season 6, Episode 1: New Beginnings
  • Season 6, Episode 2: The Prophet
  • Season 6, Episode 3: Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs
  • Season 6, Episode 4: All the Prisoners
  • Season 6, Episode 5: The Key
  • Season 6, Episode 6: Death and the Serpent
  • Season 6, Episode 7: The Ice Maiden
  • Season 6, Episode 8: Valhalla Can Wait
  • Season 6, Episode 9: Resurrection
  • Season 6, Episode 10:  The Best Laid Plans
  • Season 6, Episode 11: King of Kings
  • Season 6, Episode 12: All Change
  • Season 6, Episode 13: The Signal
  • Season 6, Episode 14: Lost Souls
  • Season 6, Episode 15: All At Sea
  • Season 6, Episode 16: The Final Straw
  • Season 6, Episode 17: The Raft of Medusa
  • Season 6, Episode 18: It’s Only Magic
  • Season 6, Episode 19: The Lord Giveth…
  • Season 6, Episode 20:The Last Act
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