Vikings Season 7 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Need To Know!

The historical drama and action-adventure Canadian TV series were written and created by Michael Hirst. The series gets inspiration from sagas of Viking Ragna Lothbrok, the legendary Norse heroes. Filmed in Ireland, the series premiered in March 2013 in Canada. The series loosely adapts its storyline to European history during the early middle ages. The series has so far premiered six seasons, of which the first half was aired in February 2020 and the remaining later in the year. In January 2019, it was said that it would be the last season in the series. 

Will there be a Season 7 of Vikings?

Most of the viewers have already been wanting to know the release date of Vikings season 7. But the unfortunate news is that there will no renewal of Vikings season 7.

But Season 6 of Vikings was delivered in two parts for the purposes of releasing the season further.

Vikings fans have one most constant question is when does Vikings season 7 premiere? Unluckily, Vikings Season 7 is canceled and there will be no other season of Vikings. So this news will be quite disappointing for the series fans but you can enjoy Vikings season 6 2nd part. It consists of 10 episodes which are telecasted on Prime Video on December 30, 2020.

Vikings Season 7 Release Date: When will it air?

Before we even talk about the seventh session, there is a second half of the sixth season set for release later in December 2020. Many news media are speculating that these are the last episodes that we will get, and that will mark the final of the series.

A rumor has reported that season 6 will surely be the last season, but maybe the makers surprisеd us with season 7 renewal. 

An official announcement is yet to be made, and we can therefore not say for sure if the series will be showing for the seventh season. So, to be sure, we can only wait until sеаson 7 isn’t officially announced. 

The saga of the seven-year-long TV series has come to an end! But, don’t be upset or depressed, because Netflix has a special plan for you. The word on the street is Vikings: Valhalla! It appears that a spin-off series for the series is in the works.

Vikings Season 7 Storyline: What is it all about?

Vikings is among the most-watched shows thanks to its recognition of history back in the 12th and 13th centuries. The narrative is inspired by sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, who was a notorious scourge but legendary Norse hero. In the series, Ragnar is portrayed as a farmer whose fame after raids into England eventually makes him a Scandinavian King. The series then explores all the fortunes that his sons get as well as their adventures in Scandinavia, England, and the Mediterranean. 

If you like this kind of series, then you must also love to watch Sanditon Season 2.

Vikings Season 7 Storyline

Vikings Season 7 Cast: Who will be in?

If at all season 7 of Vikings will be showing, then the main cast in the previous seasons will be returning. We do not expect any new inclusions in the cast members, but the showrunners may just surprise us. Some of the cast that will be reprising their roles include;

  • Katheryn Winnick (Big Sky) as Lagertha, 
  • Bad Boys 4 cast member- Alexander Ludwig plays the role of King Bjorn, 
  • Jordan Patrick Smith as Ubbe, 
  • John Kavanagh as The Sheer
  • Marco Ilso as Hvitserk, 

We may also anticipate the inclusion of Alex Anderson playing Ivar the Boneless, David Lindstrom playing Sigurd, Ben Robson (Animal Kingdom) playing Kalf and Danila Kozlovsky playing Oleg the prophet. 

Vikings Season 7 Cast

Vikings Season 7 Expected Plot: What will happen?

Vikings just concluded season 6 first half of 10 episodes, and the second half is yet to be released. Therefore, it would be hard to conclusively say what season 7 will be about when the sixth season is not concluded. Rumor has it that season 6 will indeed be the last one, but we may just be surprised by the renewal of season 7. So, until season 6 is wholly aired, we cannot say for sure what to expect in season 7. 

Vikings Season 7 Plot

Till then watch the Season 6 part 2 trailer and enjoy the season on Amazon.

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