Top 10 Best Countries To Live In 2023 (Country Rankings)

The Recent Human Development Report summarizes expressing global satisfaction with life and explaining what it is like to be living on Earth today. It is one of the top tools for assessing which nations have the happiest, healthiest, and most healthy Population.

The Human Development Report people’s perception of depth in which countries they can ideally live in compared the most with the worst in the World. What are the best places to live? Best location, the best places to live…? And which is the cheapest? Well, where are you?

If you still have a great thought to explore the World and choose to decide which countries make it a great retirement destination in your lists, we compiled this list following the HDI report that makes it easier for you to decide better. Here are the best places to live in ascending order as described in the Human Development Report.

These are the ten countries with the highest indexes in human development:

  1. Switzerland (0.962)
  2. Norway (0.961)
  3. Iceland (0.959)
  4. Hong Kong — .952
  5. Australia — .951
  6. Denmark — .948
  7. Sweden — .947
  8. Ireland — .945
  9. Germany — .942
  10. Netherlands — .941

The research thus determines that Norway is the safest place to settle! Let us speak about other Countries’ causes and their main elements.

10. Netherlands

World Happiness ranking: 7.488
Property Price To Income Ratio:7.51
Quality Of Healthcare:74.65
Global Peace Level:1.53

The Netherlands is compared to Denmark when many countries in the world would have an income disparity that is not so big in this nation. Indeed, the wage gap rate in the Netherlands is around 12.4%, a high one, but you can see that the US in terms of fair play on an all-round basis if you return to the details on the wage gap number.

The heavily populated Country connects more than 1000 bridges and 20,000 miles of cycle paths. The Country also possesses the highest concentration of museums in the World. It was the birthplace of Rembrandt and Van Gogh and the microscope, telescope, and thermometer. This high-income, known for its tulips, is one of the World’s leading agricultural exporters, a mostly mechanized industry.

9. Germany

World Happiness ranking: 6.985
Property Price To Income Ratio:9.38
Quality Of Healthcare:73.32
Global Peace Level:1.547

As one of the World’s biggest economies, Germany is the most populous country in Europe. Nine countries border Central Europe with diverse geography from the northern fields to the North. The Baltic Seas to southern Bavaria Germany values its people’s education, just as Australia. Almost the entire German Population has been educated, with just four percent who have not endured college and post-graduate education in Germany. Germany has an open-market capitalist social market economy, making it one of the World’s largest economies. It gives a great standard of living to its Population. So it ranked number six in this list.

8. Ireland

World Happiness ranking: 7.021
Property Price To Income Ratio:7.49
Quality Of Healthcare:51.89
Global Peace Level:1.39

Ireland is one of the happiest nations in the World, and it’s an incredible place to visit. It has fewer levels of crime than ever before, and the prevalence of killing is minimal. This nation ranked the fourth highest quality of life globally regarding health, education, and income in each region, based upon the recent United Nations Human Development Index. The placing of Ireland was effective in various other categories, eight years of education, an average of 18.7 years of schooling, a fifth with a national gross per-capita income of €55,774, and a 15th with a life expectancy of 82,3 years at the age of birth. All these considerations make it stand on position three for being the best Country. 

7. Sweden

World Happiness ranking: 7.343
Property Price To Income Ratio:9.27
Quality Of Healthcare:69.23
Global Peace Level:1.533

Good social security systems, strong health insurance, and free schooling are important to Sweden, ranking it number seven in this list. The social model in Sweden is centered on prosperity, democracy, liberty, and stability. It is still in a position to work according to a model close to that of other Nordic countries; it is highly statist, with a good public sector expenditure. Health insurance and university education are free of charge, and the residents are one of the World’s longest life expectancies. Nearly all waste is recycled in Sweden and is also among the most charitable countries in the World. Each year donates, about 1% of the gross national product to the humanitarian relief program.

6. Denmark

World Happiness ranking: 7.555
Property Price To Income Ratio:6.29
Quality Of Healthcare:80.6
Global Peace Level:1.296

Denmark completes the list of the ten best places to live, and it is simple to understand why. To begin with, Denmark has exceptionally high levels of “social trust,” which gauges people’s confidence in one another, their government, and public institutions like the police and hospitals.

Additionally, all residents are entirely free to access health care and education. Denmark is a green-minded nation and a global pioneer in various fields, including shipping, design, and architecture. Even in the nation’s capital, Copenhagen, bicycles frequently outnumber cars, and the nation is continually coming up with new ways to live more sustainably. Last but not least, the Danes introduced the world to “hygge,” a cozy, incredibly human term for time spent pleasantly unwinding and appreciating one’s surroundings away from the hustle and bustle.

5. Australia

World Happiness ranking: 7.228
Property Price To Income Ratio:7.52
Quality Of Healthcare:77.38
Global Peace Level:1.419

Australia, the eighth-best nation to live in, is lauded by the UN. It highly focuses on education and the importance of schools in its Population. Schools still take pride in university achievements and have a good amount of strain. Education represents over 5% of the national GDP in the nation. The average number of years for Australians to go to school is around 20 years, which means that most Australian children stay in the education system until they graduate from a university.

Australia has around 3,000 sunshine hours a year – double the number that Britain gets. If you like cheap food and are an expat around the clock, then this nation is right for you. It is affordable and quality health care and has many amazing views from the Great Barrier Reef to Uluru and the wild Outback, making it one of the best countries to live in in 2023.

4. Hong Kong

World Happiness ranking: 5.477
Property Price To Income Ratio:18.1
Quality Of Healthcare:73.64
Global Peace Level:1.56
Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a large, high-quality living & international financial center. The highest income tax is 17% and has very low taxation in Hong Kong, making it appealing to businesses. Also, Hong Kong has very low crime rates; like many other countries on this list, it is a heavily populated metropolitan city.

A lot believe that Hong Kong completely relies on its beautiful Eastern and Western cultures, with imperial houses, temples and old customs, and festivals with high-glass skyscrapers and state-of-the-art public transport. It becomes the attraction of tourists from all over the World. It is also a low-tax and free trade global financial city. That’s why it ranked number 4 in this list of top ten countries to live in in 2023.

3. Iceland

World Happiness ranking: 7.494
Property Price To Income Ratio:6.74
Quality Of Healthcare:65.92
Global Peace Level:1.072

Icelanders have an estimated life span of around 83 years. Some parts of the globe are still inhabited by people who are not over 40, but Iceland has an almost dual life expectancy. In Ireland, crime is also very poor. Every year millions of visitors from around the globe come from their dramatic landscapes to enjoy Iceland’s beauty. It is now seeing relatively low child mortality rates with just 2.1 deaths per 1000 births. Less than 9% of Iceland’s total population is at risk of poverty, roughly half the combat average. Iceland also has an overwhelmingly tax-financed nationalized insurance sector. 

2. Norway

World Happiness ranking: 7.554
Property Price To Income Ratio:8.77
Quality Of Healthcare:74.36
Global Peace Level:1.536

Norway ranked number one and being highest in living standards, life expectancy, and schooling. The estimated life expectancy in the nation is 82 years, thanks to the stable, federally financed health care system. Most of its people live in the south of Oslo, the capital of the Country. There are thousands of miles of fjord, bay, and shoreline of Norway’s coastline, which increases the nation’s beauty. It has also been identified by the United Nations to be the best Country to live in in 2023. However, the researchers have taken into account positive marks on behalf of Norway. 

1. Switzerland

World Happiness ranking: 7.43
Property Price To Income Ratio:8.68
Quality Of Healthcare:72.44
Global Peace Level:1.375

Switzerland, officially known as the Swiss Confederation, has 16,000 square kilometers of carved ice alps, lakes, and valleys in central Europe. The fact that expatriates have a stronger work-life balance than they had in their home country, Switzerland has also taken second place in terms of quality of life. It is a good government paradigm and a reliable economy, this alpine home for skiing, the pastoral scenery, and the finest chocolate in the World. What shouldn’t love? There is an amazing living standard in Switzerland. Here, People are about 83 years old and are a perfect example of how careful treatment results in wonderful stuff, but not every Country awards its people a right.

So these are the top ten Best countries in the world to live in 2023! You have to look below if you want to look at the Country Ranking of all the countries along with their Human Development Index and population in 2023.

CountryHuman Development Index 2021/22 World Happiness 20222023 Population
Hong Kong0.9525.4257,491,609
New Zealand0.9377.25,228,100
United Kingdom0.9296.94367,736,802
South Korea0.9255.93551,784,059
United States0.9216.977339,996,563
United Arab Emirates0.9116.5769,516,871


Each of these eight countries will be awesome to step into in 2023. You have to know which is best for you and be courageous to determine the best Country to live in in 2023 that is more suitable for you. However, Coronavirus has destroyed and cast a pall around the planet tens of thousands, but there is no excuse to forgo the future. Soon, there will arrive a day when you will fly easily again and explore the World again.

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