Top 10 Crime Rate By Country in 2021 !

The crime rate is determined by dividing the total population by the number of crimes registered, multiplying the result by 100. Every country has crime rates. Countries that have low crime rates are the best countries to live in. Although there is no precise motive for Violence, several reasons are due to high crime rates. In regions and countries with a poor supply of employment, high vulnerability, and high crime rates are observed. Crime rates appear to decline with strict law regulations and harsh penalties. 

The link between age and crime is high, with most crimes committed by 20-30 years old, particularly violent crimes. In the US, the crime rate is 47.70. In the last 25 years, the rate of violent crime in the US has fallen dramatically. Crimes vary widely between states and countries, with crime rates much higher than in the USA’s largest countries like Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Alaska, and Tennessee.

Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Japan, and New Zealand are among the world’s safest countries and have the lowest crime rates. Each of those states has very strong law enforcement, and some of the world’s most draconian weapon laws are in Denmark, Norway, and Japan. More meager offenses, including purse snatching or pickpocketing, are seen in countries such as Austria.

Here are the ten countries with their respective high Crime Rate, which are considered The Highest Ten Crime Rate holder Countries of 2021!

10. Syria

Major Crime Types:Civil War, Terrorism, Kidnapping, Violence against women, road crimes, political Violence, Kidnappings, Drug and Narcoterrorism, armed robbery

The top 10 list of the highest crime rate Holder countries begins with the tenth-ranked country, Syria. Syria has the Free Syrian Army and other opposition factions that are also widespread in the midst of a continuing civil war. Syria faced so many terrorist attacks in a year. The security situation in Syria is very fragile, and thus the Violence continued. Extremist movements have widespread terrorist threats in Syria. Car bombing tends to occur more randomly and results in killed and brutally injured, so many people are killed and injured. Most airlines have been suspended from and to Syria. Damascus and Aleppo airports can easily close, with little to no notification, and checkpoints can slow or hinder airport entry. If you’re in Syria or decide to move on, then you should be careful enough.


9. El Salvador

Major Crime Types:Theft, robbery, injuries, homicide, extortion, theft of the vehicle, carjacking, rape, road deaths, truck jacking, and kidnapping, armed robbery

El Salvador was considered to be a CRITICAL threat for Violence by the American State Department. El Salvador remains one of the world’s largest murder rates. Extortion in El Salvador also remains a popular and lucrative criminal undertaking, and the most common crimes in the nation as murder and extortion. El Salvador’s two leading gangs, MS-13 and Barrio 18, are the largest social violence issue. The population of El Salvador is believed to be 25,000 gang members, 9,000 prisoners, and about 60,000 young people in the country’s youth gangs. The gangs are still in contact with drug dealers and have had disputes with drug traffickers over the territory. In El Salvador, in addition to cartels, high unemployment rates and low incomes have driven families to impoverished neighborhoods where Violence is widespread. 

8. Guyana

Major Crime Types:Terrorism, murder, armed robbery, carjackings, gang attacks, Violence against women, drug trafficking, Homicides, assaults, break-ins, street crime, road crimes

Guyana is 68.15 globally at the eighth-highest crime rate. Guyana has an assassination rate of about four times the US. Despite a strict license law for ordinary citizens to purchase dangerous guns, criminals routinely use weapons. Arms of choice are typically handguns, scissors, machetes, or daggers. Armed theft, especially in businesses and shopping districts, occurs commonly, including candy. Guyana also faces major obstacles in Venezuela and Suriname as regards its territorial claims. Violence towards women is an omnipresent issue, particularly in a domestic environment. Drug trafficking is a grave problem and a major law enforcement threat in Guyana. Furthermore, travelers also suffer from break-ins, thefts, and attacks at hotels. Increased care due to crimes is recommended for visitors to Guyana.


7. Brazil

Major Crime Types:Murder, Rapes, Kidnappings, robberies, ATM scams, gang violence, domestic violence, drug trafficking, corruption, cybersecurity crimes, street crimes 

Brazil is one of Earth’s most gorgeous nations. But also a dangerous touring venue. Brazil’s biggest problem is its epic crime rate, which is four times the US assassination rate. The rioting, robbery, and “squipping” arise in high numbers. This is a new type of crime in which a person is kidnapped for a fast payout for a limited period, usually from a drive into an ATM system. Many of Earth’s most violent places of gang activity are economically deprived neighborhoods such as São Paulo and Salvador. With an unusually high rate of violent offenses, Brazil has the seventh-highest crime rate in the world. The number of homicides in Brazil ranges from 30 to 35 per 100,000 population; targeted homicides rates rank Brazil among the top 20 countries. But the killing figure dropped by 13% from over 59,000 murders to 51,000 between 2017 and 2018. In Brazil, every day, between 10 and 15 women are killed.

6. Trinidad And Tobago

Major Crime Types:Terrorism Threat, property crimes, assault, and armed robbery, corruption and bribery, murder, robbery, assault, sexual assault, ATM crime and scams, home invasion, and kidnapping, narcotics trafficking

The sixth-highest crime rate in the world is in Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago face many problems to eradicate violence, including red tape, negative cartels, narcotics, the economic decline, and overburdened justice systems. There is also a strong market for illicit arms, which are the fuels of the trade of drugs and gangs. Although most crimes occur in Trinidad, foreigners are at risk of killing, invading the house, petty robbery, and fraud from hotel rooms for the same types of crimes in Tobago. Several violent invasions of homes and villas threatened Tobago’s houses and visitors in Irvine Mountain, Buccoo Bay, and Bacolet.


5. Honduras

Major Crime Types:Drugs Trafficking, Police Abuse and Corruption, Human Rights Defenders, Attacks on Lawyers, and Environmental Activists, Homicide and armed Robbery, Violent gang activity, such as extortion, violent street crime, rape, and narcotics and human trafficking

Honduras is one of the world’s most destructible countries as corruption and assassinations are scattered all over the region. Honduras is Central America’s second-largest nation. There is also raising worry about violent crimes like enlistments, rape, abuse, and killing besides the high rates of petty crime in Honduras. Armed robbery, with theft aimed at both pedestrians and tourist cars, is a common concern. Honduras ranks fifth in crime, with a crime index of 76.65. The height of violent crime in Honduras was in 2012, with about 20 murders a day in Honduras. Usually, the perpetrators of the murders were gang members such as Barrio 18 or Mara Salvatrucha. Honduras is now regarded as a major cocaine path to America. The nation has been made easy to enter for illicit traffic in drugs by weak domestic law enforcement. 

4. Afghanistan

Major Crime Types:Terrorism and criminal Violence, Money laundering, Contract Killings or assassinations, Corruption, Drug Trafficking, black marketing, Violence against women, war crimes, forced marriages. The fourth highest crime rate is in Afghanistan. 

It is not a secure travel area. The safety condition is incredibly uncertain, and you can face serious kidnapping, illness, or death if you attempt any journey, whether adventure or leisure. Terrorists and offenders, including all major cities, carry out attacks around the world. There are also other forms of aggressive attacks such as armed robbery, physical and sexual abuse, and stalking. Weapons are freely accessible globally, and there are a high number of civil causes registered in Afghanistan. Throughout rural areas, millions of landmines face danger. Overland travel is incredibly risky outside Kabul. There is also forced marriage which often happens without the prior notice or consent of the affected party. Insurgents use improvised explosive devices and rocket fire fighting body and vehicle-borne devices. There are also frequent armed assaults and ambushes. The crime rates in Kabul, its capital, have risen since the collapse of the Taliban. Most of the country’s crimes like robbing and attack are also fueled by widespread unemployment. 

Illegal Drug

3. South Africa

Major Crime Types:Terrorism Threat, Political, Economic, Religious, and Ethnic Violence, Economic Espionage/Intellectual Property Theft, Car Theft, Home security, cybersecurity issues, Drug market crimes, Kidnapping threat

The third highest crime measure in the world is in South Africa. The number of robberies, rapes, murders, and other violent crimes in South Africa is notably high. This is due to many causes, including high levels of poverty, deprivation, unemployment, social isolation, and the standardization of crime. In the world, 132.4 cases per 100,000 inhabitants was the most rape rate in South Africa, making South Africa the ‘capital of the world rape.’ The South African Medical Research Council admitted more than one in 4 men who were interviewed to commit rape. The level of offense in South Africa is high, including rape and assassination. There is usually a low chance of violent crime for tourists to the major tourism destinations. In several towns and cities, the South African authorities prioritize the safety of visitors and the Tourism Police.

2. Papua New Guinea

Major Crime Types:Drug market, vandalism and theft, assault and armed robbery, corruption and bribery, car theft, physical attack because of skin color, ethnic origin, gender, or religion. 

The crime rate in the country is very high; Port Moresby and Lae are considered one of the world’s most dangerous cities. Criminal statistics are widely scarce, although, in urban areas, murder, assault, and robbery are frequent. Sometimes, criminals use illegal weapons, and due to a supposed wealthy appearance, they are most likely targeting West tourists. Often the security forces are involved with illegal activity. The commercial effect of crime on enterprises is also important. The Crime Index of Papua New Guinea is 80.04. In big cities, the nation’s corruption crime is still widespread and leads mainly to the high incidence of crime. Besides, Papua New Guinea’s geography makes opium trade and human trafficking attractive. Guinea can be a frightening location for West African travel. Be conscious of the threats before you go from criminality to scams.


1. Venezuela

Major Crime Types:Kidnapping, carjacking, ATM theft, Poison letters & drinks, Hotels scam, airport scam, physical attack because of your skin color, gender, ethnic origin, or religion, Drugs market    

Venezuela is one of the countries and top in the world with the largest number of violent deaths. In recent years, an estimated 16,506 killings and 60.3 violent deaths per 100,000 inhabitants were closed above every Latin American country. In Caracas, the capital and the interior, violent crime is rampant, and as a stranger, you are a prime objective. The nation is facing high levels of violent and small crime due to Venezuela’s new political climate. The crime index of Venezuela is 84,36, the highest in the world of any region. The US Department of State has distributed a Venezuela Level 4 Travel Warning stating that travel into the country is dangerous. Venezuelan officials’ failed judiciary and poor regulation of arms have due to corruption at high crime rates. The latest economic hardships have led to a decline in murders, armed attacks, and abductions.

If you are still curious to find the data of the Top Top least Crime Rate holder Countries in the World, then here you can go!

CountryCrime Index vcxa
United Arab Emirates15.45
Hong Kong20.91
Isle Of Man21.32

So, these are all about The Highest Ten Crime Rate holder Countries of 2021! If you want to take a glimpse of all the countries ranking along with their respective crime rate, then  have a look below:

RankCountryCrime Index
2Papua New Guinea80.04
3South Africa77.29
6Trinidad and Tobago72.43
9El Salvador67.84
15Puerto Rico64.75
22Dominician Republic61.04


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