What’s new on Disney plus in February 2023!

Disney+ will release another batch of original programming featuring a wide range of diverse series in February. This month only brings a few major original releases to the service. Still, Star Wars and Marvel Studios fans will be gratified to know that both The Bad Batch and Wakanda Forever have been added to their respective site sections. For those seeking variety, there is also a plethora of other content to explore, such as documentaries, shorts, and more.

Given Chadwick Boseman’s untimely death, the creators of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever had an enormous task ahead of them. However, the latest MCU film from Marvel Studios was a critically acclaimed and tasteful addition to the larger mythology. After King T’Challa’s passing, the remaining Wakandan powers must unite to counter the formidable threat posed by King Namor of Talokan, an ancient underwater civilization. Therefore, below are our recommendations for the best February 2023 movies and TV shows. A Disney Plus subscription grants access to these shows at no additional cost.

10. The Proof Is Out There

Director:Steve Ascher
Cast:Tony Harris, Steve Ascher, Kristine Sabat
Released Date:8 Feb
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

“The Proof is Out There” delves into some of the world’s most puzzling visual and auditory evidence with cutting-edge equipment and verified experts. Giant beasts, UFOs, end-of-the-world noises, hairy humans, alleged mutants from the deep, conspiracies, and other seemingly impossible cases are examined, and judgments are rendered in each episode. Tony Harris, the show’s host and a seasoned journalist takes no shortcuts in his search for the truth and regularly interviews witnesses.

9. Tini: The New Life of Violetta

Director:Juan Pablo Buscarini
Cast:Martina Stoessel, Jorge Blanco, León Vargas
Released Date:24 Feb
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

The Argentinean-Spanish-Italian film Tini: The New Life of Violetta, directed by Juan Pablo Buscarini, takes place in a parallel universe to the TV show. When Violetta gets home from her tour, she learns some shocking news. After spending an endless summer in a picturesque fishing village on Italy’s coast, Violetta decides to learn more about herself, leading to a creative, musical, and spiritual awakening.

8. To Catch a Smuggler (S4)

Director:Denise Toto
Genre:Documentary, Reality
Released Date:22 Feb
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

The documentary series To Catch a Smuggler follows agents from U.S. Customs & Border Protection and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement as they work at various airports across the country. Visa fraud, human trafficking, and other forms of illegality are all on the rise. National Geographic Channel airs segments from To Catch a Smuggler.

7. Ultimate Airport Dubai (S1, S2, S3)

Director:John Smithson
Released Date:22 Feb
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

Ultimate Airport Dubai is a documentary series that has been translated into 45 languages and broadcast on the international versions of the National Geographic Channel in more than 170 countries. The show is made by Arrow Media and was ordered by National Geographic Channels International.

6. Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog (S3)

Director:Dustin Rubin
Cast:Dustin Rubin, Cesar Millan
Released Date:15 Feb
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog returns to the field to help canines and their owners. With record numbers of dogs being adopted from shelters, his return to television air gives new pet parents the knowledge and resources they need to instill in their canine companion positive behaviors and discourage undesirable ones. More than that, he educates dog owners on the bond their canine companions share with them and how their actions can shape how their dogs act.

5. Dian Fossey: Secrets in the Mist (S1)

Director:Zara Hayes
Cast:Sigourney Weaver, Alicia Ryan, Alberto Pablo Rivera
Released Date:15 Feb
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:

People’s perceptions of gorillas have shifted thanks to Dian Fossey: Secrets in the Mist. She spent years warning the world about the dangers of gorilla poachers and writing about their way of life. It’s possible that her fixation on that one thing caused her demise. After she died in a mountain cabin in Rwanda 30 years ago, National Geographic revisits Fossey’s life and legacy, from her childhood and early research in the Congo to her arrival in Rwanda and 18 years spent studying and protecting the mountain gorilla population.

4. Mila in the Multiverse (S1)

Director:Júlia Jordão
Cast:Laura Luz, Rafaela Mandelli, Malu Mader
Released Date:15 Feb
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:74%

Mila in the Multiverse is a Brazilian science fiction television series for children and adolescents. Mila, a sixteen-year-old woman, is having the time of her life as she travels through the multiverse in search of her mother, Elis, only to cross paths with The Operators. This mysterious and dangerous group wants to wipe out all universes.

3. The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story

Director:Eli Baxter, Daniel Bellomy
Cast:Eli Baxter, Daniel Bellomy
Released Date:10 Feb
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:86%

The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story is a documentary by Nelson George. Wanda Durant, a single mother of two young boys, was doing her best to instill in them a sense of purpose and drive when she was just 21 years old and living in Cheverly, Maryland. Now, thirty years later, she can cheer on her son Kevin Durant as he leads the Golden State Warriors to NBA glory and is named the league’s most valuable player time and time again.

2. The Proud Family

Director:Bruce W. Smith; Ralph Farquhar
Genre:Adventure, Coming-of-age, Comedy
Cast:Kyla Pratt, Tommy Davidson
Released Date:1 Feb
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:100%

The Proud Family premiered on Disney+ on February 23, 2022, and was created by Bruce W. Smith and Ralph Farquhar. Penny Proud is a 16-year-old girl whose family is the focus of this series as they deal with life in the year 2025. Penny’s mother, Trudy, achieves new professional heights, Penny’s father, Oscar, has wild dreams, and Penny herself faces many difficulties while her Suga Mama returns.

1. Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Director:Dave Filoni
Genre:Science fiction, Adventure fiction
Cast:Dee Bradley Baker, Michelle Ang
Released Date:1 Feb
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings:86%

The American animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch was developed by Dave Filoni for Disney+. Elite clone troopers with genetic mutations, first seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and dubbed “Clone Force 99” or “the Bad Batch,” undertake risky mercenary missions in the wake of the Clone Wars. The majority of the Bad Batch was not affected by Order 66, which transformed the rest of the clone army into brutal, mindless slaves of Emperor Palpatine.

These Disney Plus originals ruled the streaming service in February 2023. The following is a complete listing of available films and television shows.

February 1

  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
  • Dead End Express (S1)
  • The Proud Family (S2 Premiere, all episodes)
  • National Treasure: Edge of History (Episode 9)
  • Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
  • O Coro: Sucesso, Aqui Vou Eu (S1)
  • Puppy Dog Pals (Season 5, 3 episodes)
  • The Chorus: Success, Here I Go (Season 1 Premiere, all episodes)
  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Season 2, Episode 6)

February 3

  • Clan of the Meerkats
  • Life Below Zero (S19)
  • Water and Power: A California Heist

February 8

  • 7 Toughest Days (S1)
  • Arranged (S1)
  • Forged in Fire (S4)
  • Celebrity House Hunting (S1)
  • Dance Moms (S1, S2, S7)
  • Dance Moms: Miami (S1)
  • Ghost Hunters (S1, S2)
  • Forged in Fire: Knife or Death (S1, S2)
  • Hamster & Gretel (S1, 5 episodes)
  • History’s Greatest Mysteries (S1, S2)
  • The Owl House (S3, 1 episode)
  • The Proof Is Out There (S1, S2)
  • Rescue Cam (S1)
  • Storage Wars: Barry’s Best Buys (S1)
  • Ice Road Truckers (S11)
  • Man vs. Child Chef Showdown (S2)
  • Me & Mickey (Shorts) (S1, 7 episodes)
  • Storage Wars: Miami (S1)
  • Storage Wars: New York (S1, S2)
  • Storage Wars (S14)
  • Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of Black Panther
  • National Treasure: Edge of History (Episode 10)
  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S2, Episodes 7-8)

February 10

  • 42 to 1
  • The Christmas Consultant
  • Feliz Navidad
  • House of Darkness
  • Liz & Dick
  • People Presents: Once Upon a Main Street
  • The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story
  • The Santa Con
  • Tommy
  • Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart
  • Turkey Hollow
  • Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter
  • Dug Days: Carl’s Date (Short) (Premiere)
  • Marvel Studios Legends: Ant-Man, Hank & Janet, Wasp (Premiere)

February 15

  • Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog (S3)
  • Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur
  • SuperKitties
  • Dian Fossey: Secrets in the Mist (S1)
  • Mars (S1)
  • Mila in the Multiverse (S1 Premiere, all episodes)
  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S2, Episode 9)

February 17

  • Inside Airport Lost & Found
  • Making the Wish: Disney’s Newest Cruise Ship

February 22

  • To Catch a Smuggler (S4)
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai (S1, S2, S3)
  • The Low Tone Club (Premiere, all episodes)
  • Voices Rising: The Music of Wakanda Forever (Premiere, all episodes)
  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S2, Episode 10)

February 24

  • Blow Your Mind
  • Tini: The New Life of Violetta


Here’s a comprehensive schedule of when new seasons of many of your favorite shows will premiere on streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and Hulu in January 2023. While it may seem like there will be few new additions to Disney Plus in February 2023, you can rest assured that the number will grow as the month progresses. Moreover, this post will be updated daily for the next 30 days with new information and updates as a bonus.

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