Top 20 Best Time-Travel Movies of All Time, Ranked !

It is not very easy to make a great time-travel movie. Several movies, for several reasons, have attempted and failed. Of course, the logic can be a concern, but frequently a tale can rely too heavily on upon, leading to a lack of rich or memorable characters. But there are some wonderful films with a period that take unforgettable and original stories on the premises and crafts, many of which have been the test of time for so long. And we’ll provide you with a similar Outlook in this article.

In this respect, we have seen the cinema lexicon of time trips and prepared the greatest selection. Some of them are humorous, some of them nice, and some just come with a lot of fun. As with any list, this one is subjective, and one or two of your favorites will not do so, but we have done my best to explain why these 20 films, in particular, are the finest time-trip films ever created.

Here, Interstellar (2004) leads the list, bringing the sub-genre to space in a gorgeously captivating way. Then the list is followed by Back to the Future (1985) in second place and then Star Trek (2009) in third place.

Which is the best Time Travel movie of all time streaming on Amazon Prime Video?

The Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi 1995 movie Back to the Future is the best Time Travel movie that streams on Amazon Prime with 96% Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

Is there any good Time Travel movies available on Netflix?

Interstellar (2014) is the best Time Travel movie on Netflix with 8.6 IMDB score.

So, let’s round up to such Top 20 Best Time-Travel Movies of All Time!

20. 13 Going on 30

13 Going on 30 is everyone’s finest time travel movie. 13-year-old Jenna has accomplished her biggest goal when she wakes up in an apartment as a 30-year-old lady, following some enchanting dust on her head at her birthday party. Jenna has no choice except to memorize her adult clothes soon. The concept is creative and enjoyable and puts light on the beauty of the tasteful innocence and optimism of children. Overall, it is one of the best time travel movies ever made.

Released Date:2004
Director:Gary Winick
IMDB Rating:6.2
Rotten Tomatoes:65%
Cast:Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Judy Greer
Genre:Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

19. Hot Tub Time Machine

It’s not quite a cinematic film, but it doesn’t seem easy to notice that when discussing time travel movies. The film stars John Cusack as Adam, who, owing to a time machine in a resort, was brought back to 1986 with his two friends and nephew. Once there, they have to do it all night long without any change to ensure the nephew is stillborn. Although it can’t be more than light and lovely pleasure, the movie embraces its sadness and how serious a time machine movie is supposed to take?

Released Date:2010
Director:Steve Pink
IMDB Rating:6.4
Rotten Tomatoes:64%
Cast:John Cusack, Rob Corddry (The Unicorn), Craig Robinson (What We Do in the Shadows)
Genre:Comedy, Sci-Fi
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

18. Twelve Monkeys

Twelve Monkeys, another individual account, bring the universe of time travel flicks. A criminal from 2035 is only brought in the incorrect year to detect the cause of a fatal illness. He weaves his way into a mental institution but soon discovers the 12 Monkeys Army, which is believed to be responsible for the virus. The superb ensemble and inventive plot reinforce its effectiveness as a clockwork and makes it an overall best time travel movie.

Released Date:1995
Director:Terry Gilliam
IMDB Rating:6.4
Rotten Tomatoes:89%
Cast:Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, Brad Pitt
Genre:Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

17. Safety Not Guaranteed

The Safety Not Guaranteed by Colin Trevorrow mixes time travel once again with romantic comedy. In three magazine authors, Aubrey Plaza, Jake Johnson, and Karan Soni, they are engaged throughout a conversation with a man ( Mark Duplass) who has published the ads to be traveling in Time. The picture seems natural, and its investigation of the relationships between the individuals and each other makes this an interesting sight. It is one of the best time travel movies.

Released Date:2012
Director:Colin Trevorrow
IMDB Rating:7.0
Rotten Tomatoes:91%
Cast:Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

16. The Time Traveler’s Wife

This seems like a good opportunity to say that Sherlock Holmes 3 star- Rachel McAdams has gone to 4 movies (The Time Traveler’s Wife, Doctor Strange, About Time, Midnight in Paris), but never the Time! His spouse Eric Bana is imprisoned in this film, in which he unintentionally springs across Time and at several times in his fan’s life. In the film, McAdams plays the leading role. Although not everyone’s cup of tea, it should be recognized for its ambition to take this idea and work with it.

Released Date:2009
Director:Robert Schwentke (Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins)
IMDB Rating:7.1
Rotten Tomatoes:38%
Cast:Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams, Ron Livingston
Genre:Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

15. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

This isn’t the only Star Trek 80s movie on the list, but time travel in The Voyage Home plays a major part. Admiral Kirk and his crew go back into the late twentieth century to defend Earth from a mysterious extraterrestrial presence and find it is not exactly what they imagined. The Voyage Home is a terrific time touring movie and maybe one of the most successful in the Star Trek franchise, another time that refrains from taking itself too seriously and participating in many easy-hearted gags.

Released Date:1986
Director:Leonard Nimoy
IMDB Rating:7.3
Rotten Tomatoes:81%
Cast:William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley
Genre:Action, Adventure, Comedy
Currently streaming on:Amazon Prime Video

14. Looper

Rian Johnson builds in Looper a distinct universe of science fiction, the backdrop for complicated figures. Time travel has been developed but can only be purchased on the black market, and the mafia has sent people to the past 30 years. Upon arrival, a hitman named Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) waited to purify the mess. Looper may be pretty surprising and amusing, and thought-provoking considering its subject matter. We highly recommend you to follow this movie if you are an in-universe lover.

Released Date:2012
Director:Rian Johnson
IMDB Rating:7.4
Rotten Tomatoes:93%
Cast:Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt (Jungle Cruise)
Genre:Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

13. Doctor Strange

Without including everyone’s favorite wizard in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a time-traveling movie list would not be complete. Dr. Stephen Strange, an arrogant, lost neurologist who damages his hands in a horrific accident, is Benedict Cumberbatch. Strange travels to Kamar-Taj to find a manner of healing them when he realizes his final shot in regeneration is the training of the worshipped sorcerer, the Ancient Man (The French Dispatch– Tilda Swinton). Doctor Strange may not strictly be a time travel movie but surely plays a major role, particularly in the climactic clash between the hero and the evil.

Released Date:2016
Director:Scott Derrickson (Sinister 3)
IMDB Rating:7.5
Rotten Tomatoes:89%
Cast:Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Chiwetel Ejiofor
Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

12. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Never undervalue the power of a good Anime movie – The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is one of them. A student called Makoto discovers a technology that allows her to save Time physically. At first, he utilizes his new power to accomplish such things as Time- and as testing, but quickly finds that their time travel affects the people around them. Sweet and pleasant, this movie recalls who and what is most essential in life.

Released Date:2006
Director:Mamoru Hosoda
IMDB Rating:7.7
Rotten Tomatoes:83%
Cast:Riisa Naka, Mitsutaka Itakura, Takuya Ishida
Genre:Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Currently streaming on:Amazon Prime Video

11. About Time

Oh, well, there certainly is About Time on that list. About Time utilizes the notion of Time to examine the beauty and fragility of life, the romantic comedy that calms the spirit. A young guy, Domhnall Gleeson, knows that his family can travel Time, using his new donation to improve his Future. Along the way, he engages a young lady (Rachel McAdams), with whom he is in love, and travel gifts both better and worse come into play. While the movie could have its silly moments, About Time is fantastic by using the notion of time travel to give the human experience a basic and honest representation and makes it one of the best time travel movies.

Released Date:2013
Director:Richard Curtis
IMDB Rating:7.8
Rotten Tomatoes:69%
Cast:Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy, Domhnall Gleeson
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

10. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

It’s not just the finest movie in the Harry Potter franchise, but Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (we confess it) is one of the great time travel movies. Harry (Moon Knight– Daniel Radcliffe) gets intruded with a well-known criminal during his 3rd year at Hogwarts (Mank– Gary Oldman). A supernatural subject called a Time-Turner playing an important part in the result of the events enters the last act of the film. This is certainly an unavoidable time-trip movie with Alfonso Cuaron’s elegant directions, engaging tale, and beloved characters.

Released Date:2004
Director:Alfonso Cuaron
IMDB Rating:7.9
Rotten Tomatoes:90%
Cast:Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson
Genre:Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Currently streaming on:Amazon Prime Video

9. Edge of Tomorrow

In this movie, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt star about an officer who has been demoted and forced to battle without a day of training in battle. He is immediately murdered but simultaneously brings an alien down with him. However, he is in contact with the alien and faces the same day of struggle and death. He is compelled to live again and again. Following on from Groundhog Day, this movie combines time journeys with other well-known science fiction ideas and is finally a sophisticated result.

Released Date:2014
Director:Doug Liman
IMDB Rating:7.9
Rotten Tomatoes:91%
Cast:Tom Cruise (Edge of Tomorrow 2), Bill Paxton, Emily Blunt (Jungle Cruise)
Genre:Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

8. Arrival

Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival is a UFO movie that might not appear at first impression to be like a time travel film but is embedded in the opening scene. The film follows a professor of Linguistics (Amy Adams), who is instructed to try to interpret the language of the new life form on Earth. Although it might not be like a typical time travel movie, viewers are left with many thoughts long after the credits roll. But overall, it is one of the best time travel movies of all time.

Released Date:2016
Director:Denis Villeneuve
IMDB Rating:7.9
Rotten Tomatoes:94%
Cast:Amy Adams, Forest Whitaker, Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye)
Genre:Drama, Sci-Fi
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

7. The Terminator

The Terminator is culturally important not simply in terms of time travel films or even normal films but also influences pop culture as a whole. James Cameron’s The Terminator understands the allusion to the famous story of Arnold Schwarzenegger: “I will be back,” even those that have not seen it. Schwarzenegger plays the Terminator, and a cyborg was sent back in 2029 to murder the lady with the husband to safeguard the Earth from machinery. There is little question that it continues to be one of the most popular time-trip films over time.

Released Date:1984
Director:James Cameron (Alita Battle Angel 2)
IMDB Rating:8
Rotten Tomatoes:100%
Cast:Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Biehn, Linda Hamilton
Genre:Action, Sci-Fi
Currently streaming on:Amazon Prime Video

6. Donnie Darko

This 2000s movie is one of the deepest films of time travel ever created by Richard Kelly’s thought-provoking cultural masterpiece. And although it is closely entwined with the film story, it can’t be gleaned early in the picture. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Donnie Darko’s main character, who met with Frank, a big bunny rabbit. Frank assures Donnie that in 28 days, the world would end, a period in which the more strange events are happening. The primary topics of the film are intimately linked to its time journey and are an addition to this list.

Released Date:2001
Director:Richard Kelly
IMDB Rating:8
Rotten Tomatoes:86%
Cast:Jake Gyllenhaal, Mary McDonnell, Jena Malone (Goliath Season 4)
Genre:Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

5. Groundhog Day

Conceivably one of the most iconic time travel movies, Bill Murray stars in Groundhog Day as a narcissistic weatherman sent to a small town to cover Groundhog Day for an assignment. But soon, he finds himself fastened in a loop of Time, compelled to live again and again that day. For various later Time traveling films, many of which frequently take up the premise of a character that lived the same day, this film set precedents. Neither do it nor the original, however. But overall, it is one of the most immeasurable Time Travel Movies of all Time.

Released Date:1993
Director:Harold Ramis
IMDB Rating:8
Rotten Tomatoes:96%
Cast:Bill Murray, Chris Elliott (Schitt’s Creek), Andie MacDowell
Genre:Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

4. Planet of the Apes

The planet of the Apes by Franklin J. Schaffner was possibly one of the earliest movies to experiment with time trips and managed to accomplish this, even for their Time, in quite a novel fashion. The movie follows an astronaut’s team who crashed 2000 years into the Future on a lonely planet. The team quickly found that apes were the dominant species on the planet and that human beings were the primitive race. Time journeys are used to represent the intriguing reversal of the role, and it was a powerful one to start a five-film series with a reboot series several decades later.

Released Date:1968
Director:Franklin J. Schaffner
IMDB Rating:8
Rotten Tomatoes:86%
Cast:Charlton Heston, Kim Hunter, Roddy McDowall
Genre:Adventure, Sci-Fi
Currently streaming on:Amazon Prime Video

3. Star Trek

Yes, Star Trek is more. J.J. Abrams has technically raised most of the constraints by making new films in the same Star Trek world as the first film in the reboot series and eleventh in the franchise total. In other words, because of the possibilities brought up by time travel, the same characters live in a different timeline. Although the film cannot focus directly on time journeys, this element has enabled the film to hit.

Released Date:2009
Director:J.J. Abrams
IMDB Rating:8.3
Rotten Tomatoes:
Cast:Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman
Genre:Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

2. Back to the Future

From Back to the Future it is another legendary time trip. Michael J. Fox plays the teenaged Marty McFly, who unintentionally goes back in Time to 1955, disrupts the first meeting of his parents, and rapidly becomes his mother’s love interest. This 80s film is as weird and funny as the subject seems, and it’s very lovely naturalness allows it to participate in several viewings of the picture.

Released Date:1985
Director:Robert Zemeckis
IMDB Rating:8.5
Rotten Tomatoes:96%
Cast:Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson, Christopher Lloyd
Genre:Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

1. Interstellar

The Interstellar film of Christopher Nolan is a one-time journey that takes the sub gender into space and makes this so fascinating. A crew of astronauts takes place in a dystopian future and traverses the wormhole to discover a new home for human beings who strive to retain earthly survival. A fantastic ensemble (Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway) supports the picture. Though it can stretch for over three hours, its unique human investigation justifies that and makes it one of the best time travel movies of all time.

Released Date:2014
Director:Christopher Nolan
IMDB Rating:8.6
Rotten Tomatoes:72%
Cast:Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain (The 355), Anne Hathaway
Genre:Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Currently streaming on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video


The thought of a time travel thing is very interesting and has a certain mysticism that necessarily draws us in. Time Travel is a subject that intrigues us. Several Time traveling movies were produced in turn.

Like, much. Of course, we’ve produced this list of the 20 finest time trip films. Every film was chosen by IMDb rating order and based on how engaging its use of time travel is and how it improved the overall pleasure of the picture.

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