Soul Review: Pixar’s Life-After-Death Movie; Comes With A Terrific Soundtrack And Lots Of Big Ideas!

One of the best Disney American animated movies, titled Soul, is a comedy-drama directed under Pete Docter and Kemp’s direction. This 2020 featuring movie is produced by Pixar Animation Studios under the distribution of Walt Disney Pictures.
This is highly emphasized on the feels of the adult, which resonate over time.

This classic drama might not have been a commercial bang but inspires everyone to tackle life’s ideas after death.

You will encounter a school music teacher named Joe as highly passionate about his music in this story. He spent his complete life and saving to build his career. But unfortunately, when the opportunity came around him, he met his untimely demise. And put his last wish to die happily if he allowed playing with a musician who gave him a break.

In this whole process, Joe encountered a young soul characterized by Hocus Pocus 2 Star Tina Fey that brings out a hilarious roster ride.

Later they both find their way on Earth to seek what they purposed in their life.

This movie also gained an outstanding score because of its fantastic soundtracks featuring Atticus Ross, Nine Inch, and Jon Batiste. The incredible voices you will get in the characters are Black Panther Star Angela Bassett, Phylicia Rashad, Graham Norton, and The Little Mermaid Star Daveed Diggs.

The idea of this animation drama featured big and existential themes and its creative team deserves enormous appreciation for the effort.

Either way, we highly recommended this movie, Soul” especially to watch by adults and a return for Pixar after the less-satisfying “Onward.”
Parents enjoyed it, especially to watch at least once without their kids.

“Soul” premieres on Disney on 25 December 2020. Don’t forget to watch this !!

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