The 10 Best Dance TV Shows, Ranked !

Dance T.V. shows are as essential to watching dance as dance practice is to learning choreography, and these ten programs are what we consider to be the best. This list has been updated to include the best dance T.V. shows currently on the air.  There are many excellent dance-based T.V. shows and movies, but we want to narrow the popularity down to just 10.  You might agree with most on this list, or you might not be able to stand some of them. The real question here is if you had to pick between these ten, which one would you watch? The 10 Best Dance TV Shows are a bit of a misnomer, but we use them because many people will read them that way. But that’s not as catchy, and people don’t read it unless it is compelling!  The truth of the topic is that you can find dancers dancing style all over television: on reality shows, on talent competition shows, in parodies and comedy skits.

There are a lot of dances T.V. shows, but these ten are the best rating getters and most talked about – Glee, So You Think You Can Dance, Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing with the Stars, Rupaul’s Drag Race, DWTS Juniors, SYTYCD Canada, So You Think You Dance U.K. – all great shows. And they’re listed in order from ten to one chronological order.

10. America’s Best Dance Crew

Genre:Competitive dance, Interactive, Reality
Creator:Howard Schwartz, Karen Schwartz
Released Year:2008–2015
No.of Seasons:8
Production Company:Warner Horizon Television

America’s Best Dance Crew (2008) is an American dance competition that searches for the best dancers in the country. This hit show is a combination of America’s Best Dance Crew, So You Think You Can Dance (2006), and American Bandstand (1989). This show searches for urban dancers in various styles, including Lyrical Hip-Hop dancers, House dancers, Krumping dancers, Vogue dancers, Lip-Synching singers, Gymnasts, Conga dancers, Street dancers, and more. America’s Best Dance Crew is a reality television series featuring dance crews of various styles competing against each other for a chance to win $100,000. The show is a spin-off of America’s Best Dance Crew, the first spin-off of America’s Best Dance Crew franchise. It premiered on August 20, 2008, on MTV and concluded on November 10, 2008, with three seasons originally aired on MTV.

America's Best Dance Crew

9. Dance Moms

Genre:Reality Show
Creator:Collins Avenue Productions
Released Year:2011-2019
No.of Seasons:8
Production Company:Collins Avenue Entertainment

For anyone who enjoys watching reality shows, this is a show not to be missed! The 13 season of Dance Moms (2011) follows dance competition and American dancing mothers who drive their daughters and themselves to excellence. So even if you do not have a child that dances, you will find yourself drawn into the world depicted in the show. It looks like Dancing with the Stars (2005) got in touch with its party side. This reality T.V. show is a dance competition between teenage dancers and their moms. The competitive dance stars include Maddie Ziegler (a Season 4 contestant for So You Think You Can Dance (2006)) and Chloe Lukasiak, one of the girls from Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition (2013)). Both girls are incredible dancers, so dramatic teen antics should make for some great T.V.

Dance Moms

8. Bring It!

Genre:Reality television
Creator:Colleen Conway Grogan, Craig Piligian, Derek W. Wan, Eli Lehrer, Mary Donahu, Kayla Jones, Tanisha Roberts
Released Year:2014
No.of Seasons:5
Production Company:Pilgrim Studios
Distributor:A+E Networks

The 2014 season of Lifetime’s hit series, Bring It! kicked off with a bang. Hosted by hip hop choreographer and dancer Amber Rose and master class teacher Jovany Perez, the season premiere of “Bring It!” is jam-packed with over-the-top dance routines where step-by-step instructions and coaching from the Bring It! The family makes the top dancers into champions. What makes Bring It! So great? The show is chock full of all of your favorite routines from Dancing With The Stars, Skating with the Stars, and everyone’s favorite – Dancing with the Stars: Juniors! If you like to dance and you like sports, then you’re going to LOVE to Bring It! !!

7. The Greatest Dancer

Released Year:2019–2020
No.of Seasons:2
Production Company:Thames, Syco Entertainment
Distributor:BBC One

A brand new dance show for kids and families will be coming to the U.K. this May, and we can tell you that it’s about to be a huge hit! The Greatest Dancer is an eight-part series on BBC One based on the hit American T.V. show Dancing with the Stars. Just like in the U.S., each week will see celebrities paired up with some of Strictly Come Dancing’s best professional dancers. While they compete against each other for the trophy, viewers can also vote for who they think deserves to win – and the person with the most votes is announced at the end of every episode. The Greatest Dancer 2019 is based on the hit BBC 1 show of 2018 based on the hit BBC 1 program of 1998 and had George Sampson as a judge. If you missed those, that’s just fine. The Greatest Dancer  2019 is a perfect place to start watching great dancing on television.

6. World of Dance

Genre:Family, Game-Show, Reality-TV
Released Year:2017 – 2020
No.of Seasons:4
Production Company:Universal Television, Nuyorican Productions, World of Dance, Alternative

World of Dance 2019 is a dance show which was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. In the event, George Watsky would be the head Emcee, while Jenna Dewan and Ne-Yo mention a few would-be judges. The season 2 premiere of this competition reality series aired on NBC on Monday, June 24 at 8/7c with a 2-hour special episode. The World of Dance (WoD) tour is a dance competition that takes place in July 2019. We have one of our own to guide the audience by interpreting the numerous dances with thematic content to be revealed during production week. It took nine months to perfect – from conceptualization and design to rehearsals and implementation for this epic performance.

5. Flesh and Bone

Creator:Moira Walley-Beckett
Released Year:2015
No.of Seasons:1
Production Company:Pelican Ballet, Bender Brown

Flesh and Bone (2015) was envisioned and choreographed by renowned Israeli ensemble Batsheva Dance Company. A showcase of elaborate movement, the performance features several dancers who move through complicated routines in unison. It is the group’s first North American tour. Flesh and Bone is a powerful dance experience that features nine world-class contemporary dancers and is sure to inspire everyone who sees it. In May 2015, two interns at the Juilliard School in New York City decided to see the Flesh and Bone’s dance show, starring the American Ballet Theatre. They had no thought of what they were in for. The dancers have a remarkable range of movement: open toes and flexibility that will astound you. Flesh and Bone showcases work by three innovative directors, not old-school ballet productions.

Flesh and Bone

4. Dancing With The Stars

Genre:Family, Game-Show, Music
Creator:Alex Rudzinzki
Released Year:2005
No.of Seasons:30
Production Company:BBC Studios

Dancing with the Stars is a dance competition reality show airing on the ABC network every fall from September to November and is open to celebrities. The 2018 season of the show began September 18 and featured an all-athletes theme (military, Olympics, (American) football). The show pairs a celebrity with a professional dancer who must prepare for an upcoming competition. The show first aired in 2005 and remains one of the most popular shows currently running on television. Dancing With The Stars returns with the biggest celebrities, the best performances, and renowned ballroom pros as your new dance partners. Throughout the first few weeks, join us as we learn a lot more about the celebrities, their abilities, and what they are prepared for as they prepare for their first dance on Dancing With The Stars.

Dancing with the Stars

3. So You Think You Can Dance

Genre:Game-Show, Music, Reality-TV
Creator:Simon Fuller, Nigel Lythgoe
Released Year:2005
No.of Seasons:17
Production Company:19 Entertainment, Dick Clark Productions

So You Think You Can Dance is a television program that airs in the United States on the FOX network and is the American version of the British television series  So You Think You Can Dance. Produced by Dick Clark Productions,  written by Ben Almond, and hosted by  Cat Deeley  (season 1), Nigel Lythgoe (season 2–4; season 7–present), and Steve Jones (season 4; season 6-present), the show features dancers between the ages of 16–24 competing for a cash prize, with one “star” in each category (Males, Females). So You Think You Can Dance 2003 features an expert judging panel including Nigel Lythgoe (American Idol), Mary Murphy (U Can Dance), Dan Sperry (Grease: You’re the One that I Want), and Adam Shankman (Hairspray). The show captures the live energy of a dance studio’s population through its unique use of reflective wall panels behind the dancers as they perform.

2. Dance Academy

Genre:Teen drama
Creator:Samantha Strauss, Joanna Werner
Released Year:2010-2013
No.of Seasons:3
Production Company:Werner Film Productions, ACTF
Distributor:CBS Studios International

Dance Academy (2010) dancing T.V. show offers a unique opportunity to meet all-new characters and old friends. This dance show will quickly learn what real friendship is like and how it changes over time. Dance Academy (2010) dance show is about students’ lives at the school, where they attend courses and practice their favorite dance sport. Dance Academy (2010) shows became popular because of their passionate and talented dancers, excellent choreography, childlike romance, beautiful music, humor, and an interesting plot that captivates you from the first to the last minute. The show features a group of aspiring teenage dancers from the country’s leading dance studios who all compete to win a scholarship and a place in the National Academy of Dance. The most talented students are chosen to perform solos during each show.

1. The Next Step

Genre:Teen drama
Creator:Frank Van Keeken
Released Year:2013-Present
No.of Seasons:7
Production Company:Radical Sheep Productions
Distributor:Universal Kids

The Next Step is a dance show that follows the journey of a group of ‘talented, hard-working, and ambitious’ Toronto-based dancers as they try to make their mark in the world of professional dance. Launched in May 2011 and currently airing its third season, The Next Step has become an international success with 2.5 million viewers in Canada alone. The show has received favorable reviews worldwide. Many compare it to the smash-hit High School Musical franchise, a successful television series before becoming a worldwide hit as a film. Bold animation and high-energy choreography combine to make The Next Step a one-of-a-kind dance show that takes kids on the ultimate real-life journey. In each episode, the actors perform a unique routine for a song that the dancers later dance to. 


This list contains the best dance shows, T.V. shows about dancing, and competitions. These are all ranked by user votes for the best dance T.V. shows. While most of these are reality shows, some are dramatized versions of their real-life counterparts. Overall, this is a great poll to vote on if you have one dance show you love.

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