Ramadan 2022: Fasting Hours Around The World !

Muslims commemorate Ramadan fasting from the crescent moon’s first appearance to the next for 29 to 30 days. It is the holy fasting month and the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. 

When is Ramadan in 2021?

The fasting month of Ramadan 2022 is likely to begin on Saturday, April 2, and end on Monday, May 2. It lasts for 10 to 21 hours from sunrise to sunset, relying on where you live in the world. It is the month of prayer, fasting, community, and reflection. 

The annual observance of Ramadan is a celebration of Muhammad’s first revelation and is considered one of the five pillars of Islam. Muslims celebrated this month with community prayers and iftars. Eid Al Fitr is the last day of this fasting month when a grand celebration and feast is held.

Ramadan starts 10 to 12 days in advance every year. It happens because the Muslim calendar is based on the lunar “Hijri” calendar, which consists of 29 to 30 days long. The pre-dawn meal is called Suhur, and the dinner after breaking the fast is called Iftar.

The timings of daylight hours differ from one nation to another. Muslims who reside in southernmost countries will fast for approximately 11 hours, while those who live in northernmost countries will fast for more than 18 hours. 

kaaba Ramzan

In the Northern Hemisphere, the fasting hours are slightly shorter this year than in other years and will continue to lessen till 2032. In 2032, Ramadan will be observed during the winter solstice and the year’s shortest day. 

From April 20 to August 22, the sun does not set in northern cities. However, Fatwas have been released for those Muslims who reside in the midnight sun and polar night countries following Mecca, Saudi Arabia, or other Muslim countries’ rules or timetables.

Here we curated a list of the timing of fasting hours of cities worldwide. The fasting hours and timing will rely on the day and methods of calculation:

Longest Fasting Hours:

Nuuk, Greenland: 19-20 hours
Reykjavik, Iceland: 19-20 hours
Helsinki, Finland: 18-19 hours
Stockholm, Sweden: 17-18 hours
Glasgow, Scotland, UK: 17-18 hours
Oslo, Norway: 17-18 hours
Copenhagen, Denmark: 17-18 hours
Moscow, Russia: 17-18 hours
Berlin, Germany: 16-17 hours
Amsterdam, the Netherlands: 16-17 hours
Warsaw, Poland: 16-17 hours
London, UK: 16-17 hours
Paris, France: 16-17 hours
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan: 16-17 hours
Brussels, Belgium: 16-17 hours
Zurich, Switzerland:16-17 hours

Shortest Fasting Hours:

Christchurch, New Zealand: 11-12 hours
Puerto Montt, Chile:11-12 hours
Canberra, Australia:11-12 hours
Montevideo, Uruguay: 11-12 hours
Cape Town, South Africa:11-12 hours
Ciudad del Este, Paraguay: 11-12 hours
Buenos Aires, Argentina:11-12 hours
Johannesburg, South Africa:11-12 hours
Harare, Zimbabwe: 12-13 hours
Brasilia, Brazil:12-13 hours
Jakarta, Indonesia:12-13 hours
Luanda, Angola: 12-13 hours
Aden, Yemen: 13-14 hours
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:13-14 hours
Dakar, Senegal: 13-14 hours
Abuja, Nigeria: 13-14 hours
Colombo, Sri Lanka: 13-14 hours
Bangkok, Thailand: 13-14 hours
Khartoum, Sudan: 13-14 hours
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:13-14 hours
Singapore: 13-14 hours
Nairobi, Kenya: 13-14 hours

Other Cities Fasting Hours:

Bucharest, Romania: 15-16 hours
Ottawa, Canada: 15-16 hours
Sofia, Bulgaria: 15-16 hours
Rome, Italy: 15-16 hours
Madrid, Spain: 15-16 hours
Lisbon, Portugal: 15-16 hours
Athens, Greece: 15-16 hours
Beijing, China: 15-16 hours
Washington, DC, US: 15-16 hours
Pyongyang, North Korea: 15-16 hours
Ankara, Turkey: 15-16 hours
Rabat, Morocco: 14-15 hours
Tokyo, Japan: 14-15 hours
Islamabad, Pakistan: 14-15 hours
Tehran, Iran: 14-15 hours
Baghdad, Iraq: 14-15 hours
Beirut, Lebanon: 14-15 hours
Damascus, Syria: 14-15 hours
Cairo, Egypt: 14-15 hours
Jerusalem: 14-15 hours
Kuwait City, Kuwait:14-15 hours
Gaza City, Palestine:14-15 hours
New Delhi, India: 14-15 hours
Hong Kong: 14-15 hours
Dhaka, Bangladesh: 14-15 hours
Muscat, Oman: 14-15 hours
Kabul, Afghanistan: 14-15 hours
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: 14-15 hours
Doha, Qatar:14-15 hours
Dubai, UAE: 14-15 hours

What is the main purpose of Ramadan?

Muslims avoid not only food and drink but also tobacco, alcohol, sexual relations, evil feelings, and immoral behavior. Additionally, they are dedicating themselves to the Quran’s recitation and prayer. There’s a belief when Ramadan or Ramzan comes, devils are tied with chains, and hell doors are closed. On the other side, the gates of heaven are opened. Muslims believe that the worship and fasting in the month of Ramadan turn all their sins into virtues.

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