Van Der Valk Season 2 : Release Date, Cast, Plot, Other Updates About The Crime Series! Will Season 2 Happen?

Season 2 of Van Der Valk could be underway. ITV’s reboot of the Dutch drama follows the title detective and his team as they crack cases around Amsterdam. A cynical detective takes on criminal cases utilizing insightful human observation and his natural street smarts. The drama is of the crime and thriller genre based on Nicolas Freeling’s novels. The initial five series were produced for the ITV network from 1972-1992 and later remade in April 2020, starring Mac Warren in the title role again produced for ITV.

 Several films and radio have obtained their adaptation from the original series. The three-part film is executively produced by Michele Buck(Endeavour, Parade’s End, Lewis Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple, and Poirot) for Company Pictures and Louise Pedersen(Blood) for all three media international. Sabine Brian, co-producer for NL Films, and Keith Thompson(Vikings, Foyle’s War), serve as the producers.

Van Der Valk Season 2 Release Date : Will it return with season 2?

Filming of the second season in Dutch was planned for May 2020 but currently halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic delayed the majority of productions worldwide. On May 8th, actress Maimie McCoy playing Lucienne Hassell, appeared on ITV, declaring postponement of production of the series with the cast uncertain when they will return on set. According to her, filming should have started; regrettably, the delay was inevitable. Mark Warren reiterated the same during one of his interviews. However, both remain hopeful that the filming will proceed soon after the situation is under control.

Van Der Valk Season 2 Release Date

Van Der Valk Season 2 Recap :

In the first three-part series, the story follows a skeptical Dutch detective, Piet Van Der Valk, on Amsterdam’s criminal cases alongside his police officers’ team. In the first episode, you see the detective looking into the seemingly unrelated killings of two men found in separate parts of the city on the same day. In the second episode, they draw into a mystical world as they look into a young woman’s untimely death. Van der Valk and his team plunge into art, politics, mysticism, addiction, and the fashion industry.

Van Der Valk Season 2 Cast : Who will be in?

The cast in season one is likely to remain the same in the next season. Consequently, you expect Maimie McCoy (The three Musketeers) as Lucianne Hassell, the courageous and fiercely competent right-hand man. Marc Warren (Safe, Mad dogs) features as streetwise Dutch detective Van der Valk. Also starring are Luke Allen-Gale (Dominion), Darell D’Silva (Strike Back), Elliot Barnes-Worrell (Jericho), and Emma Fielding (Les Miserables).

Van Der Valk Season 2 Cast

Van Der Valk Season 2 Renewed?

Yes, season two of this mini-series is scheduled to happen. After season one obtained good viewership, the creators confirmed Van Der Valk season 2 renewal. However, filming that should have already started has delayed due to the coronavirus that paralyzed most productions worldwide. Disappointingly, fans may have to wait for a while longer for the next season as it has not kicked off yet. No official information about the premiere date for the second series is out. Be sure to stay tuned for any updates concerning season 2.

Previous episodes of season one can be watched on the ITV hub to get an insight into this epic crime drama.

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