Top 10 Cheapest Land in the World !

You have to be a potential buyer if you are looking to find cheap land. If you read about countries with the cheapest land per acre for sale globally, you observed that not only country by country, but there are varying prices of the land city by city.

The land is very costly in major cities, so many prefer to buy land for agricultural purposes. One hour from the city, much more affordable land can be found in Canada, America, and Australia. There are few countries with such opportunities. We have to say that it was not a light task to search for data on the world’s cheapest agricultural land because we had no access to such a detailed report on every country in the world. It is scarce and often untrustworthy. We won’t mention specific prices to avoid confusion.

The land price depends on several factors, so you should not consider any of the world’s ten costliest cities to buy properties. If you are studying for a low-cost place to live in the world that speaks English, you should look at the ten lowest places to live.

Is there any free property in the UK?

Yes, this is correct. You can claim an area for free in the UK within what is known as Adverse Possession. It practices a total of 12 years to perceive the land ownership in your name. But it needs only weeks to commence using the land and earning money from this.

Who owns the most utmost land in the USA?

While Gates may be the country’s most prominent farmland owner, he is the largest singular landowner by no means. In its list of 100 topmost American landowners, The Land Report gives the top spot to Liberty Media Chair John Malone, who owns 2.2 million acres of ranches and forests.

The ten countries with the lowest per-acre land available globally in the world are:

10. Ireland

Area:84,421 square km
Adjacent bodies of water:Atlantic Ocean
Largest city:Dublin
Population rank:19th
Pop. density:77.8 per square km

While land prices have recently increased in Ireland, agricultural land can still be purchased relatively low. The island’s lush, mild climate and frequent rainfall produced vegetation and earned the sobriety of the island’s Emerald. Ireland, overall, has an oceanic climate that is mild but changing at a low end.

Geopolitically, Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland (officially named Ireland), which covers five-sixths of the island, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. In 2011, Ireland had approximately 6.6 million in population, making it, after Britain, Europe’s second-most populous place. The Republic of Ireland’s 2018 GDP (nominal) amounted to EUR 382.754 billion, and in 2016 it was EUR 43 billion in Northern Ireland (nominal). GNP per capita in Ireland stood at $78,335 (nominal).

9. Australia

Area:7,692,024 square km
Adjacent bodies of water:Indian Ocean
Largest city:Sydney
Population rank:55th
Pop. density:3/square km

In Australia, cheap land can still be found, particularly if you look for unused land for a farm. Houses are costly in Australia, but they can be bought at very low prices because of the abundance of unused land. Outside big cities, you find ridiculously cheap land.

With the least productive soils, Australia is the most ancient, flatter, and driest inhabited continent. It contains central wilderness, northeastern tropical rainforests, and mountain ranges. A megadiverse land’s size gives it various landscapes and climates, with central deserts, northeast tropical rainforests, and southeasterly mountain ranges.

Australia earns its revenue from different sources such as exports from mining, telecommunications, banking, industry, and global education. Australia is an advanced country with the 13th and 10th largest per capita income jobs in the world.

8. Greece

Area:131,957 square km
Adjacent bodies of water:The Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea
Largest city:Athens
Population rank:87
Pop. density:83.27/ square km

After Greece’s economic crisis in recent years, many people are on holiday in this country, which is more than cost-effective. Greece is also one of the commonest countries in the world. This is a single parliamentary republic and developed country that is simultaneously ranked high in the Human Development Index with an advanced low-income economy and quality of life. Its economy, where it is a major regional investor, is the biggest in the Balkans.

Greece’s climate is mainly the Mediterranean, with mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. This climate is present in all shorelines, including Athens and the Cyclades. The mountainous areas of northwest Greece are the central Peloponnese mountains (Epirus, Central Greece, Thessaly, West Macedonia). Every year snowfalls occur in the mountains of northern regions and the low-lying southern areas, such as Athens.

7. Canada

Area:9,984,670 square km
Adjacent bodies of water:Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Largest city:Toronto
Population rank:39
Pop. density:3.92/ square km

In general, it seems that agricultural land is pretty affordable in Canada. There are many uninhabited parts of Canada where potential land can be found for sale. A couple of years ago, several Canadian cities gave land for free. Canada is a highly advanced country with the 17th highest nominal income globally and the 13th highest ranking in the HDI. Its advanced economy, based mainly on the abundance of natural resources and well-developed international trade networks, is the 10th largest in the world.

Living in Canada can be moderately costly whether you pay for a mortgage, rent, or utilities. Rental prices vary according to the type and location of the house.

6. The United States

Area:3,796,742 square mi
Adjacent bodies of water:The Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean
Largest city:New York City
Population rank:3
Pop. density:92.9/ square km
United State

In the US, it is possible to find very cheap land, according to Powered by Earth. For example, depending on the location, you can find land for under $1,000. In terms of international economic freedom measures, the United States ranks high in perceived corruption, quality of life, and higher education quality.

Although it has received relatively high human rights ratings, the country has been criticized for racial, fortune, income inequality, capital punishment, high incarceration rates, the shortage of health services, etc. The US is a highly developed country and ranks high in socioeconomic measures. It represents approximately one-quarter of the world GDP and, at market exchange rates, is the world’s largest GDP economy.

5. Spain

Area:505,990 square km
Adjacent bodies of water:The Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean
Largest city:Badajoz
Population rank:30
Pop. density:93.67/ square km

It seems that Spain is also the cheapest land for sale in Europe, so anyone looking for this chance should examine this subject. Continental Spain has high plateaus and mountain ranges dominating a mountain country. Spain has an average living cost of €900 a month. Rent, utility services, meals, and drinks are included. You will have to know how much daily life will cost you in your new homes if you wish to move to Spain. Naturally, this cost depends very much on where you live and your lifestyle. For instance, renting a large home and dining each evening in the Capital or other popular areas will cost you more than cheaper areas.

The average total living costs in Spain are 18.2% lower than in the United Kingdom. This is one of the key areas, as rents in Spain are 33.19% lower than in the UK on average. In the seventh ranking developed by the World Health Organization, even the Spain health care system (Spanish national health system) is deemed one of the most immeasurable globally. Healthcare for every Spanish legal citizen is public, universal, and free.

4. Portugal

Area:92,212 square km
Adjacent bodies of water:Atlantic Ocean
Largest city:Viseu District
Population rank:89
Pop. density:111/ square km

It is the oldest country in Europe and on the Iberian Peninsula. In Portugal, the land was comparatively cheap, but it is still much cheaper than in other parts of the world while it is no longer exactly free. Portugal’s average salary is €910 per month, except for self-employed persons, and the law-regulated minimum wage is €635 per month by 2020 (paid fourteen times per year).

Portugal was ranked 34th on the economic index with the 2019 Global Competitiveness Report issued by the World Economic Forum. Portugal’s Agriculture is based on family dispersed units of small to medium size. Portugal grows in reputation among expatriates with its enviable climate and affordable living costs. One of the best areas to retire, the Algarve offers a peaceful and cultural setting with Lisbon, Oporto, Coimbra, and Cascais’ international charms. Expatriates can have a very high cost of living in Western Europe except if you earn a good wage.

3. Russia

Area:17,125,191 square km
Adjacent bodies of water:Arctic Ocean
Largest city:Moscow
Population rank:9
Pop. density:8.4/ square km

There appear to be cheap grounds in Russia, too, and the country even gave free ground some years ago, though in Siberia. According to Russia Beyond, agricultural land in Russia is much cheaper than elsewhere in Europe due to low demand. Expat life in Russia is usually comfortable; even in major cities such as Moscow, expenses such as food products and public bills are rather cheap. Also, prices are even less high outside major metropolitan regions, with lower food and transport costs. The US is 3.4 times the cost of Russia. Russia is generally a fairly safe country.

The human development index has an all-embracing medical system and free university education. Russia’s economy is the 11th largest globally with nominal GDP and the sixth most important concerning PPP.

2. Paraguay

Area:406,752 square km
Adjacent bodies of water:Atlantic Ocean
Largest city:Mariscal Estigarribia
Population rank:106
Pop. density:17.96/ square km

Paraguay is a lonely country, with widespread swept swamps, forests, a wild landscape of savannas, and shrubland between Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia. You should think of Paraguay if you are looking for agricultural land, as it is also very cost-effective in this country. You can find an estate for as little as $25-$600/hectare. Most of the 7 million inhabitants of Paraguay are mestizo, and the cultures of Guarani remain very influential. More than 90% of the population speak Guarani alongside Spanish.

Paraguay is often classed “the happiest city in the world,” based on global polling data, despite its history of poverty and political repression. The estimated four-monthly family cost without rental is $1.520 (10.007.643G). The monthly cost for one individual is estimated at $432 without rent (2,844,809G). On average, living costs in Paraguay are 55.33% less than in the US.

It’s one of Latin America’s cheapest options. It is a country where ethnic Europeans live in harmony with the indigenous population.

1. Bolivia

Area:1.099 million square km
Largest city:José Miguel de Velasco
Population rank:80
Pop. density:10.5/ square km

According to the Gateway to South America, Bolivia is the country where you find the cheapest land per acre in the world because of its low development level. Residential property in Bolivia is much cheaper than most South American parts. Houses and condos with one or two bedrooms are less than $50,000 in price.

More big huts with more than one bedroom in town are sold for under $100,000. In Bolivia, a person usually earns about BOB 8,530 per month. The salary is between 2,160 BOB and 38,100 BOB (highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher). That is the monthly average wage, including housing, transportation, and other benefits. In South America, Bolivia is the poorest country in South America. Bolivia’s living costs have been increasing in the last few years but are still among South America’s cheapest countries.


When it comes to the cheapest property on sale in the World, Europe solely offers many affordable options. You can ask yourself if you are looking for a short- or long-term profit when deciding whether it is profitable to buy land? It sounds great to buy land near fast-expanding towns, but you need to think about what you hope to gain and when. Therefore, this list included the countries with the cheapest land for sale in the world.

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