Top 10 forex brokers

Forex Brokers

Firms that provide currency traders with access to a trading platform that allows them to buyand sell foreign currencies. A currency trading broker, also known as a retail forex broker, or forex broker, handles a very small portion of the volume of the overall foreign exchange market. Currency traders use these brokers to access the 24-hour currency market.top 10 forex brokers  are



A forex broker since 2001, having a practise amount $25,000 and no minimum deposit needed. optionsXpress offers live or recorded webinars by their live in-person workshops, educational team, blog collective, The Insider newsletter and as well as the XPRESSO and XPOUND newsletters.


OANDA Corporation

A forex broker since 2001, having unlimited practise amount and no deposit needed. OANDA offers demo accounts that do not expire, giving you the ability to practice trading until you are ready to go live.


Forex having the Practice account $50,000 and minimum deposit as $250. It offers many advantages.

Tradeking forex

TradeKing Forex

A forex broker since 2005, having the Practice Account $50,000 and Minimum Deposit $500. TradeKing offers a robust Frequently Asked Forex Questions and glossary. They provided an education tab on their website that explains the basics, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis, and as well as premium education available for a fee.

Tradestation group

TradeStation Group

A forex broker since 1991, having the Practice Account $25,000-$200,000 as per the wish and stimulated account.it requires the Minimum Deposit $2,000. TradeStation allows you to start with TradeStation Basics, so you can learn at your own pace. Branch out to TradeStation Labs, University, and Events, which includes media and quick tips. Events are both free and fee-based.

Fortex capital marketing

Fortex Capital Marketing

A forex broker since 1999, having the Practice Account $50,000and Minimum Deposit $2,000.Fortex Capital Marketing offers daily platform walk-throughs and strategy sessions, a library of trading and instrument guides, and a calendar of events that will teach you how to read quotes and place trades. Self-paced on-demand videos are available for a fee.



A forex broker since 1999, having the Minimum deposit $2,000. Thinkorswim is the TD Ameritrade forex platformInvestor education includes a rookie-learning curriculum with videos and courses to create your own learning path. The thinkorswim Learning Center consists of thinkMoney magazine, tutorials, videos, thinkManual, and Quiz Central.


Etrade FX

A forex broker since 1982, having the Practice Account $50,000 for 30 days and Minimum Deposit $2,000. E*trade’s FX tutorials can be found by entering “forex training” in the education resources search box. Web seminars, videos, and articles in “the basics” category were specially designed for beginners.

Place trade Financial

Having the Minimum Deposit $5,000.It is a forex broker since 2002, Place Trade Financials education centre includes widgets, tools, videos, webinars, apps, demos, and investor education courses.

Interactive brokers limited

Interactive Brokers Limited

A forex broker since 1977, having the Minimum Deposit $10,000. Interactive Brokers’ Traders’ University offers of a glossary, webinars and unmonitored discussion forums to network with other traders, widgets,  apps, cheat sheets, and user guides.


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