My Life is Murder Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything You Don’t Want To Miss!

My Life is Murder is a show that first premiered on the Network on 17th July 2019. Narrated by Lucy Lawless, the story tells the adventures of a female detective who is not only talented but manages to remain a mystery to most of her colleagues. Season 2 of the series is set in New Zealand, and it featured some of the most talented cast, including William Shatner (TekWar), Martin Henderson (Virgin River), and Michelle Ang. When Kieran calls Alexa to help solve a case, she is pretty excited, but when she starts playing cat and mouse games with the wife of the self-help mogul, Alexa is determined to put her in place. 

My Life is Murder Season 3 Release Date: When will it be out?

If you loved watching season two that premiered on ACORN TV on 30th August, you are most probably wondering whether the series has been renewed or canceled. Worry not as ACORN recently renewed the series, and a third season is expected to premiere anytime from now.

The release date remains unknown, but speculations are that the show will feature sometime in late 2022 or  2023, depending on the production team. The second season dropped with only two seasons, and the others dropped every Friday until October 25th, 2022, and the Third season may follow the same trend.

My Life is Murder Season 3 Plot: What could it be about?

The series revolves around the lives of Alexa Crowe, a private detective who solves very riveting and astounding crimes daily. Alexa is a woman full of talents as she is not only talented in what she does but also blunt, quite empathetic, not a perfect stirrer but still wraps all this up with a sense of humor to die for.

Little is known of Alexa apart from the fact that she is a widow, something which sees her get termed aa as a “mystery”, When Detective Kieran Hussey, one of Alexa’s aa long-time allies reaches out for her help on some of his “hard” cases, Alexa plays reluctant but see inside she is dying with excitement. With the sarcastic and ground data analyst joining the team, Alexa is close to unstoppable.

My Life is Murder Season 3 Cast: Who will appear?

Lucy Lawless as Alexa is like the backbone of the crime series, and now that the series is renewed for a third ten-episode season, she will be back to reprise her role as Alexa Crowe, the detective. Ebony Vagulans will be back as Madison, the data analyst, Bernard Curry as Detective Kieran, Rawiri Jobe as Harry, Alex Andreas as George, and Joe Naufahu as Reuben. Other casts include Dilruk Jayasinha as Dr. Suresh, Kate McCartney as Dawn, Martin Henderson as Will, Todd River as Captain Thunderbolt, and Zeppelin as Chowder.

My Life is Murder Season 3 Trailer: When will it be out?

A third seasons trailer of the show is yet to be released as it is only recently that ACRON Tv renewed the how for the third season. A speculated released date is expected to premiere in late 2022; therefore, it may be quite some time still we get a trailer or a teaser of the show.

Have you watched all the previous season? If you have not watched the first and second seasons and would love to, ACRON Tv is the official streaming Channel. Look out for future updates concerning the show.

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