Walker: Independence Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Other Updates!

The Walker universe on CW is looking to become distended with Walker: Independence, an origin story from the Mother ship series’ executive producer Jared Padalecki (Walker), creator and showrunner Anna Fricke and executive producers Seamus Fahey, Lindsey Liberatore and Dan Lin.

The executive producer, who is also an actor, is known for producing hit shows such as the television series Gilmore Girls as well as the films New York minute and House of Wax. The experienced 39-year-old who grew up in Texas gives us a taste of the West in this series. Men and women riding horses and chariots with revolver pistols on their waist and shotguns can pop up at any moment.

Walker: independence Season 1 Release Date: When will it air?

The movie was ordered straight to series in 2020, with Jared Padalecki playing the titular role. It first appeared on screens on January 21, 2021. In 2021 February, the series was renewed for another second season which premiered on October 28, 2021. In 2022 March, the series was renewed for a third season.

A prequel series, Walker: Independence, entered development and production in 2021 December, with a pilot being ordered in 2022 February and picked up the series in 2022 May. A premiere date is yet to be announced for walker’s independence. However, it is confirmed that the series will debut on the CW in September.

Walker: Independence Season 1 Plot: What is it about?

For cinephiles who love when things are taken back in time to the early centuries before the 2000s, the movie is a set in the late 1800s, an origin story of The CW’s current hit series “Walker,” WALKER INDEPENDENCE follows Abby Walker (Katherine McNamara (The Stand), “Arrow”), an affluent and tough-minded Bostonian whose spouse is murdered before her eyes while on their journey out West. Abby crosses paths with Hoyt Rawlings on her quest for revenge, a lovable rogue on a hunt for purpose.

Abby and Hoyt’s journey takes them to a town called independence, Texas, where they run into diverse, eclectic residents escaping from their own troubled pasts and chasing their dreams and keeping their own secrets, including Kate Carver (Katie Findlay, “The Carrie Diaries”), a distinctive burlesque dancer with perhaps so much keen interest in Abby’s origins, and Kai (Lawrence Kao, “Wu Assassins”), a soulful Chinese settler who runs a local restaurant and laundry and offers Abby friendship without agenda. Our newfound family will grapple with the changing world around them while becoming agents of changing themselves in an urban area where nothing is what it seems.

Walker: independence Season 1 Cast: Who can be in it?

Cast in the lead is Katherine Mcnamara as Abby Walker. The actress is best known for her work on shadow hunters and her turn as Mia Smoak in Arrowverse. Other faces to expect are Katie Findlay as Kate, Matt Barr (Blood and Treasure) as Hoyt Rawlins, and Brandon Slender as Liam. Other names that will frequent your ears are Calian, Kai, Tom Davidson, Augustus and Lucia Montero.

Expect nothing but the best delivered from the talented casts. Walker Independence is from CBS Studios with a teleplay written by Seamus Kevin Fahey from a storyline co-written by him and Anna Fricke. Both serve as chief executive producers along with Jared Padalecki, Dan Lin and Lindsey Liberatore of Rideback and Laura Terry.

Walker: independence season 1 Trailer: Is there any trailer out?

The best news currently is that the trailer is already out. The CW network uploaded a 3-minute 54 seconds run-time trailer. Giving peeks of what happens in the show. You can sample the trailer through YouTube or CW’s official website.

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