Cursed Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And All Other Details You Need To Know About This Exciting TV Series!

Cursed is a fantasy drama series that is aired on Netflix. The TV show is based on the book titled Cursed. The authors of the book, Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler happen to be the producers of this series. For those enthused about the Arthurian myth will love this series. Just like the synoptic gospel, there have been several accounts of the Arthurian legend. Movies like Merlin and Camelot gave us their own account. 

Cursed retells the classic Arthurian legend of England, but this time it was narrated through the eyes of Nimue. Cursed centers on Nimue, as portrayed by Katherine Langford. She played as Hannah Baker in the just concluded Netflix teen drama series, 13th Reasons Why. Cursed takes us through the journey of Nimue, a witch from the tribe of the fey. In the series, she seeks to fulfill her mum’s dying wish of reuniting Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgard) with the mysterious sword of power. In her quest, she encountered challenges posed by a group of religious fanatics called the Red Paladins. King Uther gave them the green light to hunt and kill the people of the Fey. This was because of their hatred for Magic.

Did viewers approve the series?

Even though the series can not be placed on the same pedestal with the likes of The Last Kingdom and Game of Thrones, Cursed remains one of the best shows on Netflix. It was rated 5.8 by IMDb and 67% by Rotten Tomatoes and was the third most-watched TV show on Netflix in July.

Cursed Season 2 Release Date: When can we watch the season?

Both Netflix and the producers are yet to issue a statement in regards to the renewal of the series. This as a result of the pandemic, which may have disrupted production. Looking at present conditions, fans should expect the release of season 2 next summer or the beginning of 2022.

Cursed Season 2 Release Date

Cursed Season 2 Cast: Who will return for the upcoming season?

There is a lot to look forward to in the Cursed season 2, only if Netflix decides to renew the show. In the last episode of Season 1, We saw how Iris shot Nimue with an arrow, which sent her tumbling into the river. However, that will not be the end of Nimue. Our thought line is not based on her main character status, but it is believed it might be fate playing its tricks on her. Fans should also watch out for the romance brewing between Prince Arthur, Lancelot, and Nimue.

Lastly, the battle for who will replace Father Carden as the head of the Red Paladin should be interesting to watch.

We may see familiar faces in the upcoming season, which will include the main protagonist, Katherine Langford who portrayed the role of Nimue. We will get to see Merlin, the role which was graced by Gustaf Skarsgard, popular for his role as Floki in the Vikings. Also, Devon Terrelle, as Prince Arthur, will not be missing out on the action. We should not forget Daniel Sharman as The Weeping Monk. One person who is certain not to return in season 2 is Father Carden (Peter Mullan) after Nimue killed him in the climax of season 1.

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