Top 10 Best Piano Online Learning Apps !

Music allows us to identify the crucial points of our life, bring feelings and experiences to mind, and form the base of who we are. Many people worldwide can play the piano, but their musical education starts and finishes with piano lessons they have obtained as children. Stern instructor memories, the reading of sheet music, lessons on posture, and a long period in theory and scales are also a joy to understand. Even if the lectures are sufficiently long, the functional part of philosophy will take several years to understand (not always, but often).

The majority of applications provide piano learning to people, who have played for years, a way to understand the piano using a computer, mobile, or Cell phone. It’s not perfect for everyone, but this trick is to find something that shows you the right way to learn the piano (or some other instrument).

1. Is piano hard to learn?

You cannot learn the piano if you have no previous musical experience. Still, continuous practice makes you imagine you master reading music’s basic values a little longer at the beginning.

2. Is it possible to learn piano online?

Absolutely. While no question having a good traditional teacher will benefit, you can educate yourself, with or without the traditional Piano / Keyboard Teacher’s participation, to play the piano/keyboard very efficiently with online piano tutorials and online learning applications.

So we have built a list that compares the most popular online piano lesson applications to allow you to find out which platform might be the best for you.

10. Skoove

Free lessons available:Yes
Song selection:It’s a great balance of trendy and classic songs
Free trial:Yes, one week with CC
Highest plan:$19.99/month
Lowest plan:$89.99 per year or $7.49 per month
Power feature:Songs you recognize and love

The Skoove software is useful to help beginners master a whole range of piano skills. Skoove is the new online piano-learning challenger. The lessons from Skoove are appropriate for players at all levels of expertise. Using your laptop, tablet (iOS only), microphone, or MIDI cord, you will learn your device. By early 2021 this Android app will be released. But you will also get the same experience if you have a laptop.

As a bonus, you cannot play the piano unless you have a piano or keyboard, but you can practice with the keyboard keys on your phone. After a series of classes, Skoove gives you the chance to perform with a band. They show the music first. Then you do it. You’re performing for the team then. This easy progression removes the suspense of unexpectedly having to adjust to the maximum pace of an album. Any online pianist is going to enjoy something by using this application.

9. Simply Piano

Free lessons available:Yes
Song selection:A mix of latest and classic
Free trial:Yes, one week with CC
Highest plan:$59.99 per 3 months or $19.99 per month
Lowest plan:$119.99 per year or $9.99 per month
Power feature:Singer Duet is a nice highlight to help players work on timing, but it takes a bit of getting used to.

Simply piano is the way you learn to play the piano. It is a pretty strong piano course online. It is available as an application with everything you need to practice piano for iOS and Android users. The purpose is to either listen to the notes you play or attach directly to the system via the microphone’s MIDI cable.

The MIDI cable is the safest choice for most consumers or someone serious about using the software since the microphone can be struck or missed to locate the note. You get to the Singer Duet role after you’ve taken the lessons. This function is excellent to allow you to use backing tracks to perform with other musicians. It would be jarring to play at full pace for complete beginners unexpectedly by using this application.

8. Flowkey

Free lessons available:Yes
Song selection:1,500 + tunes ranging from pop hits to classical
Free trial:Yes, one week with CC
Highest plan:$19.99/month
Lowest plan:$119.99 per year or $9.99 per month
Power feature:Lets you discover a lot of features in free mode

Flowkey provides piano lessons online at all ages, from fundamental to professional. It doesn’t begin most appealingly as far as instruction is concerned. Beginners must sit down and play a couple of brief video lessons. It’s not the worst option, but it can be more thrilling than other online options.

When you have the first lecture, it is a foundational introduction to C and Ode’s core to Joy. You will use either the microphone or a MIDI cable with FlowKey to use your iOS and Androids. Flowkey also allows you to play at the various levels of skills, and they encourage you to try the first lesson in four different grades, so people can see just where they are as a piano player.

7. Yousician

Free lessons available:Yes
Song selection:A huge range, from classical to the latest, and everything in between
Free trial:Yes, one week with CC
Highest plan:$39.99/month
Lowest plan:$199.99 per year or $16.99 per month
Power feature:Workouts

Yousician is one of the most popular applications for learning music. They also launched a very persistent campaign targeted at anyone searching for music tutorials on YouTube. You’ve already seen them if you googled for online piano lessons. Many people start with it because of the advertising and then find themselves searching for an alternate Yousician as they know it’s not quite what they want.

Yousician’s drawback is that it’s far so much of a video for an app that’s meant to show you how to play the piano online. It also seems like it is based on Guitar, as it teaches you to “hit notes” through the classes. It takes a little more time to take what you learn to play the piano and convert it into real play. That’s ok, but the additional measures might turn off beginners.

6. Piano Academy

Free lessons available:Yes
Song selection:A mix of popular tunes and classical music. None available on the free plan
Free trial:Yes, one week with the purchase of a monthly plan
Highest plan:$10.99/week
Lowest plan:$27.99/month
Power feature:It’s very engaging for kids

Since 2018, the Piano Academy delivers a good app to bring people to online piano lessons. It covers all of your bases, beginning with Middle C and moving from here while practicing the piano. You can both work using a real piano or use a keyboard on the computer as you practice. The keyboard is ideal for those looking to see if the piano is right for them. However, it’s certainly an app for children.

The laughter and some of the observations can be noticed very easily by adults, which may ruin the learning experience. Unlike other apps, it begins with known but un-contemporary tracks. You can start with famous songs like Twinkle Twinkle and If you’re happy and know. These are traditional songs for beginners, but they can be more contemporary to help users get more into the app.

5. Online Pianist

Free lessons available:Yes, with ads
Song selection:Everything from famous hits to cartoon theme songs
Free trial:Yes, one week with CC
Highest plan:$39.96 per 3 months or $9.99 per month
Lowest plan:$59.88 per year or $4.99 per month
Power feature:A great collection of songs to learn — once you know how to play

Online Pianist has a great variety of music, from popular artists like Taylor Swift to anime songs to pick from. Nice is that you have the same list of your favorite songs on the free level as on paying plans. It offers a dashboard to show you how to control tempo settings. It allows you to break down the song by hand, first to remember what the left-hand does, then the right hand, and finally merge it. It works, but again, you can’t do anything until you know how to play. Online Pianist’s not so much a piano app for online piano as a means of learning online music.

Online Pianist proposes a website that offers training that you can use until you know how the fundamentals can be played. That being said, this is a nice learning app. It can be found on iOS, Android, and a monitor with a microphone. The main pickup? Online Pianist has more of a “play along” feature than real piano lessons online.

4. Playground Sessions

Free lessons available:No
Song selection:Flows the gamut from Christian gospel to rock music
Free trial:Yes, 30 day trial with CC
Highest plan:$39.96 per 3 months or $9.99 per month
Lowest plan:$59.88 per year or $4.99 per month
Power feature:Lessons taught with a popular instructor

A free 30-day trial with a credit card is available at Playground Sessions. This helps you to browse closely before committing yourself. The session is a powerhouse for a piano app created by iconic music producer Quincy Jones that offers lessons by prominent pianists such as Harry Connick Jr. You can try it on your device and an iPad, like most platforms.

Most Playground lessons are provided by David Sides, a tutor who walks through a piano lesson before doing something for himself. Compared to other alternatives that depend on the application itself to get your content, Video lessons are also a nice touch. In contrast, 84 lessons are included in the beginner section, which sometimes becomes frustrating.

3. Hoffman Academy

Free lessons available:Yes
Song selection:Mostly geared towards Kids, with songs like Hot Cross Buns and Mary Had a Little Lamb
Free trial:No, but the free plan is very generous
Lowest plan:$179/year or $18/month
Power feature:Great for children with a lot of free material

The Hoffmann method employs a multi-sensory approach that uses children’s innate curiosity and allows children to connect to music and learn to play digitally. This piano teaching system, which is more than just memorization, offers full online instruction in music. It also incorporates technical principles and philosophy of music when the children are ready, not when the teacher says that arpeggios must be learning.

Hoffman Academy is a perfect forum for those who want to connect with people. You will communicate with Hoffman Academy as you progress through the classes, not only because Mr. Hoffman teaches the video material. However, the songs you teach are the same collection of popular or traditional songs you would get from your schools. You can’t excite adults, and they’re perfect for children.

2. Perfect Piano

Free lessons available:Yes
Song selection:Mostly geared towards children, Students, performers, and music teachers
Free trial:Yes
Highest Plan:Free
Lowest plan:Free
Power feature:Smart piano keyboard, Classical to Pop, Real-time multiplayer connection!

This program is very user-friendly and has several specialized software that you can use for iOS 7.1 and above on any device. It gives you a very immersive experience with a range of sound effects like Grand Piano, Synthesizer, and Organ Pipe. It reveals the whole keyboard length, allowing you to change the key according to your comfort. Also, options are available for which mode you choose to play, such as two-player, double row, and single row.

It’s a rich content app, though. You can also store and download the playback for offline listening and playback. There are also nine sounds on the keys, like audio and MIDI Metronome. The app’s best feature is its precision and touch control that makes practicing songs the most complex.

1. Magic Piano By Smule

Free lessons available:Yes
Song selection:1000+ songs like Let It Go – Disney’s Frozen, All of Me – John Legend, On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons
Free trial:Yes
Highest Plan:Free
Lowest plan:Free
Power feature:New hits added daily – 1000+ hits across genres, Adjustable difficulty level, Rhythm and tempo control – recreate the music!

The Smule Magic Piano app provides an enjoyable way for a newbie to study piano, but it might not be suitable for a skilled player. The player’s user interface follows light beams that generate sound. Many options can be played, from old classical numbers to the new pop chart hits. Its music list can be revised every day, and your songs can also be created and distributed across the web. By selecting various levels of difficulty, you can test yourself. It’s not only that, and it’s a game mode that helps you to unlock medals and awards to get more songs and prizes. You can enjoy all of your current tracks and get the best of this enjoyable music app on every instrument.


Most people are moving directly to YouTube to learn a new experience. It’s an incredible online resource, to be fair. It cannot be easy, though, to find a successful piano training sequence. Even the quest for piano lessons on YouTube results in endless tutorials, tips, and tricks to fit all players’ levels from piano teachers of all kinds. And well-known players will find the strange lesson. YouTube teaches a lot to look, observe, pause, rewind and see, and pauses again and try to sort out what happened just now. But when it comes to practice, piano applications are the easiest to pursue your passion.

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