Encanto: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything That You Want To Know About It!

The 60th movie from the Walt Disney Studios is set for production and subsequent release. The movie is going to be produced by Clark Spenser while Jared Bush and Byron Howard would direct it. Both directors worked on the animated hit movie Zootopia. The movie will comprise many songs artists such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, making the film a movie musical. 

The movie Encanto, which was first introduced in 2016, will be Disney’s original animated feature after a long hiatus; the last original animated movie from Disney is Moana, released in 2016. The movie also has the honor of being the first movie based on Latino origins.

Encanto Release Date: When will it air?

Previously we could only confirm that the movie will premiere during fall next year. However, a definite release date for the movie has now been confirmed. The movie will premiere on November 24, 2021. Before the movie’s release date, it is hoped that more sneak peeks into the movie’s plot will be released.

Encanto Cast: Who will be in?

Disney has kept information about the movie’s cast close to their chests; voice cast members have not yet been announced. It is hoped that as time passes by the information will be released.

It is hoped that Disney will release the voice actors in the coming movie very soon.

Encanto Plot: What is going to happen?

Although there is no information on the movie’s possible plot, the teaser trailer released gives a little idea of what can be expected in the movie. In the trailer, we see the emergence of a butterfly, and it’s a movement towards the door of a magical building, also as the trailer ends, we see a flurry of butterflies as the scene transition to the movie’s title. This shows that a general theme butterflies will be predominant in the movie, also we can be sure to get a view of great magical experience. Even the movie official information states that the movie follows a young girl in her magical family. The magical family are called the Madrigals, who reside in the mounts of a Colombian forest called Encanto. The Encanto has endowed all children in the town with special gifts. However, a girl from home seems to have been left out; her name is Mirabel. The movie tells her story.

Encanto Trailer: When can we watch it?

A teaser trailer for the movie has been released by Disney, you can get to see the trailer here: 

What are your expectations for the movie? A must watch?

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