Singer Cher To Campaign For Biden In Arizona!

There are less than two weeks left for the democratic presidential elections. The award-winning singer-actress Cher will head to Arizona this weekend to support nominee Joe Biden.

Cher never feels shy to share her political opinion and has been continuously tweeting about the future election, always encouraging fans to vote. She supported Biden in a virtual fundraiser event for the LGBTQ-themed campaign in August by raising approximately $2 million.

She also shared a tweet yesterday regarding her travel to Nevada and Arizona.

As per a report from Biden’s campaign, Cher will visit Las Vegas on October 24 before traveling to Phoenix on Sunday, October 25. The report does not clarify where Cher will go to Phoenix. She isn’t the only star who will visit Arizona on behalf of Joe Biden; Lizzo will also join her in this campaign.

Cher vented his anger at President Donald Trump during the interview about how he misused the coronavirus situation and his statements during that period. She also praised Joe Biden in the same interview with her statement. 

“I like Joe. I’ve known Joe for a long, long, long time. I had a meeting once with him, and I thought, ‘You know what? This is an honest man.’ It was way before he was with Barack Obama,”

Several famous personalities have supported Joe Biden for the upcoming election and encourage their followers to vote.

On Saturday, October 24, filmmaker Kerry Washington and her husband, the former NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha will urge Arizonans to vote early in Maricopa County. 

Recently, Trans star Shakina Nayfack expressed her views on the 2020 election. She asked her fans to support Biden.

Demi Lovato also targets US President Donald Trump with her new political anthem “Commander in Chief. ” She encouraged people to vote by her posts on social media platforms.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez come in support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

On October 8, Biden and his vice president Kamala Harris delivered a financial statement on Phoenix’s campaign trail.

Let’s see who will become the new president of the US on November 3.


Sophia Wadke
Sophia Wadke
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