Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Endorse Joe Biden For President: ‘We’re Excited to Vote.’

Recently we heard Shakina Nayfack expressing her views on the elections 2020. She asked people to support Biden as he is a better person, and Donald Trump is against the LGBTQ community. Latterly The Rock Johnson comes in the support of Jeo Biden and Kamala Harris in the coming US presidential election. Demi Lovato dropped a bombshell on US President Donald Trump with her new political anthem “Commander in Chief“. Now Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have expressed their views on the topic, and they are clearly supporting Joe Biden. During a video chat on 16th October, 51-year-old star Jennifer Lopez and her fiance Alex Rodriguez discussed a very crucial topic with Joe Bidden (77) and his wife Jill (69).

What did Alex Rodriguez say?

Alex was very open, and he stated that he and Jennifer are very excited to vote. Rodriguez presented his views, and aptly he said that their voices have never been more important. Rodriguez noted that all of Americans need to come together to fight against COVID-19 and restore the United States’ economy. Alex pointed out that these elections should be about humanity and not party affiliation. Rodriguez expressed his concern for his three daughters, he doesn’t want anything to stop her three little girls from thinking big, and one day, they could be the president of the United States of America.

What did Jennifer Lopez say?

Lopez showed her concern for Latinos! What matters most for Jennifer is the unity among people; she stated that the last thing she wants is her kids to be walking around the streets where being prejudiced or racist is okay. We agree that it indeed is a very saddening thought. She added that it is not the American she grew up in. Lopez showed her passion for the Latino community, highlighting the fact that they are hit hardest by COVID-19. She raised the question of which Trump has not been able to give a satisfactory answer. She wanted to know the plan to contain the virus and bring the people back on track.

Joe Bidden’s Replies:

Bidden addressed Alex’s point, and he agreed with him; he added that his daughters could be president! Bidden threw some light on his approach over the past few months, stating that he is not really a democratic president. Biden spoke some inspiring words, and how he feels the need to restore the American Dream, there is nothing beyond a person’s capacity!

Biden also answered Jennifer’s questions and supported his answers with facts. Biden made sure that he was not exaggerating and all that he stated were pure facts; every one in three Latino businesses is gone, which is very saddening in itself. There are almost 3 million unemployed Latinos and 200,000 on the frontlines of essential workers who are risking their health right now!

Joe Biden didn’t miss the chance to attack Trump. Joe emphasized the fact that the president has said that he is not gonna be negotiating anymore! Even though the House passed an enormous bill of $2 trillion, Trump is doing nothing! Biden agreed to the fact that the schools are closed in Latino communities and the dangerous reality that right now, a Latino is three times more likely to be affected by the virus than a white person.   

Together, they explained to people that they need to understand the situation and cast their vote cleverly. Rodriguez requested Latinos to go to the ballot and vote for the right person this year.

Sophia Wadke
Sophia Wadke
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