The Winds of Winter: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And All Updates That You Need To Know!

When we say that Game of Thrones’ ending was not what we were hoping for, most of you will agree. After the Game of Thrones, fans are again back to waiting for The Winds of Winter. They expect the book to be of better quality than the final season of Game of Thrones, and undoubtedly readers will be looking for some answers. Fans are waiting for the day when A Song of Ice and Fire would be complete as the bookshelf space is still empty for The Winds of Winter. The fans are indeed crazy about this series, but we got to admit that they are patient. So let’s tell you when you will get the book you are waiting for.

The Winds of Winter Release date :

It has been almost nine years since the release of A Dance With The Dragons, and the RR Martin is continuously pushing back the release date of the book. Even though the readers know that he has been swamped, they cannot wait anymore. RR Martin is taking his time, and he clearly doesn’t want to repeat that he doesn’t want to repeat what happened with the concluding season of Game Of Thrones. However, we are much sure that he is gonna write his mind. So will you believe us when we tell you that there is a position impact of COVID-19? While the pandemic slowed down everything, it indeed gave time to Martin to close himself in his cabin and peacefully complete the book.

What does RR Martin have to say?

RR Martin promised to deliver the book by 29th July. Everyone highly anticipating this book, and in 2019 an airline offered the guy a free ticket to their country so that Martin can peacefully finish the book. However, Martin rejected the offer, and his tone was of confidence; he stated in his blog that the book would be completed before The Worldcon 2020 in New Zealand. Martin also permitted to imprison him in a little cabin on White Island if he deviates from his words. So the date for the event was 29th July, and that is gone, but the pandemic saved him, and before anyone could lock him up, he did it himself! Now we are expecting it to release only in 2021. or if we get extremely lucky (doubtful) somewhere around Christmas or New Year. 

The Winds of Winter RR Martin

The Winds of WinterWhy is it unlikely to delay even further?

It doesn’t matter to the fans how long he is taking to write the book; what matters is that he is writing. We are confident that RR Martin will not budge anymore before finishing the book. We are saying this because we have two reasons for that! On 23rd June, Martin posted on his blog that he has spent long hours on The Winds of Winter. He gave a sense of relief and excitement to fans as he said that he just finished a chapter and another chapter three days ago! He informed the fans that he has maintained the momentum and do not want it to be interrupted. 

Another reason why he must finish the book is the upcoming prequel to Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones: The House of The Dragon will spotlight the house Targaryen (a house which Daenerys belongs to). So if he wants to work on the upcoming series, he must finish the book first. He stated that he would not be handling any script until The Winds of Winter is delivered to the readers.

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