‘Connecting’ Trans Star Shakina Nayfack Calls Out NBC For Trump Town Hall!

Shakina Nayfack does not back down! Shakina has been speaking many big words lately, following the news of NBC hosting Donald Trump Town Hall. She had also been the reason for the positive reviews that NBC enjoyed, but the same person is now criticizing NBC. Initially, a presidential debate was set up to discuss various things, but Donald Trump contracted the COVID-19 virus. Biden proposed the idea of a virtual conference, but due to an unknown reason, Trump refused! Then came the news about Biden’s town hall on ABC, and following that, NBC announced town hall for Trump, competing Biden’s town hall at the exact same time. 

Shakina Nayfack: What’s She Saying?

Shakina took to Twitter and told everyone about the shameful act of the NBC. According to Shakina, NBC doesn’t care about anything other than TRP. Shakina revealed that she is okay with getting late payments. Still, she is really disgusted that her home network gives Donald Trump a bigotry platform, fear-mongering, and disinformation. She stated that NBC should not praise itself for providing an opportunity to trans as NBC is also giving the platform to the person who violates her rights! She boldly exclaimed that elections are nearby, and this time should be about the comparison and exchange of policies and ideas, not about ratings. The reason why she is mentioning ratings is that Trump’s meeting started precisely at the time when Joe Bidden’s meeting was scheduled. 

Trump Is A Threat To The American LGBTQ+ Community- Shakina Nayfack:

Shakina also told us that these are not her personal feelings. She put forth a point that totally adds up to the argument. Shakina stated that the network had used her and other cast members to show that the network is very diverse and then invited bigotry, disinformation, and xenophobia. She added that the clash of Trump’s and Bidden’s town hall timings proves that NBC just want ratings and dollars. Nayfack said that her life and future are on the line, and the results of this election will affect her future a lot. The Trump administration is a danger for LGBTQ+ Americans as they have made it very clear with their actions that they will give a hard time to trans people. Public life, education, health care, and sports will be hard to get for trans people. The connecting Star not only thrashed NBC but also talked about the shameful act of ABC! 

Townhall Highlights!

It indeed became a competition of ratings between Biden and Trump, but they did have some dramatic moments and some insights into the 2020 campaign. It was clearly visible that Biden was handling the town hall atmosphere much better than Trump as he was not struggling, and his answers were thoughtful (sometimes they were overly wonky). Donald Trump was clearly frustrated. He was talking angrily to the moderator, Savannah Guthrie; his frustration was clearly visible; you tell us, was it something new, or this is Trump’s Normal behavior? Trump once again denied any knowledge about the QAnon (the internet conspiracy theory). Guthrie was prepared for everything; she did her homework and pointed out every incorrect claim by Trump. When Guthrie questioned about the DACA, Trump was clearly struggling and trying to dodge the question. He was once again unclear on Coronavirus testing, he tried to make statements by himself, but Guthrie pointed out everything that was not study proven. 

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