Kanye West Registers As Write-In Presidential Candidate And Releases Campaign Ad In Which Voters Explain Their Support For His Campaign!

The American rapper, Kanye West, announced that he would be running for the US president to contribute to America’s better future. However, fundraising for his campaign was a failure, and he spent millions of dollars from his own pocket on the campaigning. Grammy winner rapper only raised $14,255 (as of 30th September) for his campaign! That is already a big backdrop for him as Trump and Biden are raising hundreds of millions of dollars every month! In addition to the lack of money, there was a lack of proper planning and implementation. West will appear only in 11 states on the ballot, making it mathematically impossible for him to win these elections. Morning Consult surveyed to find out how many people support Kanye West, and according to stats, only 2% of 2000 voters are supporting West. Even though this small percentage is a big thing as it is still blurred why West is running for the president, some people are even saying that he randomly decided it. Even though he is now a registered write-in candidate, they cannot let any random person be the president.

Kanye West Campaign Ad: why are people supporting him?

Kanye West dropped the second campaign video on 20th October; the video feature voters explaining why they are supporting West and why they want him to be the president rather than Donald Trump or Joe Biden. One of the voters stated that Kanye West is best for American citizenry currently. Another voter said that Joe and Trump could not understand the citizens, and only West can listen to the problems of young people and kids.  

A Connecticut voter named David stated that when he thinks about the upcoming president, he thinks about someone who can help people, create job opportunities, and care about families; he added that Kanye has already done all that!

Some favor Kanye because they believe that he has the qualities of a strong and good leader and has faith in God, which can help take care of the US’s familial structure. When Kanye dropped the unexpected news, many thought it was just a publicity stunt, while others commented that he is going through a bipolar episode. Many celebrities also questioned Kanye’s decision while some stood by him and supported his journey.

Kanye West: Trump supporter?

There is no way that Kanye West can win these elections. Still, people who want the electoral system to change are voting for him. However, some people want to bring about change, but they are not gonna vote for him as they say he is running just to snatch votes from Joe Biden and make it easy for Trump to win. Not to mention, Kanye is facing a lot of heat right now from the citizens; some are saying that a vote for Kanye is a vote for Trump! Kanye’s run for the presidency has also been termed as an Obvious plan by many. People believe that it is a pact between Trump and West to pull the black voters from Biden. If that is so, it is shameful to think that people will vote for him solely based on race. 

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