Top 10 Saddest Movies On Netflix !

You may need a good cry—and the right film option to take you there. We have driven you with an all-inclusive list of tear-sweaters that suit multiple moods regardless of whether you are looking for joyful cries, sad cries, expected tears, or unexpected tears. But not every cry is the same, so what kind of sunstone you’re searching for must be restricted precisely. So while we will strike you with tearjerkers – those movies in which the puppy dies or a lover catches cancer, or basically, nothing happy ever takes place – we’ll still go down a little further. We’ll have the opportunity to get a little bit more and think certain films, owing to the uncertainty, are all the sadder. Here are Netflix’s saddest movies that can now be streamed. All you need is a set of tissues to wipe out your tears.

Which is the saddest love movie on Netflix?

Remember Me. Summit Screening Room

Which is the saddest movie on Disney plus


Which is the top saddest movie on Amazon Prime?

  • Terms Of Endearment (1983) 
  • Manchester By The Sea (2016) 
  • My Girl (1991) 

So without further ado, let’s move on to the top ten saddest movies streaming on Netflix! 

10. Pieces of a Woman (2021)

Director:Kornel Mundruczo
Producer:Kevin Turen, Ashley Levinson
Released Date:December 30, 2020
Distributed By:Netflix
Starring:Vanessa Kirby, Shia LaBeouf, Molly Parker(Lost in Space)

This film was based upon child loss experiences by director Kornél Mundruczó and writer Kata Wéber, both in a personal and influential manner. The film features Vanessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf, who will see how they can go after their baby did not survive infancy. 

In this tragic series, Crown Vanessa Kirby stars a woman whose life changed forever when her child died shortly after birth. Parts of a Woman examines a painful real loss past, exploring the relational dynamics of mourning, marriage, and guilt. The surrealistic split of Charlie Kaufman Odyssey bears on about every kind of loss you can imagine: recollection, wellbeing, life, generation. It’s the best mood example and makes one want to go without a goal on a long trip.

9. I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020)

Director:Charlie Kaufman
Producer:Anthony Bregman, Charlie Kaufman
Released Date:September 4, 2020
Distributed By:Netflix
Starring:Jesse Plemons(Jungle Cruise), Jessie Buckley(Fargo)

This film is supposedly a break-up tale, but it is quite straightforward rather than a chaotic plot. It’s directed by Charlie Kaufman, who wrote its story too. This movie is all about a young woman contemplating dropping her seven-week relationship with her boyfriend Jake while on an excursion to meet his parents at their farm. 

During the drive, Jake attempts to recite a poem he read when he was younger, Ode: Intimations of Immortality, and pressures the young woman into reciting one of her poems to pass the time. It’s all a tragic and perplexing story that received positive reviews from critics, who praised the two lead performances and the cinematography.

8. Marriage Story (2019)

Director:Noah Baumbach
Producer:David Heyman, Noah Baumbach
Released Date:November 6, 2019 
Distributed By:Netflix
Starring:Scarlett Johansson(Black Widow), Adam Driver, Laura Dern(F is For Family)

The film makes you care for everyone, from sweet moments to blowout battles. The movie starts with a few notes from your psychiatrist about “what I love about my wife,” as love fails. In an epic Greek way, it’s not tragic. It’s true. It’s real. And then it is so goddamn tragic. The star-studded drama of Noah Baumbach’s divorce is pure Oscar bait, albeit at best. The film explores messy break-ups with Scarlett Johansson playing Nicole, an actress and mother whose goal is to split her from Charlie, her husband, as a stage director (Adam Driver). 

Laura Dern and Ray Liotta perform their hard-hitting attorneys that do not help spread conflicts and hatred around the country between Nicole and her son. The mental wreck of a Divorce and the battle to get back a family together is an intimate glance and brought on by Driver and Johansson’s brilliant performances. Laura Dern has won the best-supporting actress Oscar at the 92nd Academy Awards for her role as a predatory divorce lawyer in Marriage Story.

7. Irreplaceable You (2018)

Director:Stephanie Laing
Producer:Farah Abushwesha, Christie Colliopoulos
Released Date:February 16, 2018
Distributed By:Netflix
Starring:Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Michiel Huisman

Another triste romantic story of Abbie and Sam has been considered a dream fit from childhood through their commitment. The whole story revolves around the duo. However, it affects the course of the future if Abbie is diagnosed with cancer. 

Now, she finds out whether she should plan her wife’s future or whether she should do her hardest to survive now. Abbie and Sam knee profoundly in the plan of their wedding. But Abbie’s cancer diagnosis changes her attention to making sure that all is OK if she doesn’t recover.

6. Roma (2018)

Director:Alfonso Cuaron
Producer:Gabriela Rodriguez, Alfonso Cuaron
Released Date:21 November 2018
Distributed By:Netflix
Starring:Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira

This film by Alfonso Cuarón details the life of an Indian woman who, through domestic and political strife, serves as a live maid for a middle-class family for over a year. Suddenly, the story changes when Antonio ran away with his mistress and Cleo found out she was pregnant. She goes to Sofía on a trip to clarify her mind with the children.

Alfonso Cuaron’s winning Oscar-winning writer/director delivers his most up-to-date script. The awesome shot of black and white is an ode to the childhood of Cuaron and a love note to his raising women. 

The film interweaves tales of a personal loss with victory in a political upheaval setting and unease during a domestic worker’s voyage in Mexico City by its name Cleo. Netflix’s “Roma” won Oscars for cinematography and directing and was named best foreign film. It was also the second black-and-white film to win for cinematography after black-and-white and color movies were blended into the same category. 

5. The Perks of Being a Wallflower 

Director:Stephen Chbosky
Producer:Lianne Halfon, Russell Smith
Released Date:September 21, 2012
Distributed By:Summit Entertainment
Starring:Logan Lerman(Hunter), Emma Watson, Ezra Miller(Justice League)

Coming-of-age stories are often full of major feelings, and The Perks of Wallflower hides them all and the truths of adolescent loneliness from the blush of first love. It was based on Stephen Chbosky’s hit book, which will direct the upcoming adaptation of Dear Evan Hansen, which covers similar themes.

In this adaptation of Stephen Chbosky’s most challenging book, the richest actress Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, and Ezra Miller are featuring stars. Perks distills anguish, trauma, and arrows of unfair love in a tale that honors misfits while fighting. It has pointed to David Bowie’s “Heroes” even quite poignantly.

In the movie, Logan Lerman plays Charlie, and Emma Watson plays Sam, the girl of alt pixie dreams that he desires. All of this is fine, but it’s Patrick’s Ezra Miller who sticks out.

4. Moonlight

Director:Barry Jenkins
Producer:Adele Romanski, Dede Gardner
Released Date:October 21, 2016
Distributed By:A24
Starring:Trevante Rhodes, Andre Holland(Castle Rock)

This best-winning film tells about life, in three segments, of a man named Chiron who checks him at three points in his life. In this way, you can see how the pain, violence, and bullying he is experiencing in his adult life impacts him. Moonlight falls much heavier than The Florida Project for puberty and maturity, but the project’s context is close. It resists becoming depressed. 

The outcome is a real and often truly tragic result. The Moonlight of Barry Jenkins still is remembered after a combination which originally called La La Land as the winner for having won the Academy of the Best Picture Award. But this is just the story of an important new-age boy who has spent three ages growing up in Miami. He’s struggling to get something further out of the sexuality he experiences while seeking advice from his drug-addict mother (Naomie Harris). This film is lyrical and has been justified in acknowledging his talented cast, including Mahershala Ali’s Best Supporting Actor award as a compassionate pharmacist.

3. About Time (2013)

Director:Richard Curtis
Producer:Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner
Released Date:4 September 2013
Distributed By:Universal Pictures
Starring:Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams(Sherlock Holmes 3)

This movie is all about a young person finding the men inside his family who can fly back in time. Here the romance meets science fiction in About time. Tim, the protagonist, uses his strength to pursue love and achievement but discovers how difficult it is not to solve anything in his power. 

Time is a sweet type of sadness with an end that gives rise to tears and new life appreciation. About time is in the same sense as tissue grabbing. The film utilizes elements of science fiction to produce dazzling melancholy. Time is the kind of sweet truth with an end that creates tears and an appreciation of new life. The film makes genius sadness from elements of science fiction.

2. All the Bright Places (2020)

Director:Brett Haley
Producer:Paula Mazur, Mitchell Kaplan
Released Date:February 28, 2020
Distributed By:Netflix
Starring:Elle Fanning(The Great Season 2), Justice Smith

Another tearjerker about young people who find love through their sufferings is All The Bright Places’ overall story. Elle Fanning and Justice Smith star in a drama co-written by Jennifer Niven, who also wrote the book that is the basis of the film. Based on Jennifer Niven’s bestselling novel, all the Bright Places seem like a romantic tale for teenagers. But when Elle Fanning and Justice Smith, both lead characters, get better acquainted with each other, they share secrets about dealing with mental illness.

Theodore Finch and Violet(fictional characters) love each other, and their world is reversed by their chance. But it’s not all that sweet as it looks. For both of them, things change when they begin a new life for adults. Friends of Violet are warning about Finch’s dating, known as an “uncheckable freak,” but they don’t trust reports before Finch’s witnesses lose power. Although Violet tries to continue to help Finch, the relationship ends in a tragic situation.

1. Les Misérables (2012)

Director:Tom Hooper
Producer:Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner
Released Date:25 December 2012
Distributed By:Universal Pictures
Starring:Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway

This movie is adapted from the Broadway smash to the backdrop of the French June Rebellion of 1832 and how events impact a crossroads community in Paris. For this film, Anne Hathaway earned her Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for a solo song that undoubtedly tore many viewers. Earlier, director Tom Hooper brought us an appalling theatrical performance of pathos, which focuses on the revolutionary France period and led another stage-to-screen film adaptation. 

The ensemble of this Star Vehicle, which has taken three Oscars, is led by Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, and Eddie Redmayne and tells the dramatic tale that the Fancyine (Hathaway), a who is a harlot who is giving up her baby, and the dogged policeman, Jean Valjean (Jackman). Their lives interact with each other in interesting ways over the years but be prepared to split your soul with the work of Hathaway.


So, after getting into the list, we find that here mentioned some sentimental films that have been deeply burnt and eventually destroyed characters. Some warn us of the fragility of the human body that never remains. Others show much to us about the dark days of history, emphasizing extreme times of struggle and bravery. And so those movies remind us how the human spirit is fundamentally immune to all of those factors.

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