Marvel looks to be making Wolverine Return with Hugh Jackman!

There is good news to all Marvel lovers’ fans that rumored news has been viral all over the media that there might be Wolverine Return in which Feige featured Hugh Jackman as the new Wolverine. As you saw in the 2013 Wolverine movie, Wolverine’s character was so antisocial and not loved by many people, but many viewers appreciate his acting skills.

Another main reason to feature Jackman as a Wolverine character is that his hairs and beard look so perfect for this role and his excellent sense of humor enhanced the texture. However, the big reason for the switching of Carl  Urban (who was the first Wolverine) by Jackman is its studios’ switching.

The new Studio wants to work with the new characters. Hugh’s legendary acting in his past movies was quite enough to get a flow of his fans.

Everyone knows that Wolverine is the most popular character of the X-Men series and in all American comics. Its position is a second number after Batman’s popularity among the Marvel series.

Now, as reported by the Giant Freakin Robot, Marvel is planning for a Wolverine vs. Hulk movie in which they want to cast Mark Ruffalo and Hugh Jackman in the Hulk and Wolverine character, respectively. According to the speculation, Kelvin Feige wants Hugh Jackman again in the MCU for the last time.

Recently Daniel Richtman has posted a screenshot in which some sort of marble production sheet has been depicted, and the offer to Hugh Jackman is highlighted on his Twitter account.

He claimed to have such tremendous actors like Hugh Jackman for his other multiverse stories involving Spider-Man 3, Doctor Strange 2, Loki, and Wanda’s vision.

So you might get to watch your favorite Hugh Jackman as in Wolverine’s character with the Avengers. As stated by Mark Ruffalo, he confessed that last week, Kevin talked about some new ideas of Hulk vs. Wolverine stories from him. That’s why there is a high chance of getting someplace for such actions in the Marvel universe.

Along with that, Sebastian Stan and Chris Hemsworth confessed that Jackman has to be returned in Wolverine’s role in the Marvel universe. So it will be so thrilling to watch the upcoming Wolverine Return that might come back again with your tremendous favorites, characters, actors with unique storylines in the Marvel Universe.

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