“Crash Landing On You” featuring Stars Seo Ji Hye And Kim Jung Hyun Reportedly Dating !

Featuring Stars Seo Ji Hye and Kim Jung Hyun, “Crash Landing On You” denied their relationship’s rumors. They were citing rumors that arose following the Sports Chosun news outlet, which reported that two had developed a romantic relationship following their participation in the highly respected series of dramatics on Thursday. 

Familiarisation with the two actors has reportedly shown to Sports Chosun that Jung Hyun has fallen into Ji Hye’s smartness, while Ji Hye is down to the enthusiasm of Jung Hyun.

However, a source from the Ji Hye agency denied the rumors, who said the actress “dated Kim Jung Hyun not.” “We are confused,” it added. In the meantime, a source from a Kim Jung Hyun agency echoes the sentiments of the other party, saying that the two have “just a close relationship as senior and young person after working together” with “Crash Landing On You.”

Ji Hye plays Seo Dan, a North-Korean woman who has been reserved for Jung Hyun, Seung Joon, an artist from South Korea who takes on the name of “CLOY.” Jung Hyun recently also took part in the latest “Dinner Mate” drama of Ji Hye. The rumors and fans expressed their excitement on Twitter as “CLOY” became a trendy topic. In particular, in January, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, leading playwrights, confirmed they dated.

One fan said Ji Hye and Jung Hyun could gladly get their chance in real life, although their characters didn’t finish together. Others loved the four CLOY actors and told them that the drama series created two couples in real life.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin admitted to their relations in January, “CLOY” main leaders almost one year after the last episode of the drama broadcast in February 2020. The report with celebrity site Dispatch has been published by South Korean news agencies saying that the joint stars date most of their homes for a year.

In 2016, when they play in “Jealousy Incarnate,” the actors started their relationship. In 2019, they came together in “CLOY,” where they supposedly became lovers. Many fans were happy because, in real life, they ended up happy. Their characters ended tragically in the drama after Junghyun’s Koo Seung-jun was shot and died, saving Seo Ji-Hye Dan’s character.

The actors’ management replied to the dating rumor, according to the SBS Korea news website. “With ‘Crash Landing on You’ filming together, it is true that both stars are close, but they are not true in a relationship,” read the statements.

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