Warner Bros Next DC Superhero Movies ‘Hourman’ Heading To The Big Screen !

Hourman was made and debuted in Adventure Comics #48 in March 1940 by the creator’s Ken Fitch and Bernard Baily. Some people in the DC Universe have carried their identity, but Rex Tyler’s original version.

Tyler, a pharmacist, creates a substance that provides him with an hour’s durability and strength. He joined the American Justice Society, and the iconic “Crisis on Infinite Earth” took his son Stargirl Season 2 character- Rick Tyler (made up of Roy Tomas, Dann Thomas & Todd McFarlane).

The news of a new DC Comics movie adaptation surfaced as Zack Snyder’s Justice League hits releasing this week. It is reported by the deadline that Warner Bros. and DC are developing an Hourman movie for the big screen.

Chernin Entertainment is prepared to produce the project and mark the Hourman into the genre of the superhero. Chernin is best known for co-manufacturing the successful reboot of Ford v Ferrari’s Planet Of The Apes and, more recently, Oscars Best Picture nominee.

Gavin James and Neil Widener have written the script. At the same time, James or Widener have not previously written any major projects and not having any cinematography experience. For Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables, James was an additional crew member. On the other hand, Widener has several projects, including Now You See Me three and the Rock star car San Andreas 2. On the other hand, there is Hourman.

Like many superheroes, Hourman’s mantle has been given by several characters. The first is the Miraclo medicinal product Rex Tyler. The mantle was adopted by his son, Rick. The personality explored mature subjects such as addiction since both Rex and Rick addicted themselves for a certain time to Miraclo.

In the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ by Patrick J. Adams, Hourman made his live-action premiere. The ‘Stargirl’ live-action series also included other versions of the character. The character version that will follow the film is unknown, and no casting announced so far. The Film Magazine has classified all the films in the DCEU in advance of the new release. Besides, see how we classify the filmography of Zack Snyder.

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