SNL’ comedian Pete Davidson To Star As legendary punk musician ‘Joey Ramone’ In Netflix Biopic ‘I Slept With Joey Ramone’!

The comedian “Saturday Night Live” will be starring in “I Slept with Joey Ramone,” an episode that tells The Ramone’s life, the Punk genre icon before he died in 2001. Netflix announced the film on the 20th anniversary of Ramone’s death in a media communiqué Thursday.

Joey Ramone died in New York-Presbyterian Hospital at the age of 49, a month before turning 50, following a seven-year lymphoma fight. When he died, he would have listened to the song ‘In a Little While’ from U2. In 2014 in a Radio 538 interview, U2 choralist Bono confirmed that Joey Ramone’s family told him that before he died, Ramone heard this song that was also confirmed by Andy Shernoff (The Dictators).

According to Adam Fogelson, chairman of STX Films, Pete Davidson “is ideal for this role,” and Mickey Leigh’s memoir “is an equally big rock anthem.” The famous Punk musician will be played in a Netflix biopic by Pete Davidson. The cast member of the Saturday night live “I Slept With Joey Ramone” is to re-team with its director of Big Time Adolescence, Jason Orley, who also led Davidson’s booth special. It is a partnership with the streamer, which the companies previously collaborated with YA Work.

The Mikkey Leigh memoir, with a feature treatment of Davidson and Orley, is based on “I Slept With Joey Ramone.” The Ramones’ leading vocalist’s life and career and his ascent into an anti-culture status will be described. With the help and support of the Joey Ramone Estate, the film will be produced. With Davidson, Leigh, and David Spiegelmann, Rory Rosegarten of Rosengarten Films will produce executively.

“You know that person better than anyone else when you share a bed – and not just a bed, but children, families, and lives,” Fogelson said. “Not only did Mickey Leigh cooperate with the band of his big brother, but he also had insightful memories of Joey Ramone, who had supported him if none else could have witnessed him overcoming adversity as dramatically as possible.” I Don’t know why they never played us, and the director of the program would say, ‘If you sounded like the Doobie Brothers, we would’ve played.’ We’d have to play Philadelphia and watch the radio station. All sounds like The Ramones now, ironically.”

We’re excited that Pete and Jason will bring this rock icon to life and are delighted to work once more with our friends at Netflix.” The movie will not be Pete’s first entry into a Netflix rock biopic, as he also had a smaller role in the 2019 Motley Crue biopic The Dirt by Elektra Records Executive Tom Zutaut. You can check out Netflix’s April 2021 projects to watch the incredible new content.

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