Top 10 Largest States in U.S. By Area !

The climate of the United States is diverse, as reflected in the landscape of the country. Alaska and Texas are not surprisingly the largest states by Area, although Alaska is significant at 268,596 mi2 at 665,384 mi2 compared with Texas. Moreover, California is the most crowded state by population. Alaska consists of 85.76% of the land, and water covers 94,743% of the land (the highest in the U.S.). But Texas’s far drier south state is only 7,365 mi2 of water. Other countries with arid climates have similar characteristics: the highest cost of living state New Mexico and Arizona consist almost entirely of water (99.76% and 99.65%, respectively).

1. Is California or Texas Bigger?

Texas is about 1.7 times larger than California.

2. Which are the 3 Smallest States in the U.S. by Land?

  • Rhode Island
  • Delaware
  • Connecticut

So without further ado, let’s move on to the top ten largest States in the USA by Area! 

10. Wyoming

Total Area (mi²):97,813
Land Area (mi²):570,641
Water Area (mi²):94,743
Density (p/mi²):1
2021 Population:581,075

The Great Plains, the Intermontane Basins, and the Rocky Mountains are Wyoming’s major spatial regions. Routine land is considered around 85 percent of the State. In the northeast, the Black Hills are a small area. The Wyoming Basin is an ecoregion surrounded by several Rocky Mountains sub-branches, spreading across the country’s west and central portions. The accumulation of rainwater is legalized. The Wyoming countryside’s dramatic peaks and steep valleys are its highlights that contribute around 97,813 mi of Area in the U.S.

Wyoming Landscape

9. Oregon

Total Area (mi²):98,379
Land Area (mi²):97,093
Water Area (mi²):720
Density (p/mi²):6
2021 Population:4,289,440

Oregon has Wallowa and the Blue Mountains of the Pacific in the north-eastern corner. The Umatilla and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests are located within the region. This state has the largest area but has the cities with the worst traffic. The Cascade Range overlooks the eastern third of Oregon. The mountain chain extends from British Columbia to Northern California and through Washington State and Oregon in State. The mountains are an impressive part of the American mountains. 

Portland, Oregon

8. Colorado

Total Area (mi²):104,094
Land Area (mi²):103,642
Water Area (mi²):452
Density (p/mi²):57
2021 Population:5,893,630

Colorado is a country in the Western Mountain Region of the United States. It covers most of the Southern Rocky Mountains and the northeast and west side of the Grand Plains, the Colorado Plateau. The Southern Rocky Mountains are a major sub-branch in the Mountains. Colorado’s highest peak in the United States is Mount Elbert at 4,401 m (14,440 ft), after Whitney in California, the second-highest peak in the United States. Colorado’s capital Denver is the most populated city and one of the healthiest cities in the United States. Eastern Colorado is mainly farmland and rangeland, along with miniature farming villages and towns. Corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, and oats are all typical crops. 


7. Nevada

Total Area (mi²):110,572
Land Area (mi²):109,781
Water Area (mi²):791
Density (p/mi²):29
2021 Population:3,185,790

Nevada is a state in the westernmost part of the United States. It is a little larger than the U.K. on an area of 286,380 sq. kilometers. Nevada is near twice the size of New York as other U.S. states, but Texas would nearly 2.5 times for Nevada. The Great Basin Desert in the Great Basin dominates Nevada’s landscape. It is the biggest of the United States’ four major deserts and approximates twice the United Kingdom’s size. Occasionally, moisture from the Arizona Monsoon will cause summer thunderstorms; Pacific storms may blanket the snow area. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

6. Arizona

Total Area (mi²):113,990
Land Area (mi²):113,594
Water Area (mi²):396
Density (p/mi²):66
2021 Population:7,520,100

It is often considered to be part of the mountain countries as well. Arizona is famous in the southern half for its desert scenery. In the State’s polar part, the Colorado Plateau consists primarily of high deserts and scattered forest areas. The Painted Desert and National Park of Petrified Forest are part of the plateau. There are 24 National Park Service maintained sites in Arizona, including the three national parks of Grand Canyon National Park, Saguaro National Park, and the Petrified Forest National Park.

Arizona Waterfall

5. New Mexico

Total Area (mi²):121,590
Land Area (mi²):121,298
Water Area (mi²):292
Density (p/mi²):17
2021 Population:2,105,000

In the South of the U.S., the State of New Mexico is situated. Wheeler Peak, located at 13,167 ft in New Mexico, is the only six meters of height near Mount Walter, which is why the two tops are often mistaken. The Sangre de Cristo Range, the most southern of the Rocky Mountains, is made up of both mountains. To protect local fauna and flora, Wheeler Peak has been set up. The main rivers are the Grande River, the largest river in New Mexico, and the third-longest in the United States. It flows 1490km through the eastern part of New Mexico, near Santa Fe. Land of Enchantment is New Mexico’s nickname.

New Mexico

4. Montana

Total Area (mi²):147,040
Land Area (mi²):145,546
Water Area (mi²):1,494
Density (p/mi²):7
2021 Population:1,085,000

In America’s Western Mountain, the State of Montana is situated. There are several mountain ranges in Montana’s western part, whereas, in the eastern part, west meadows and badlands are smaller. Numerous mountain ranges exist in the western third of Montana and the earth’s coldest place, Roger Pass is situated in Montana state. Granite Peak at 3,904 m, situated in the south center near the Wyoming border, is the highest elevation in the State. It is the source of North America’s largest river, the Missouri River, near the Brower Spring at 3,767 km. 

Glacier Park Lodge, Montana

3. California

Total Area (mi²):163,696
Land Area (mi²):155,779
Water Area (mi²):7,914
Density (p/mi²):254
2021 Population:39,613,500

On the west coast, the most liberal state California is situated in the United States. California is the United States’ third largest State and 135 times bigger than Rhode Island compared to other U.S. countries. California has the second deepest lake in the U.S. and North America’s largest alpine lake at an altitude of 1,900 meters and the Sierra Nevada, 640 km (400 m) mountain chain running northeast to south, and Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake (above sea level). 

Los Angeles, California

2. Texas

Total Area (mi²):268,596
Land Area (mi²):261,232
Water Area (mi²):7,365
Density (p/mi²):114
2021 Population:29,730,300

Texas is the largest State in the neighboring United States and covers 696,241 km2 (268,596 sq mi). Although Texas is usually associated with the U.S. southwestern deserts, less than ten percent of Texas’s land area is desert. Texas would fit Alaska two and a half times over compared with another U.S. state. In the east of the Rocky Mountains, the Great The Caprock Escarpment is the fault line dividing the Lower West and Texas’s High Plains. 


1. Alaska

Total Area (mi²):665,384
Land Area (mi²):570,641
Water Area (mi²):94,743
Density (p/mi²):1
2021 Population:724,357

Alaska covers an area of 665,384 mi2, which is slightly larger than Texas (268,596 mi2). This Area comprises 570,641 mi2 area by land & 570,641 mi by water. Alabama is 6-fold larger than the richest state New Jersey compared to the other U.S. States, but it would be approximately 5-fold for Texas. Almost 70 percent of the landscape of Alabama is forest-covered. The Alabama province of the Coastal Plain is (about 60%). It is the third-least populated territory.


So, these are all about the Top 10 Largest States by Area in the U.S. If you need to take a glimpse on the Area of all 50 states of the U.S., then have a look below:

StateTotal Area(mi^2)
Alaska 665,384
New Mexico121,590
South Dakota77,116
Norrh Dakota70,698
New York54,555
North Carolina53,819
South Carolina32,020
West Virginia24,230
New Hampshire9,349
New Jersey8,723
Rhode Island1,545

So, if you are still curious to find the smallest states’ data in the U.S., then here you can go!

  • 10. West Virginia
  • 9. Maryland
  • 8. Hawaii
  • 7. Massachusetts
  • 6. Vermont
  • 5. New Hampshire
  • 4. New Jersey
  • 3. Connecticut
  • 2. Delaware
  • 1. Rhode Island

5 Smallest States in the U.S. by Area

5. New Hampshire

Area(Sq. Miles):9,349
Area(% of US):0.25

New Hampshire has approximately 13 km of the shortest of all American coasts. In the White Mountains, several summits rise above 1,500 m (5,000 ft.). The state mountain landscape is highlighted by the White Mountains Range, known for its winter sports areas. The National Forest of the White Mountains links the Appalachian Trail with Vermont and Maine. The highest peak in New Hampshire, Mt. Washington, and the U.S. North-East at 1,916.6 m are located in white mountains and contribute .25% of the entire U.S.

White Mountains, New Hampshire

4. New Jersey

Area(Sq. Miles):8,723
Area(% of US):0.23

North Jersey, Central Jersey, and South Jersey are frequently split into three regions of New Jersey. It has ranked 11th in the U.S. population list even though it’s relatively small. It is situated in the northeast Boston-Washington Corridor center, between north and NYC and Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., in the United States. It is the densest populated State in the United States. The Delaware River that marks the Pennsylvanian frontier and the Hudson River that forms the border is the most important rivières of New Jersey.

New Jersey

3. Connecticut

Area(Sq. Miles):5,543
Area(% of US):0.15

Connecticut is the southernmost country in the New England region of the United States. New England Upland (or Northwest Highlands) dominates the west of Connecticut, and eastern New England Upland dominates the east (or the Eastern Highlands). The Connecticut River and the Valley floodplains separate these mountain areas from the north to the south. The plains are about 10 km to 25 kilometers wide along the state coast and are a narrow strip of land.


2. Delaware

Area(Sq. Miles):2,489
Area(% of US):0.07

It occupies an area of 6,446 km2. It is 154 km (95.5 mi) in length measured north-south and only 14.5 km (9 miles) in width at its smallest point. It would fit nearly five times in the Belgium area. There are only three provinces in the State – New Castle, Kent, and Sussex (from north to south). It is mostly boringly flat on the north end of the Atlantic Coastal Plain and has the lowest medium height of any State in the world.


1. Rhode Island

Area(Sq. Miles):1,545
Area(% of US):0.04

Rhode Island is in New England in the United States. Compared to the town of Phoenix, it’s only about twice the size. The total surface area of Rhode is 3999 square kilometers (1,544 square miles, of which a third is water (1,314 square kilometers). These characteristics may be the reason for Ocean State’s official surname, and ‘Little Rhody’ is the other. Rhode Island would fit New Jersey seven times and Texas 222 times compared to other U.S. states.

Crawford Street Bridge, Providence Rhode Island


So, this is all about a quick overview of the United States of America’s ten largest states by Area. The usual suspects in the top weren’t too surprising like Alaska and Texas don’t surprise us in the list. We hope to look at these states in the coming years and see how urbanization can fluctuate their position.

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