Mafia Ties: London: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And All Updates You Need To Know!

Most of the crime series has been released to explain how London is the cradle for many of the world’s leading gangs. Most of the Italia gangs consider London as a good location for their gang-related business to thrive. Money laundering, drug trafficking, and sex trade are just an example of the illegal activities gangs engage in. Being paid to kill is one activity that brings them so much thrill and money, as portrayed in movies and series. Gangs Of London, one of the crime series, tries to portray the prominent power struggle in this group( the mafias). Just from the name, Mafia Ties is a series whose plot revolves around the characters’ connections with the gang. The series is based on Fiona Davenport’s books on Mafia Ties. The series is a sequel of Mafia Ties, released in 2018, all based on the same Mafia series books with the same author.

Mafia Ties: London Release Date: When will it be broadcasted?

Has the series been canceled or renewed? The series status is a grey area as nobody knows the official state of the series at the moment. The first season of Mafia Ties: London was supposed to premiere in 2020. Once the show gets renewed for the second season, the information will be released on all the relevant channels. Since fans’ ratings and reviews go a long way in the renewal of the series, we could speculate if it will be coming back or not. The series has not yet been rated; hence knowing the status of its renewal is not easy. We could only hope that it will be greenlit for the series.

Mafia Ties: London Storyline: What is it all about?

The crime show is a story of a retired gang member coming back to prove to his rivals that he is not an old dog whose teeth ceased to work. Antonio Via’lini Vercelli, The Godfather of the most powerful gang empires in the US, retires after serving the gang for a very long time. He is forced to retire when he realizes that he is soon dying as he is diagnosed with cancer. Spending his last day in secrecy and peace is cut short when an old rival initiates a war and he has to show the rival one last time that he is one of the most Honorable gang Men of Omerta.

Mafia Ties: London Cast: Who will appear?

Information on the cast to features in this series has not yet been communicated. Since John Wilson has directed both the movies, we would expect some of the casts in “Mafia Ties” featuring in this new series. Delaney Hathaway, Chris Ketler Georgo, Steve Hudson, Boris Graves, Jevonne Reese, Karen Cark Green, Vini Costanzo, Richard Siegelman, Dori Lucas, Paul Martin, Lyndaa Rusell, Micheal B. Katz, Marc Hockl, John Messina, and Freddy Moyano.

Mafia Ties: London Trailer: When will it be out?

The trailer of this TV series is yet to be released. The Mafia Ties (2018) has its trailers on YouTube and fans should check it out. Crime or gang series similar to The Mafia ties are also widespread throughout the favorite streaming apps. Everybody who loves Davenport’s work would love some of the adaptations of her works that have been transformed into series. Gangs of London, Godfather Of Harlem, McMafia and Sopranos are among gang genre lovers’ favorite variables.

Till then, you can watch Gangs of London trailer here:

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