Saturday Night Live’: Kate McKinnon Return with the Weekend Update as Ballot Truther ‘Rudy Giuliani’!

After some past stressful days, Kate McKinnon stopped by at Saturday Night Live to make us laugh. We gotta admit, the energy she displayed was splendid; she plays Mr. Rudy Giuliani better than Mr. Rudy Giuliani himself! McKinnon’s Giuliani appeared on the Weekend update to reveal the fake ballot boxes that helped Joe Biden and how they’re gonna handle it.

It started with some jabs at Giuliani’s press conference held in the Four Seasons Landscaping company’s parking lot. McKinnon’s Giuliani asked Jost if he saw the press conference held at the Four Seasons. Jost immediately got back at her and noted that it was actually at a landscaping company!

McKinnon’s Giuliani stated that he’d got many plans to fight the election results in the court. Before putting Joe Biden in the category of frauds, McKinnon’s Giuliani indicated that he is just coming from 30 Rocks.

Out of tons of strategies, the first one is to throw out the bogus mail-in ballots as these ballots could be from Mars! Nope, it’s not a joke McKinnon came up with, “ballots coming from Mars”- these words came out of Giuliani himself on Wednesday.

It’s absurd, but let’s hear how they will find out if the ballots are from Mars. McKinnon’s Giuliani stated that they are gonna look at the names. If it is named Meep Thorp Xandar and Mars is the address, that ballot will be thrown out! Yeah, that will work!

The absurdity did not stop there; things got funnier when tortillas came in! McKinnon’s Giuliani added that some ballots could be tortillas, and the way to test that is to eat that simply. If the butt blows, it’s a tortilla!

Jost asked McKinnon’s Giuliani about what will be their legal action to prove their assumption. To that, McKinnon’s Giuliani replied, a recount in Michigan, de-count in Wisconsin, and finally, they’re gonna demand to count personally.

McKinnon didn’t hold back, SNL never leaves a political issue, and the 2020 presidential elections were too big to miss out. We have been seeing hosts and mimicry artists attacking politicians for a long time now. Recently Michael Che commented on the whole Trump and Biden Townhall conflict. Amidst all this, Daydreamers were happy that they got to see Adele on SNL.

McKinnon’s mimicry was terrific, and the hand impressions she did were just fantastic. McKinnon’s Giuliani added that they are suing all the states. When asked about for what, she threw words like Manslaughter and child support. McKinnon’s Giuliani did not stop there and went on to accuse pollsters. She added that Joe Biden bribed Pollsters to lie to Americans.

Jost finally asked McKinnon’s Giuliani about what he will do if all their plans fail. To answer that question, McKinnon’s Giuliani explained that he would return to the city “that made him!” “Hey, New York, Daddy’s home,” he stated.

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