Nicki Minaj First Solo Female Rapper To Acquire 1 Billion Views On Video of ‘Anaconda’ Song On YouTube!

Controversies have recently re-established around Nicki Minaj and her legacy. Joe Budden recently put aside his sentiments concerning the native New Yorker to say that she deserves more acknowledgment for her musical achievements by important industry institutions, such as The Recording Academy. Given its lack of Grammy awards, it is apparent that the blueprint is not yet honored. However, the number speaks for itself, and the scout has only just gained yet another feat.

The first female rapper on Youtube to reach 1 billion streams for a solo song is Nicki Minaj. After her hit track, “Anaconda,” reached a billion screen mark on YouTube, Nicki Minaj had another milestone in her very illustrious career. Minaj has been one of the, if not most famous, female rap artists on the game over the years. However, others still feel she often doesn’t receive the awards she deserves.

Although she’s achieved so much in the years and has had many chart-topping songs and albums, it seems that leading industry actors have never recognized the Recording Academy. The Grammy team has snubbed her many times, but this has never dissuaded her from churning her out. In 2014, the third studio album, “The Pink Print,” released by Nicki Minaj, “Anaconda” Interestingly, is the sixth Minaj video on YouTube to exceed the 1 trillion screen. It’s also the first video to achieve this feat by a single female rapper.

“Anaconda,” it appears, was meant for greatness on the first day of its release, with more than 19 million views on Youtube. A huge backlash for the visuals was given to Minaj and considered “desperate” to have their records sold. The video later became Billboard’s 13th biggest video in the 10th century.

Although Nicki Minaj made four studio albums only, they could move her into the pinnacle of the rap market, together with mixtapes and singles. The first woman to have many tracks on Billboard Hot 100 has managed to break numerous records. She defined the benchmark for female rappers with 18 top ten hits.

Minaj has succeeded in creating a place from her first album, “Pink Friday” to “Queen,” and remained consistent. What do you think about her latest success? Nicki Minaj recorded in her ten-year-long career, and while she had released an album almost three years ago, her last being Queen for 2018, the rapper still finds ways for a kind of rapper to label herself.

This impressive achievement has made her the first female rapper with a solo song on the platform to reach the 10-digit number. With “Anaconda” over a million views, Minaj connects Katy Perry and Rihanna with the most music videos on YouTube, six of them. Also, “Bang. Bang” with Jessie J and Ariana Grande, “Hey Mama” with David Guetta, Bebe Rexha and Afrojack, and “Swalla,” with Jason Derulo and Ty Dolla Signs, are also featured in the Pink Friday rappers’ catalog for this purpose.

Although the news can be a reason to celebrate for the rapper, a little over a year after listing “Anaconda,” she never wanted to record one of three songs. This she said at the Beverly Hills’ Pollstar Live Conference and added “Starships” and “Your Love” to the list in a Q&A session with entertainment manager Irving Azoff.

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