BLACKPINK’s Rose Releases Music Video For ‘Gone’ & Does Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ Dance To Celebrate 10 Million TikTok Followers!

BLACKPINK is a group of four girls who debuted with YG Entertainment in 2016. After Jennie, Rosé is the second solo member. Lisa’s solo debut is also planned, while Jisoo will play the Snowdrop drama. They released October 2020 their first album. BLACKPINK’s Rosé dropped the music video on another Solo Single, “Gone,” on Sunday, April 4, following the release and promotion of “On The Ground.”

“Gone” is Rosé’s second single track, R, released on March 12. It is her first single album, R. In only 10 hours after its premiere, the music video clocked over 9 million views. During BLACKPINK’s digital concert, The Show, Rosé performed the first parts of “Gone.”

The K-pop star that recently released the solo album “-R-” was clearly in the spirit of posting a fun video – a version of the WAP challenge from rapper Cardi B. Fans of the members of BLACKPINK could only be impressed with the star version. But the singer was trodden down by many viewers.

At the time she did the challenge, she dressed comfortably in shirts and pigtails. One user wrote, “Stick figure, go find out how to cursive… You have to curve, yo.” Another wrote, “This parallelogram, isn’t it Verdana, what kind of Microsoft fonts?” It’s not just a star who gets negative comments about her body and is shamed about her body.

On April 4, the American rapper revealed that she was looking for a video from Rosé, in which she danced to the song, “Looking for the WAP.” The American rapper was there on Twitter.

When a fan helpfully guided her, Cardi B demonstrated love by responding with loving aww how adorable Rosé could look during the challenge. One of the best earners on OnlyFans– Cardi B wrote, “That still looks so innocent, to retweet the Rosé challenge clip… So buteee.

The group’s track ‘Bet YOU WANNA,’ one of its first studio albums, ‘THE ALBUM,’ which dropped last autumn, was collaborated with BLACKPINK and Cardi B. One user said, “It’s a mistake. The text is dark.” But another user came to Rosé’s defense and said, “Why is this mistaken? Women can’t play sex music or… For years male rappers had released such crap; suddenly, it is dark lol when two females do. That song I don’t even care.”

One of them claimed YG Entertainment deleted comments and said, “Do you now remove comments? This girl is pure flaming garbage. Ever bad voice.” A fan replied to this, “The trust you have is a funny sweetheart. I’m sorry, but you’ll never have as many people in a million years as she does. Well, hateful people maybe because you seem shady.” This section of comments soon became a war zone with names and ugly observations.

When Rosé launched the ‘Pajama News’ mini-series from TikTok, she received numerous wishes, and one of her fans asked her to challenge the WAP.

This fan had said, “Do the WAP bestie” about TikTok. This was 50,000 views, and then Rosé replied, “Maaaaybe if I reach 10M.” After all, she didn’t forget it, it turns out, so she released the video. Only 50,000 fewer than ten million followers were when the comments were exchanged between her and her fan. Given the popularity of the pop star, reaching 10 million followers wasn’t too long. One fan said, “On the Easter, a girl from the church just made the wap, but this slender wap dance cover was.”

Another person commented, “I can’t take my eyes off looking at a church girl #r who dances a sexy song on the #Easter. The nicest things, and just like that… Thank you for that simple donation that brings much joy to MONDAY’s manic. An additional user said, “WHO was higher than Bruce Lee help #ROSÉ # die.”

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