Jury Duty Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Details

Jury Duties in many reality shows seem boring, but what if a tv show convinced you that it might not be as boring as you think it is? The new show Jury Duty is a sitcom that revolves around the judicial system and an unsuspecting juror. Everything about the show is fake, including the judge, the other jurors, and even the case. The show has been executively produced by Lee Eonsberg, Ruben Fleischer, Nicholas Hatton, David Benard and Jake Szymanski. 

Einsberg and Stupnitsky have also created the show alongside  Heller, who serves as the showrunner. Here is everything we know about the first season of the show.

Jury Duty Season 1 Release Date: When will it air?

The Jury Duty series was released on the 7th of April, and you can watch it on Amazon. Only the first four episodes have dropped; the rest will drop on the 14th and 21st. You can check out the series on Amazon.

Jury Duty Season 1 Plot: What will Happen?

The show is a sitcom about legal practice, and one person, Ronald, is brought in to participate in the show. He is told that the show is a reality series, and he does his best to uphold justice. His curiosity about doing his civic duty overwhelms him, but unknown to him, the show is a prank, and everybody around him is acting, even the judge. He is surrounded by unusual characters’ including the woman who keeps snoring in the proceedings, a  gambling addict nerd who wants to deflower him, and the other juror who wants to buy his way out of proceedings using his popularity.

Jury Duty Season 1 Cast: Who will be in?

 The series features familiar faces you have seen in some of your favourite shows. Some characters include James Marsden,  the American actor who has worked in several shows, including Dead to Me, Westworld and many others. At one point in the series, the actor tells the judge that he is a big personality, and the judge replies respectfully that he does not know how he is. Other comedic actors featured in the show include Susan Berger, Cassandra Blair, David Brown, Kirk Fox, Ross Kimball, Pramode Kumar, Trisha Lafache, Ron Song, Evan Williams, Ben Seward, Whitney Rice and Maria Russell.

Season 1 Review:

The Jury Duty is a show with long-running and short-running jokes perfectly synchronized and therefore does not feel stagnating at any point. According to Review Greek, however, the series is not the best comedy of the year, but it is a good show when you want to blow off some steam. You should give it a watch!

Jury Duty Season 1 Trailer: When can we watch it?

A trailer for the first season of Jury Duty has already been released, and you can check it out on YouTube or Amazon Prime Video. The trailer starts with the announcement that the Juror is now in charge of a new murder case. Unknown to him, 11 jurors reactors and only one is real. The trailer then shows the drama on the court, with some jurors explaining how they are big personalities, others snoring while the court is in session, and others completely unaware of their surroundings. One of the jurors explains that he is racist when he is put in the limelight statement he regrets. Watch the trailer and first season on Amazon Prime Video for more details on the series.

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