Katy Perry And Fiance Orlando Bloom Create Song Encouraging Fans To Vote In Person!

Katy Perry has been encouraging Americans to cast their votes this year. She has been continuously posting to encourage people not to let their vote go to waste. Katy Perry took to Instagram on 22nd October and posted a short video urging Americans to vote. The 35-year-old pop star and her partner welcomed Katy’s first and Orlando’s second child named Daisy. She has given the fans a glimpse of her stunning new look in the video, and she explained how to vote early, either in person or by mail, ahead of polling day.  

She captioned the video: FLEX THAT PATRIOTIC MUSCLE, vote early! Vote now! 

Now she posted a video with her husband singing a little song to encourage people to vote. The couple took to Instagram on Wednesday morning and motivated the fans to vote in person. The short song starts with Katy singing, “rise and shine and get to the polls to vote in person” following her lead, Orlando sings, “vote in person, and not with the mail-in ballot” the US postal service deadline has already passed in many stated for mail-in ballots. That is why Katy said it’s to vote in-person person! 

Katy stated that she already voted, and now it is time for you all to vote as it is the time to get your voices heard. As for Orlando, he cannot vote as he is a citizen of the UK, but he asked for the fans to vote for her daughter as people’s vote will affect future generations’ lives. Orlando added that this little ditty is going to be for Daisy Dove, their 2-month old daughter. Orlando also posted the same video on his Instagram handle. Mum and Dad just saying drop off; it is too late to mail them in – it is safe #wearamask; bring a friend and some snacks! #votenow 🇺🇸🙌 have fun!- Orlando captioned. Katy Perry also took to Twitter to remind the fans to vote. 

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