Koala Man Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Need To Know!

When you imagine a superhero, what comes to your mind? Is it a buff man or woman with insane fighting abilities, sharp eyesight, and a secret power that brings enemies to their knees? The upcoming series will take you by surprise if that is your stereotype. The Koala man features a different superhero and not your normal guy. Created by Michael Cusack, the upcoming Australian animated comedy will take a different direction. The superhero will be a dad and an IT expert with no powers other than the strong compulsion to follow orders. He adapts the Koala man impersonation to avoid being recognized by civilians on days he wants to ensure that rules are followed. Here is everything we know about the upcoming series.

Koala Man Season 1 Release Date:

 The Koala man series will be released on the 9th of January on Hulu, and all nine episodes will be released simultaneously. The upcoming show will be available exclusively on Hulu, and you will need to get a series subscription to binge on the upcoming show.

Koala Man Season 1 Plot:

The series’ plot revolves around Kevin, popularly known as the Koala man, the middle-aged dad who does not have everything it takes to be a superhero. Kevin’s only power is his great sense of sniffing crime and his undying passion for following the established rules. The superhero lives and sniffs out crime in Dapto, a suburb in Australia infamous for being the breeding ground for everything evil. Koala man believes that he is the only key to law and order in the suburbs and therefore sets on an adventure to wipe off crime amidst protest from his family. But does the Koala man get all it takes to wipe off crime in society?

Koala Man Season 1 Cast:

Michael Cusack, the Australian creator popular for creating animation shows like Smiling with Friends, Yolo, and Crystal Fantasy, has partnered with Justin Roiland to develop the Koala man show. Roiland is known for acting as the executive producer for the Rick and Morty show and Solar Opposites. The Koala man script is from Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit, who are lauded for their involvement in the Detective Pikachu series. They have also partnered in animations like Ultra Violet 7Blck Scorpion, Central Park, and The Addams Family. Besides creating the upcoming show, Cusack will also be voicing Kevin, known as the Koala Man, Liam, Kevin’s son, and Darren and Damo, the low-level twin criminals. Sarah Snook will be voicing Kevin’s Wife, Demi Lardner, as Alison. Other characters include Jemain Clement, Miranda Otto, Jarrad Wright, Rachel House, Hugh Jackman, and many others.

Koala Man Season 1 Trailer:

 Unfortunately, a trailer for the upcoming Koala man is yet to be released; we do not know how soon that might be. The trailer will be available just before the series premiere, which is only like a fortnight. There is a video on youtube that features the series creators and their narrations of what motivated them to develop the Koala Man series. The video starts with the Koala man falling off a tree as he tries to be the superhero Australia needs. The trailer then closes with the Koala man getting tangled in vines, indicating enough that the upcoming show will be fun to binge.

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