Rocket Science Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Many More Updates!

Do you have dreams, either a long time or a short time goal? How far are you willing to go, and what are you ready to persevere to make your dreams come true? At times it gets too rough, you start to rethink if you can do this, but this is not the case in the upcoming tv series. Based on a novel by a high-achieving couple, Gita and Aravamudan, Rocket Science is a series that follows Indian scientists who are willing to give up everything to fulfill their dreams. R. Aravamudan has been an Indian scientist and has earned many awards during his career. Utilizing the writing abilities of his wife Gita, they have together weaved a book that we will enjoy binging on its adaptation once it is out. 

Rocket Science Season 1 Release Date: When will it air?

The television series has been on Invar’s list of developing films since 2019, but up until now, we are yet to get an official briefing of the series progress. We could assume that maybe the production was stopped by the ravaging covid 19 pandemic, or perhaps the production team is not as prepared. But since the novel is based on a published book, it will be ironic to assume that the production crew has run out of material to utilize. If production finish on time, we could expect the series to premiere sometime in 2022 or get pushed forward to 2023.

Rocket Science Season 1 Plot: What do we expect to watch?

The series is still in development, and even the limited information available is subject to change. Since it is based on a novel ISRO by R. Aravamudan and Gita Aravamudan, it may follow the novel’s plot as closely as possible or loosely, depending on the show’s creator. The story follows a group of ambitious scientists who have always dreamed of traveling to space. However, this is not a cheap dream, and it requires them to work hard and do everything possible for them to live the plan they have always fantasized about. They start by using bicycles to transport their rocket parts, and soon enough, with a bit of effort and determination, they end up becoming one of the most prominent space programs worldwide.

Rocket Science Season 1 Cast: Who will appear?

The series is still in development; hence there is no information on the casting. Aravamudan and his wife Gita wrote the novel together, but now that the husband died last year due to kidney failure, we could expect Gita to write the series solely. Gita is an established journalist who has written many articles; hence it is likely that the series script will be a good one to read and an easy one to act. The cast who will play the rocket scientist parts, colleagues, and bosses have not been announced, but we expect the information to be out soon.

Rocket Science Season 1 Trailer: When will it be out?

The series is still in its pre-production stage; therefore, a trailer is yet to be released. It may take quite some time before we get to see either a trailer or teaser because, so far, there is minimal information on the series progress. There are several series with the same genre, such as the Queen’s Gambit, Outlander, Mr. Sunshine, Troy, and many more others that you can stream at the convenience of your couch.

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