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Scott Mescudi (We Are Who We Are), aka Kidi Cudi, has made a name for himself, and it was only a matter of time before he received his show which is the Entergalactic, an animated show coming on Netflix. Kidi once commented that he has always loved music but always wanted more. He has fantasized about being a voice actor; therefore, this project is a good one and a dream come true for him. So far, it is the third series to come out of a great deal Kenya Harris, the show’s producer, had with the Khalabo Ink Society on Netflix. Mescudi will write, produce, and direct the show in collaboration with Ian Edelman, and one thing that is for sure is that we are in for a good time.

The music show was first announced in 2019; Edelman and Kid Cudi were to write and produce the show from the Kidi Album. 2 years later, in September 2021, Kidi tweeted to thank all his team for the good work done while also promising the fans that they would be in for an amazing show.

Entergalactic Season 2 Release Date:

While the official release date of Entergalactic Part 2 has not been announced, it has been confirmed that there will indeed be another season. In an interview, Mescudi expressed enthusiasm for Season 2, sharing that he is already brainstorming ideas. As no work on the second season has commenced yet, it is difficult to predict a specific release date. However, it is unlikely to expect the second season to premiere before September 2023 or later. Any future official announcements or updates regarding the show will be shared as they become available.

Entergalactic Part 1 made its debut on Netflix on September 30, 2022. Originally intended as an episodic series, Kid Cudi (Mescudi) clarified on Twitter on October 1 that Entergalactic is actually designed in a movie format and not meant to be binge-watched. While it can be viewed in one sitting, the show is intended to be experienced as a cohesive cinematic experience.

Entergalactic Season 2 Plot:

In the anticipated second season of Entergalactic, viewers can expect to encounter additional friends of Jabari and Meadow, as well as further insight into Meadow’s circle of friends. The romantic relationship between Jabari and Meadow will take center stage, with potential challenges testing their bond. Set in Manhattan, the storyline revolves around the lives of these two artists, offering a heartfelt and relatable love story that resonates with the audience.

Jabari, a graffiti artist who found success through a comic book deal, adds depth to the narrative. With a target age group of around twenty-five, the characters’ lives and struggles captivate viewers, who can easily connect with their experiences. Season 1 concludes with Jabari and Meadow finally reuniting, setting the stage for an emotionally charged continuation in the upcoming season.

Entergalactic Season 2 Cast:

Entergalactic Part 2 will feature the same cast as Part 1, with the possibility of exciting new additions to the ensemble. There may be notable names joining the cast, adding to the already impressive lineup. In Part 1, the cast was one of the standout aspects, delivering memorable performances. Scott Mescudi lends his voice to Jabari, Timothee Chalamet voices Jimmy, Jessica Williams portrays Meadow, Vanessa Hudgens brings Karina to life, Laura Harrier voices Carmen, and Teyana Taylor portrays a boxing coach.

Other talented cast members include Tyrone Griffin Jr. as Ky, Christopher Abbott as Reed, Jaden Smith as Jordan, Daniella Balbuena as Nadia, Macaulay Culkin as Downtown Pat, Arturo Castro as Len, Francesca Reale as Sydnie, Maisha Mescudi as Ellie, and Luis Guzman as Huge Mover. With such a stellar cast, Entergalactic Part 2 promises to continue delivering captivating performances.

Entergalactic Season 2 Trailer:

A trailer for the upcoming show is yet to be released by Netflix, and it is one of our prayers that it won’t take long to get a sneak peek of what the series entails. In the meantime, you should try checking out the Kenya Barris series on black excellence, such as Black-ish and its spin-off mixed.ish, Black, and #black AF. Additionally, you can watch the Season 1 trailer below.

Entergalactic Season 1 Review:

Entergalactic, a delightful adult animated rom-com, chronicles the journey of Jabari (voiced by Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi), a young artist who relocates to New York City. There, he encounters Meadow (voiced by Jessica Williams), a renowned photographer. Co-created by Kid Cudi and Ian Edelman, the show premiered on Netflix on September 30, 2022. It has garnered positive reviews, with critics lauding its imaginative animation, exceptional cast, and refreshing approach to the rom-com genre.

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