Top 10 Healthiest Cities in America in 2022 !

Staying healthy is definitely on the minds of many Americans this year. Many people take a revolution to walk more, eat healthier, and typically adopt healthy lifestyles starting every year. In 2022, many Americans plan to eat healthier and exercise more. Many of them are losing weight and also want to leave smoking or drinking alcohol. 

Creating a schedule to stay fit and healthy is easy but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very difficult. But healthy lifestyle balance and maintenance becomes more manageable when our entire society adopts this lifestyle.  

To measure fitness and overall health of the healthiest city in the United States. It depends on many factors, including smoking, daily alcohol consumption, gym access, workout, and obesity rate. Here are the records of the ten healthiest cities in the US:

10. Denver, Colorado

Adult obesity rate:23.8%
Adult smoking rate:14.6%
Percent of adults who exercise: 80%
Median household income:$68,377
Residents with health insurance:93.5%

Approximately 58.71% of Denver people adopt a healthy lifestyle to stay fit. Many schools initiate to provide an active lifestyle for children by generating a healthy, nourishing atmosphere around them. It is the capital of Colorado and a sparsely populated city in the US. It also ranks as the 10th fittest city in America. Denver is a place for various sports teams and has many parks for exercising, walking, or jogging. 


9. Portland, Maine

Adult obesity rate:26.5%
Adult smoking rate: 12.6%
Percent of adults who exercise: 81.7%
Median household income:$71,913
Residents with health insurance:91.1%

For moving outside and living healthy, this city offers the best atmosphere for the citizens of Portland. Overall, It ranked number nine on the list. Its economy mainly depends on tourism and the service sector. This metropolis has an extraordinary status for its diners, eateries, and food quality. For tourists, the high attention to establishing eating and drinking spots. 58.75% of people prefer to walk, jog, do exercise and workout, and eat healthy food. 

Portland, Maine

8. Irvine, California

Adult obesity rate:21.7%
Percent of adults who exercise: 83%
Median household income:$50,016
Residents with health insurance:95.4%

Irvine city ranked 8th on the list of the healthiest cities in the United States. It has the highest amount of physically involved people around the world. It also registered Irvine on the list of the fittest cities in America. Irvine has the lowest smoking rates, and the highest proportion of the population is at an ideal weight.

Irvine, California

7. Austin, Texas

Adult obesity rate:26.6%
Adult smoking rate:12.9%
Percent of adults who exercise: 81.8%
Median household income:$80,954
Residents with health insurance:85.6%

Austin drops at a seventh position on the list of healthiest cities in America. This city has the most beneficial and clean restaurants and has the lowest fees during doctor visits. Austin makes a healthy Austin program to lessen diet and chronic diseases. Also, create spots where people can do the walking, jogging, playing, cycling, and make healthy food places. 

Austin, Texas

6. Washington, D.C.

Adult obesity rate:23.8%
Adult smoking rate:14.6%
Percent of adults who exercise: 81%
Median household income:$85,203

Washington is the hub of political service of the United States to be a high-stress center. But the people here are taking care of themselves very well. It scored well with 61.11 marks and has famous food, fitness center, parks, and gardens. It has claimed one of the top fittest cities in the United States. It has more public amenities such as parks, recreation centers, swimming pools, etc. Also has lower mortality rates due to diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. As well the fitness level of this city is very high.


5. Honolulu, Hawaii

Adult obesity rate:23.4%
Adult smoking rate:11%
Percent of adults who exercise: 79.4% 
Median household income: $87,470
Residents with health insurance:95.9%

Honolulu has been labeled one of the healthiest cities in the United States. It ranked 5th spot in this list. It is also a central destination for global business, finance, hospitality, military defense service, and a combination of different cultures such as Asian, Pacific, and Western. The health department of the city offers support services for quarantine and isolation during Covid 19 epidemic. This division also has a contract with hotels to provide extra rooms for isolation. Also, have the best healthy spots for the population of Honolulu.


4. San Diego, California 

Adult obesity rate:26%
Adult smoking rate:11.9%
Median household income:$79,673

It’s easy to love this city because the quality and atmosphere of life are very high; that’s why San Diego ranked fourth on this list. Actually, San Diego has been operating a program since the last decade, which is called Live Well San Diego. It’s a campaign that San Diego County began to overcome the heart disorder, diabetes, Cancer, and Respiratory issues cases. The city’s schools, businesses, and government departments joined together to improve health services. This city is suitable for Body Mass Index; as per analysis, the maximum number of San Diegans have a balanced or ideal BMI score. Most of the San Diego citizens live active and fit life as well.

San Diego, California

3. Portland, Oregon

Adult obesity rate:26%
Adult smoking rate:17.5%
Percent of adults who exercise: 24.9%
Median household income:$71,005

As per recent research by Wallethub, Portland is the third healthiest city in the US. With the increasing availability of nutritional food and recreational establishments, some Portland localities improve healthiness and fitness.  Another step to stay fit is all healthcare fees or cost rates are affordable for everyone. The main reason for becoming the healthiest and fittest city is to keep the surroundings clean and well-maintained. It has the healthiest restaurants in the US. It also has low Covid-19 cases, and most people prefer to eat veggies and fruits.

Portland, Oregon

2. Seattle, Washington 

Adult obesity rate:26.1%
Adult smoking rate:11.1%
Percent of adults who exercise:  84.4%
Median household income: $94,027
Residents with health insurance:93.6%

When any city or country doesn’t maintain its surroundings, it can be too challenging to stay active. It becomes the second healthiest city in the nation. It is indexing first in the United States for its physically active grown-ups, second for green space, third for most running paths, and fourth for most walking passages. It is the best place to live for people. Seattle also provides Washington’s best schools.

Seattle, Washington

1. San Francisco, California 

Adult obesity rate:16.3%
Adult smoking rate:9.50%
Percent of adults who exercise: 84.3%
Median household income:$96,265

The most healthy and fit city of America is San Francisco. It has the best health care, parks, recreational center, nutritional food restaurants, etc. People of San Francisco have more desire to stay healthy, active, and fit. It ranked number one at each factor to estimate the healthiness of the city. It has more walking and running trails, low obesity rates, healthy restaurants, best outdoor activities, and best healthcare technology. 

San Francisco

If you want to reside in a metropolis where people are health conscious, work out daily, do their best to stay healthy, and get sufficient sleep to reduce stress. Then check out the list mentioned above to know the best fittest city in the United States.

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