Top 10 Healthiest Cities in America in 2023

Staying healthy is definitely on the minds of many Americans this year. Many people take a revolution to walk more, eat healthier, and typically adopt healthy lifestyles starting every year. In 2023, many Americans plan to eat healthier and exercise more. Many of them are losing weight and also want to leave smoking or drinking alcohol. 

Creating a schedule to stay fit and healthy is easy but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very difficult. But healthy lifestyle balance and maintenance becomes more manageable when our entire society adopts this lifestyle.  

To measure fitness and overall health of the healthiest city in the United States. It depends on many factors, including smoking, daily alcohol consumption, gym access, workout, and obesity rate. Here are the records of the ten healthiest cities in the US:

10. Tampa, Florida

Adult obesity rate:28%
Adult smoking rate:14.7%
Median household income:$59,893

Tampa, a diverse city, is ranked #10 after rising six spots from the previous year. Citizens are spiritually content, close to one another, and get enough sleep at night. Seventy percent of Tampenos exercise regularly and abstain from binge drinking.

9. Oakland, California

Adult obesity rate:26.50%
Adult smoking rate:14.8%
Median household income:$85,628

Oakland, California is now ranked number nine this year, after narrowly missing the top 10 for several years. Why, specifically: Almost 90% of residents of Oakland abstain from binge drinking and smoking, and 70% don’t use tobacco products. Furthermore, nearly 65% of citizens have close friendships with family and friends and more than 75% exercise at least once per week.

8. New York

Adult obesity rate:22%
Adult smoking rate:12%
Percent of adults who exercise: 72.8%
Median household income:$75,157

Spread the word that New York is the eighth-healthiest city in the US. It should come as no surprise that New Yorkers prioritize movement; Pilates is the most popular exercise, prioritized by approximately three quarters of the population. Even though late-night exercises don’t seem to be interfering with bedtime, lunchtime and after work are more common among citizens.

7. Los Angeles, California

Adult obesity rate:21.30%
Adult smoking rate:12.30%
Percent of adults who exercise: 39%
Median household income:$76,367

Los Angeles once again made the list of the ten healthiest cities, despite falling from second to seventh this year. Fitness, especially group fitness, is very popular in Los Angeles. In the US, Angelenos sign up for the most exercise classes, with Pilates becoming the most famous. More than half of locals work out for 90 minutes or more each week. LA places a strong emphasis on rest and spirituality in addition to exercise. 54% of residents say they are spiritually fulfilled, and 50% report getting 7-8 hours of sleep at night.

6. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Adult obesity rate:75%
Adult smoking rate:16.1%
Percent of adults who exercise: 22.4%
Median household income:$56,366

Another unexpected addition to the list of the top ten healthiest cities? Albuquerque, New Mexico’s most populous city! This is Albuquerque’s first appearance in the top ten; the city was placed 36 the previous year. Citizens are putting their health first more than ever before. Albuquerque has the highest proportion of citizens who consume the per day serving of fruits and veggies, have strong relationships, and do not drink excessively. Albuquerque also has the second-highest percentage of citizens who exercise at least once a week and the third-highest percentage of nonsmokers. Albuquerque, surprisingly, ranks as the most stressed city in America, with 65% reporting that they are highly or extremely stressed.

5. Chicago, Illinois

Adult obesity rate:36% (high school students) & 61% (adults)
Adult smoking rate:15.9%
Percent of adults who exercise: 24.3%
Median household income:$65,781

Chicago, also known as The Windy City, is the fifth healthiest city in the US, making its top 10 list debut. 51%  Residents of Chicago prioritize getting enough rest, and 76% of them engage in physical activity once per week. Chi-town has the third-highest percentage of inhabitants who have strong relations with their loved ones, proving that wellness encompasses more than simply physical wellbeing.

4. Atlanta, Georgia

Adult obesity rate: 32.3%
Adult smoking rate:31.7%
Percent of adults who exercise: 20.2%
Median household income:$69,164

For the second consecutive year, Atlanta ranks 4. More than half of residents work out for at least 90 minutes each week. Strength training is A-most Town’s well-liked exercise, and it may be a significant stress-reliever. All things considered, Atlanta is the third-least stressful city in the nation. Atlantans’ connection is another stress reliever. Sixty percent or so claim to be spiritually content.

3. San Diego, California 

Adult obesity rate:26%
Adult smoking rate:11.9%
Median household income:$79,673
San Diego, California

It’s easy to love this city because the quality and atmosphere of life are very high; that’s why San Diego ranked fourth on this list. Actually, San Diego has been operating a program since the last decade, which is called Live Well San Diego. It’s a campaign that San Diego County began to overcome the heart disorder, diabetes, Cancer, and Respiratory issues cases.

The city’s schools, businesses, and government departments joined together to improve health services. This city is suitable for Body Mass Index; as per analysis, the maximum number of San Diegans have a balanced or ideal BMI score. Most of the San Diego citizens live active and fit life as well.

2. Miami, Florida

Adult obesity rate:21.0%
Adult smoking rate:11.80%
Percent of adults who exercise: 84.3%
Median household income:$66,251

Miami may not have topped the list this year, but it remains at the top of the rankings. The majority of people who workout 90 minutes per week are in The Magic City, where residents also spend the most time working out. How are we sure? Strength training is the preferred type of exercise in Miami. Relationships and religion are also important to Miami residents; the city has the fourth-highest percentage of people who report feeling spiritually and and almost 70% of individuals who claim that they are connected to their friends and family.

1. San Francisco, California 

Adult obesity rate:16.3%
Adult smoking rate:9.50%
Percent of adults who exercise: 84.3%
Median household income:$96,265
San Francisco

The most healthy and fit city of America is San Francisco. It has the best health care, parks, recreational center, nutritional food restaurants, etc. People of San Francisco have more desire to stay healthy, active, and fit. It ranked number one at each factor to estimate the healthiness of the city. It has more walking and running trails, low obesity rates, healthy restaurants, best outdoor activities, and best healthcare technology. 

If you want to reside in a metropolis where people are health conscious, work out daily, do their best to stay healthy, and get sufficient sleep to reduce stress. Then check out the list mentioned above to know the best fittest city in the United States.

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